How Clever: AT&T’s ChaCha Rumored to be Called the HTC Status

AT&T’s carrying the ChaCha, alright, but we didn’t know if they’d be willing to keep that name or go with one of their own. We kind of figured they’d do the latter, and if word from BGR is to be trusted, that name would be the HTC Status. Its Facebook integration is likely what inspired the name. To be honest, I kind of like it. Now I just need to be sold on the phone, but HTC has been trying to do that since February and I’m not quite near the fence, let alone being on it or over it. Look for this one to shake things up in the entry-level smartphone game as users flock to that awkwardly-placed blue-backdropped “f” button. [BGR]

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  • Andy Pelletier

    I can see this thing on the hand of girl who like to facebook everywhere including work, gym, etc.

  • Guest

    The name is better but the phone is still ugly as hell.

  • Jmaxku

    I’ve never said this of an Android phone, but I hope this fails harder than the Kin.  Facebook needs to GTFO of town.  Their mobile site is enough for my needs.  Social networking is over rated–or at least the need for complete integration on your mobile device.    

  • mindo

    Well if you’re looking for qwerty android, this is your best bet.  Droid pro sucks.