HTC ChaCha Coming to TELUS as HTC Status

Last week rumors cropped up that the HTC ChaCha would come to AT&T under the moniker HTC Status, and while we still don’t have confirmation of a US release for the device, it looks like the new name will hold true. Canada’s Telus will be picking up the “Facebook phone” soon, though no official release date has been set. The Status will be available in both black and purple color options, but the Facebook share button is as blue as ever. Check out more at the Telus site.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  • dansus

    I was about ready to buy one of these, but the keyboard was horrid, they didnt put any effort into it.
    Shame that us portrait keyboard fans are relegated to ‘not worth of quality’ status.

  • Richard Gilboy

    Wow the black version is sexy. 

  • Chris Chavez

    My uncle and aunt both have the HTC Dash. This is pretty much the sequel to that..  

    This might be a good way to get them into an Android device! =)

  • Jon Po

    WOW! Ugliest device I have seen from HTC in the last few years. Looks like a phone I wouldn’t mind loosing.

  • Ira Red

    I will try and probably buy it on the spot. I need a full keyboard and hotpot capability. Will have to dump Blackberry due to lack of Hotspot capacity.