Amazon Tablet to Launch in As Early As August According To Parts Suppliers


We’ve been hearing a summer release for the Amazon’s newest foray into the Honeycomb tablet scene for awhile now and it looks like we might have a little weight to add to those rumors. According to some Taiwanese component makers who are supplying Amazon with the parts needed to make their new tablets, we can expect a late summer release of their Android 3.1 line of tablets.

Amazon will ship between 700,000-800,000 units a month with a target of 4 million units sold globally by years end. So, if you thought Amazon was messing around, well – they’re not. They’re also looking to score big this holiday season and is another reason they’re aiming for that late summer release. The devices are said to come in both 7-inch (Coyote) and 10-inch (Hollywood) models and in an interesting turn of events, powered by none other than Texas Instruments of OMAP4 fame? Very interesting.

With their movie streaming service and mainstream recognition thanks to the Kindle, they may just have a winner on their hands. Do you guys think these are going to be a hit once finally unveiled? Or fall short of sales expectations like the Motorola Xoom? More importantly, will you be picking one up?

[Via Digitimes, Special thanks to Angie Strickland for the image]


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  1. I have a GTablet, thinking about getting a Transformer, but this might make me wait!

    1. If it goes e~INK to color. Would b rad

      1. 4 rizzle.. it wud b rad bro

      2. I’m thought Amazon already stated that e-ink was not mature enough yet and would not be part of these tablets.

  2. Thanks, but no thanks, Amazon. 
    P.s. Your “app store” sucks.

    1. So what are your specific complaints?

      1. Competing with the ANDROID market, making some apps exclusive, contributing to fragmented apps, only available in the US, making it harder for devs, and creating a less unified Android experience.

        1. It’s called freedom of choice. Don’t like it, don’t use it. I happen to prefer how the Amazon store is designed, but by and large I use the Android Market more because it’s a bit more convenient. 

          The Android Market could take a few lessons from Amazon on how to do things. 

          1. Seriously, get off my dick bro! I know it’s big and there’s enough to go around, but you’ve been riding half my posts. Did I EVER discourage other users? No, I said no thanks for myself. I think the amazon app store is garbage, that is MY opinion. (though, many people agree)

          2. you sure whine a lot instead of coming up with a valid set of arguments.   I’m sorry, many don’t agree with you, yet consider you an idiot for posting a comment in the first place.  Have an adequate day.

          3. @camelz:disqus If by adequate you mean getting laid, then you can count on it!

  3. No thanks to your E-Readers or your tablet Amazon it would look like crap

  4. My Xoom and I will wait for Tegra 3 (Kal-El)

    1. Tegra chipsets notoriously under-perform.  Being an owner of a Tegra device, I am surprised that you would even consider another Tegra powered tablet. 

      1. They’re better than Qualcomm

        1. far from it, HalfwayCock.   They’ve already run the numbers, and Tegra is a disappointment.   Carry on.

  5. I don’t think these are aimed at diehard Android Freaks…. More like average consumers who already use Amazon or are looking for a competitive and simple alternative to the iTampon.  I wouldn’t rule them out… if it’s a media powerhouse, it could already best any Honeycomb tablet on the market. Hello MKV high profile!

  6. @HalfwayCrook:disqus

    There’s no suggestion that these tablets would be limited to the Amazon app store. In fact, given that these are *Honeycomb* tablets (which means Google had to, at the very least, give the Honeycomb source to Amazon) it seems very likely that these tablets would have access to the Android Market as well.

  7. Amazon has the potential to be a game changer here.  They could pull this off if they aren’t stupid about it.

  8. The success of these tablets will be based on one thing and one thing only….price.  Hopefully Amazon will be smart, give them away for damn near cost, sell a couple million, and make their real money from their content DL’s.

    1. Which is why i’m sure you own one of those cheap shit chinese knockoff android tablets you can pick up for $100.
      Price is not the only thing that matters. Not even close.

      1. I didnt say price was the only thing that mattered.  I said that the success of these tablets will be based on one thing…price. If you knew anything about current tablet sales trends or the Android ecosystem, you would know exactly how idiotic your comment was. KthnxBye

  9. If they are no thicker or heavier than an ipad2, they should do well.

    1. yes, because judging the worth of other tablets out there hinges solely on the thickness of an ipad2.   idiot.

  10. Amazon should sell this for 250 dollars for 7 inch and 350 dollar for 10 inch. Google should also build a nexus tablet with the same price. We will have a game on in tablets then

    1. Totally agree with the price point!  Amazon his a respected retailer with a loyal fan base. Depending on the final specs (and their offer for Amazon freebies like apps and streaming movies), they could have a winner here.

    2. No, we’ll have cheap shit tablets then.

  11. If the 10 inch screen comes in around $400 with great screen and dual core ill buy

    1. you just described the ASUS Transformer – which is why I bought it

      1. Ditto, but if Amazon offers enough free goodies along with their tablet, as well as a competitive price point I may pick one of these up.  With their own servies like the app store  streaming movies, cloud, etc. they should be able to subsidize the price of this tablet for a very competitive price point.  We will see.

        1. Completely agree – Amazon is fairly unique in that they can subsidize the price knowing that they will sell content through these.  If they lightly modify the UI to make their book/app/movie store the most convenient market, they should make their money back.  Fingers crossed for a low price-point…

  12. Amazon knows how to price things, so I think they will hit the sweet spot and it will be a success

  13. Does Amazon plan on cannibalizing their Kindle sales? Surely this will come with the Kindle app built-in ala Nook Color.

  14. Hook up us Prime subscribers with an early release date and/or a bit of a discount on  the tablet and I’m in.

  15. If the price is reasonable they will sell a ton.  If not, it will be just like the Xoom.

  16. If the price is reasonable they will sell a ton.  If not, it will be just like the Xoom.

  17. I know what my kid is getting for Xmas – a 7″ amazon tablet…

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