Barnes & Noble, Nook Color First to Get a Little Angry Birds Magic


Angry Birds just got a bit more magical, as real-world location interaction have been introduced into the Nook Color release of the game. The concept of “Magic” places is an idea Rovio has been working on that opens up special gameplay possibilities within Angry Birds based on a players location. With Angry Birds on the Nook Color, players now gain access to the Mighty Eagle power up for free when doing their bird flinging from within a Barnes & Noble store.

As part of the fun, B&N will be selling Angry Birds swag including games, toys, and other goodies like free stickers and temporary tattoos. Look for Rovio to expand their list of Magic places in the near future.

[via Electronista]

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  1. Wow. Now only if my NC still had the stock firmware I’d download it!

  2. Wait, huh?  No versions of Angry Birds on Android have the Mighty Eagle?

    1. you can unlock the Mighty Eagle after collecting all golden eggs iirc….

  3. Maybe they should come out with the CyanogenMod version since that’s what most Nook users here are using.

  4. So in other words, Rovio sold out to B&N by giving players perks to entering the actual store.

  5. The Guy holding it is Peter Vestabecka he’s the Mighty Eagle of Rovio (basically a VP of marketing or evangelising the software)

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