Evo 3D Early Adopters Facing Bugs With New OTA Update


That’s right. Some lucky Sprint Premier members were able to get their hands on some early units of the Evo 3D as part of a “Flirt to Buy” occasion. But as so often is the case with early adoption (I prefer the term beta testers), it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. A 25MB OTA update was pushed out (even before the phone’s official release) to fix a calendar bug several users were reporting. The bootloader was also updated (still locked) to allow users to connect to their phone via ADB.

But where one issue seems to be patched up, a new one has taken its place. Now, users are reporting that after applying the 1.13.651.7 update, the icon for the Dialer app is strangely missing from the new Sense 3.0 lockscreen. Also strange is that the icon is even missing from inside the app drawer as well. I mean, technically the app is still actually there and you could always press the “Phone” button on the homescreen but not having one on that fancy new lockscreen is a bit of a disappointment. A factory reset has actually fixed the issue for some but not everyone.

It’s the case of the missing Dialer app and I’m sure HTC is already hot on the case cooking up yet another update before the launch of one of their biggest phones this year. As always is the case when a new phone is launched, things can be a little buggy. Lets hope HTC can get everything patched up in time.

Thanks, EarlyMon!

[Via AndroidForums]

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  1. Not a fan of the 3D features at all, I’ll keep my Evo for at least another year.  Maybe Sprint will have a real LTE plan by then.  

    1. It’ll take longer to roll out the LTE if they plan on doing so.
      The 3d would be a better extra if the camera could  still take stills at 8mp and of course 2d in 1080p. i really wanted to get it before, and preoredered one, but im not so sure now

      1. Now these are real reasons…

      2. MP on a camera means almost nothing.  It is all about the sensor which is why the 5mp Epic camera is better than the 8mp Evo 4g camera.

    2. You are a smart man..

      1. actually, neither of you are. If there was more of a reason besides not liking an added feature that isn’t a primary function (ie. add-on) I would understand. But to come out and say the fact that it CAN play 3D video and display 3D photos is a reason not to have the phone is idiotic.

        1. Maybe these people aren’t eligible for an upgrade? Sour-grape much? LOL!

          1. I’m eligible for an upgrade and I wouldn’t get this phone. I thought about it but I would much rather have another phone that may drop in Q3 on Sprint. I won’t knock the EVO3D, it’s just not for me.

          2. True…I do think that there are other people who tends to follow the “iPhone” mentality. Since this is an “Evo”, then it follows that some of these people who had Evo before will get it too.

            To each his own, right? I’m pretty sure Sprint will come up with more fabulous phones soon…they seem to be on a roll with good phones lately! :)

    3. Plus the fact that even if you got it on day one
      Ike I did you still have another year of contract left….

      1. Yeah but they give pretty good discounts after one year if you are a Premier customer…even better if you are Premier Gold.

        1. true but its like costco, only the main member on the account gain the cash back, on sprint premier, we pay the top tier family plan but we built it around my wifes plan since shes been with sprint for about 12-15 years, so shes the primary and the annual upgrade bonus only applies to her phone and not my EVO. Boo.

          1. I did a little (not quite “exact”) math on it…and go at it if it appeals to you: $200 for her + $500 for yours, less her upgrade of $150 and less your upgrade of $75 = $475 up front, then selling your Evos back to Sprint will give you around $300 towards your monthly. Net is like spending $175 for both phones to be Evo 3Ds. Personally, I think it’s “ok”, but to people used getting free phones…I dunno… :(

          2. interesting logic, if that would work out that’s a good deal. there is only two problems

            1. I would get $150 for my phone but she wouldn’t because even though it begged her not to cheap out on the samsung transform and to get at least an epic4g she cheaped out the $100 bucks and got that POS that she hates now. so that $300 is more like $204 now ($150+$54)

            2. most trade in programs state a certain price like in this example $150 for my evo, but that price is usually on “like brand new” devices which are basically out of the box, now i have had my EVO covered with a ZAGG since day one but it still has its dings and marks.

            so yeah, would be sweet but theres that and the fact that i saw the EVO 4G+ which is droolable so im kinda leaning toward being patient. trust me i learned a while ago that you don’t cheap out on “freebie” phones, you might as well throw your phone away, like my wife’s transform for example, sure it wasn’t free but its a POS. my last few devices havent been cheap, i think i paid like $300 for my Motorolla Q, like $500 for my Touch Pro, i think like $200 for my SLVR etc… 

            i might convince her to take a trip to sprint this weekend though, see if i cant bump at least her phone to something decent since she gets the annual Premier upgrade. I on the otherhand can wait it out with the ipad2 :)

          3. Right, except when you upgrade, you don’t get $150 off of the $200 price tag.  You get the phone at $200 dollars, with a contract renewal.  You’re still paying $200 for hers and $425 for his, because he will get just $75 off of his phone price.

          4. @thawk4prez so why wouldn’t he get $150 off? assuming he qualifies for an upgrade on the main line ($150) and a non-eligible upgrade for the second ($75), well, it should work. Unless, like he stated a while ago, his wife upgraded already, then yes, the $150 doesn’t apply anymore. Is that what you were talking about?

          5. I see…you should have stopped your wife…LOL! ;P

          6. false. you can use her sprint premier annual upgrade. sprint premier gets full upgrade every 12 mos. and with account verification anyone on the plan can use the upgrade. 

    4. So you’ll pass on a dual-core processor, qHD screen, and Sense 3.0 all because you’re not a fan of the (optional) 3D effect? I don’t get it.

      1. I don’t get it either, great post…This logic makes no sense.

      2. That’s my thought.  I would prefer more standard hardware and don’t care about the 3D gimmick but the second CPU core and better screen make it an attractive upgrade.  I’m definitely getting one for my girlfriend to replace her 2-year-old Palm Pre and after I play with it for a while I will decide whether I want to upgrade my launch day Evo or wait for the fall/winter releases.

      3. …oh, don’t forget to mention, those people getting $150 towards a new phone / upgrade…so the phone really is just a mere $49.99…plus, selling your old Evo back to Sprint gets you another $150(ish) towards your monthly dues, depending on the phone’s condition. Even Radioshack’s buy-back of $100 sounds good to me, and at least that one can go towards the purchase.

    5. You won’t be seeing Sprint LTE for at least 2 years. FYI, you can turn off the 3D features which just makes it an added bonus to the phone. If it bothers you that much, just wait until the Kingdom comes out which is basically just a CDMA/WiMAX version of the Sensation.

      1. The Kingdom’s ROM says that it is a single core CPU so not quite.  I would love a Sprint Sensation though.  All of the hardware bumps without the 2 crappy cameras in place of one decent one.

        1. That was my mistake. I meant to say the EVO 4G+

  2. Boot loader is still locked after the wave of protests? Definitely not buying it on principle alone

    1. After the wave of protests, HTC agreed to stop with the encrypting of bootloaders on future devices. This and the Sensation were pretty much a done deal before HTC’s change of policy so they were in limbo.

      And it’s still a possibility we could see an update (similar to what Motorola is going with the Atrix) unencrypting these bootloaders in the future. 

  3. Another htc update that messed something up with the phone. hm

  4. hey richard yarell come and defend your stinky phone

    1. What’s so stinky about it? I can’t remember any new phone releasing that didn’t have bugs. That’s the downside of being an early adopter.

  5. This little tidbit important enough to duplicate post the same day?

  6. Of folks would hard reset after OS updates, you would not see a majority of them reporting issues.

  7. How can they possibly unlock the boot loader with an OTA update?  Maybe if all the keys were stored on single server and can identify each individual phone.  But that seems like a lot of work, not to mention the possibility of security breaches.  So how would it be done?  Is it even possible?

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