Motorola Defy Expected to Receive Android 2.2 in Q2 2011



The battle-ready Motorola Defy has just been confirmed as a candidate for Android 2.2 (Froyo), but owners might have to wait a while to get it. Motorola has made it known that the update should be hitting Defy handsets in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East sometime in Q2 of next year. Knowing Motorola’s track record for delivering updates within their initial timeline, don’t hold your breath on this coming anytime sooner.

When it could make it to the US? Well, that will probably have a lot to do with carriers, which adds in another layer of complexity. Either way, it will be Android 2.2 coming at a time that Android Honeycomb will have already been released or at least be gaining a lot of hype, meaning the Defy will be two versions behind even with Froyo. Kind of an extreme case of fragmentation blues.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. *Rolls on the floor laughing* This is why third-party UIs are bad, okay guys?

    Seriously, manufacturers, stop this. Stop it now.

  2. 6+ months late. What about Gingerbread — next Christmas? Honeycomb — summer 2012?

    Thank you Motorola for making it clear that enthusiasts should only buy phones from the Nexus-series.

  3. Preemptive FAIL LOL. Thanx for the warning MOTO

  4. Whats worse is the fact that they may MISS the 2Q “deadline” and thus roll into the summertime before its arrival.

  5. Holy upgrade schedule Batman! Not only do Moto blow a great handset by locking the bootloader and installing their crap UI, they release a brand new phone on an old OS and then make the hapless owners wait 6 months+ for an update. By the time the DEFY get’s 2.2, we’ll be running 3.0!

  6. This fragmentation is making me jelous of the iPhone. Those owners probly laugh histarically at us Android owners when they see this kind of crap.

  7. I wonder why some phones get updates so quickly compared to others. Off XDA the leaked Touchwiz 2.2 update for the Vibrant is already done. However, they will not push it out fast enough. Perhaps it is the fact that some phones the get special treatment from the carrier over others (like the G2 and Slide just had another update).

  8. This is the reason I would get the Nexus S. Not because of the hardware or that Samsung makes it, but only because Google gets to do the software.

  9. @Pimpstrong buy a better phone. My Droid 1 is running 2.2.1 already. CyanogenMod FTW!

  10. I’m waiting for an Android phone on TMO bigger than the 4″ Vibrant otherwise I would have either the N1 or the G2 by now. Of course I could slap a ROM on this bitch and call it a day. Hmm.

  11. LMAO@PPL waiting for OTA updates!

  12. @Steven Skwarkowski, on phones with locked bootloaders like the DEFY, there is no other option…

  13. Moto won’t actually upgrade the Defy anywhere (maybe only the US) like they did with the Cliq/Dext.

    They will say they will now but pull out in the end they will pull the “experience” excuse.

  14. “Well, that will probably have a lot to do with carriers, which adds in another layer of complexity.” Android powered phones are more dependent on Manufacturers and not carriers.

  15. I just bought one it hasn’t even arrived yet but the locked Bootloader is already pissing me off, guess I gotta buy once to know to never buy Motorola ever again.
    Motorola=failed user experience.

  16. Hmm, I was interested in buying one of these. From their press release: “Today we can confirm that in EMEA we plan to upgrade Motorola DEFY to Android 2.2 (FroYo) in the second quarter of next year.” Well, great, Motorola, if you are reading this, I can confirm that I plan to buy the Defy as soon as it has been upgraded to 2.2, but not any earlier, since I don’t trust confirmed plans.

  17. Believe an update from motorola when you see it! Might be worth reporting that the milestone xtwhaterverthenumberisicantremember is NOT even getting 2.2 at all!

  18. Sad for motorola considering they are the only ones innovating hardware wise; it would complement their efforts nicely. Even sadder for andoid though as this seems to be the rule rather than the exception. I can’t name a single manu that has updated their handsets at any acceptable rate that even comes close to apple with ios.

    Nexus One and G1 are the ONLY phone’s you can count on for even getting the latest OS, but anyone that’s spent any time with either knows they are both outdated and flawed devices. 3g and mic issues anyone?

    So the choice is clear: lock in with Stevie or get left behind with Greenie…

  19. @Tom Robson anyone who buys such a phone deserves what they get.

  20. Not too many people wants N1. That pretty much says latest OS isn’t a big selling point after all, but just a good topic to kick around.

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