Live Pictures of HTC Status, Facebook Phone for AT&T


The reincarnation of the HTC ChaCha we’ve heard about isn’t quite official, but you can write it in pen now- AT&T will (most likely) launch the HTC Status Facebook Phone and BGR scooped up live pictures to support the claim:

This isn’t a true “Facebook Phone” but anythinge emblazoned with that big blue button must have gotten a blessing from the ZuckerBook himself, right? I wonder if HTC will also launch something called the HTC+ which incorporates Google’s new Social Network of sorts: Google+? I think + needs some time to prove itself, but until then, pretty much every Android phone is a Google+ phone if you think about it.

Any AT&T customers eager to hop on the Status phone? I’m guessing this will mainly reach the younger demographic, but don’t be shy veteran Facebookers: speak up in the comments!

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  1. I’d be very happy to bury this in the backyard in an unmarked grave

  2. So it’s just like all other phones but with one extra facebook button? Can’t every smartphone add a facebook icon on their homepage? This has to be one of the most retarded phone ideas, it barely even qualifies as an ‘idea’. 

    1. Well… the blue button shines/blinks blue when you’re able to submit certain content to FB. I tend to agree with you, just sayin’.

  3. Ugly ass phone.

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