Nova 2 HD Now Available In The Android Market

Following up on their promise to offer more of their games in the Android Market, Gameloft has unleashed N.O.V.A. 2 HD for the Android masses. While technically, the game has been available to download for some time through Gameloft’s website, it’s just now hitting the Android Market for everyone else to enjoy. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say everyone. As of right now, the game only supports a handful of devices but if your device is packing a beefy GPU like the 2nd generation Snapdragon, Hummingbird or Tegra 2, you should be able to find it just fine in your Market without any problems.

Nova 2HD is a followup to their mega successful FPS shooter Nova HD (that usually comes pre-installed on most new devices) and raises the anty with improved graphics, all new enemies, AI, vehicles to mount, and loads of new weapons. If you’ve played the original Nova, the developers even have a few surprises awaiting like extra XP in multiplayer and unlocked weapons right off the bat.

The game reminds me of a cross between Halo and Crysis but custom tailored to the small screen. Controls are tight and visuals are sharp. This is definitely one of those games you can show your friends to showcase the power of your smartphone.

The game is available for $7 on the Android Market and while that may be a little rich for some people’s blood, I consider it a steal considering I would have paid a lot more for near console quality FPS action on any of my other handhelds. Here’s the Market link for those interested in seeing if it shows up on their device. You can also get the game for a discounted $5 via Gameloft’s website.

[Via DroidGamers]

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  • Micah Madru

    Sadly the galaxy tab 10.1 isn’t supported. :( Gameloft is just asking me to pirate them lol

    • shingi_70

      Is it not available on Honeycomb Tablets?

      Find it weird that in all the tab promo videos they show gameloft games but in reality  its not.

      • Micah Madru

        Sadly it’s not available for honeycomb tablets. :( I would actually buy it to support gameloft finally putting their games in the market.

  • Cromag Rickman

    Not showing up for Droid x2

  • Brian

    Not avail for the xoom what good if you can’t play on a big screen..I don’t want to play this on my small phone

  • Jeff Chew

    Was just going to check if the Xoom was supported, but looks like it’s not according to Brian’s comment. The other question was if I could plug in my PS3 controller to play it but I guess that’s moot.

  • miso_sori

    Asus transformer isn’t supported either.

  • Thaghost

    Shows on my g2x but they are selling it buy 1 game $2.99 get 1 free right now on their website.

  • Jaapschaap

    DON”T buy directly from gameloft, they let you play the game on the phone you own now, you next phone you have to rebuy the game!

    • DYNK

      Used to be. Gameloft have changed their policy quite a while ago.

  • Daemon Blak

    Can’t see it in the market on my EVO. EVO not supported?

  • Psarrgen

    As usual, no support for the Exynos of SGS2 ?

  • CashMoney

    Shows up on my Vibrant!

  • mgamerz

    not for atrix… i don’t think it’s avialble for tegra and those… where did you get those facts phandroid?

  • Chrisbjr

    Not showing up on my galaxy s2…