Apple Copies Android, Introduces Pull-Down Notifications in iOS 5

The Apple vs. Android battle is about to get a little more heated, as new elements introduced for iOS 5 at today’s WWDC do little but blatantly copy what Android has already perfected. Pull-down notifications will ship as part of Apple’s latest iOS, and guess what…they are almost identical to what we have had on Android phones for years. Apple’s “Notification Center” gathers all of the iPhone’s system notifications into a single location, one which can be dragged down from the top status bar of the iOS user interface. Sound familiar? Apple, of course, will try to package the new feature as if it is revolutionary and something altogether new. Wrong. But then again, isn’t imitation the most sincere form of flattery? It’s all good, while Apple struggles to implement new UI elements, Google is already looking forward to bigger and better things.

[via iSource, image via Engadget]

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  • mtmjr90


    • MarcusDW

      This changes everything… LOL I won’t say it!!

    • mrsbelpit

      But your OTA is going to be delivered by a unicorn running across a rainbow! Magical!

  • toomuchgame441

    Well isn’t that interesting…. lol

  • MarcusDW

    Apple will sue themselves for this. 

    • Brad H

      No, they will sue Google for copying them.

      • MarcusDW

        LOL I like yours better.

      • Aztec

        I can seriously see that happening.
        Apple lawyers: coming in, We patented the Notification pull down bar idea. 
        Google Lawyers: But we invented it first since day one of Android.
        Apple lawyers: You have no proof since you didn’t patented the idea. Soo please hand over at least  1 billion and we won’t tell anybody how you stole our idea.
        Judge: You kidding me right… ( looks at nexus one and pulls down notification bar to look at text)

        • Nomi

          You will never see this happen because of:

        • DannyB2

          Prior art is proof.  The amount of it is indisputable.  Unlike some patent defenses, it’s not like Google would have to go to a computer museum for evidence of prior art to invalidate a patent.

          That said, I doubt Apple would be stupid enough to patent something that has such obvious prior art.

          • Kaosumahoutsukai

            They have before.

      • Wesley

        The retarded US patent office has probably already granted Apple the patents, even though they have stolen Google’s ideas.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all. 

        • A_erlendson

          Apple actually has the patent on stealing ideas.

  • MrDSL

    Next thing we will see a video of Steve Jobs holding a conference and showing us how new and revolutionary this is and how its never been on a phone before..

    Kinda like the video calling one from last year..

    • phact0rri

      next we will see Steve Jobs Suing, google for stealing their idea for drop down notifications.

    • James Kelly

      I know right? My 5 year old Sony Ericsson had video calling  :L

      • Vinay

        8y old phones on the Three network in the UK had video calling.

  • JoshUng

    No no no no no, copying notifications bars is okay, but copying a phone icon is THEFT!


    • Aztec

      duh it only makes sense that way! :D

  • RedPandaAlex

    Wouldn’t bother me if Apple wasn’t suing everyone complaining about patent infringement. A world of technological convergence, where everyone is integrating each other’s best ideas, is good for the end user.

    • jroc74

      This 100%.

  • Brandon V. Fletcher

    lol they also just announced iMessage which is basically their BBM

  • guest

    ios 5 codenamed iAndroid

    • Centfreak

      Hahahaha! You win!

    • Jmiller808

      i would like to nominate the codename “iAndBerry”

      • jroc74

         How about iAndWebBerry

  • rahlquist

    Not only that but they stole the button to take a picture feature from Lisa Bettany after banning her app ( ) from the store for introducing that functionality! Also I believe another dev introduced a thumb keyboard on iOS before and got banned. So if you make something great Apple will steal your idea and prevent you from marketing it.


  • Apple Drone

    Leave Apple alone. They are pioneers in the smart phone field. I am soooo attracted to Steve Jobs. Even the skinny near death Steve Jobs. 

    • jroc74

      This is sick on so many levels….I hope you are a woman….

      • Da Beast

        How do we know if Steve “Blow”Jobs even likes women?

        • jroc74


  • Andy Wheeler

    Pimpstrong, I am still laughing at that!! Good one man!

    • MarcusDW


  • Ray Fingers

    It has to make everyone at Apple want to vomit knowing that in order to improve their OS that they have to also admit their biggest competitor beat them to the punch by several years.

  • jjrudey

    Quoted from someone on Engadget: “That awkward moment when iOS 5 copies Android’s notification system, BBM and WebOs multitasking. Apple wasn’t kidding when they called 2011 the year of the copycats.”

  • Beburung Yang Pemarah

    hahaha.. run out of ideas?.. and then sue other people.. guess thats what rich basters do..

  • Piepounder

    All i have to say is wow, even after apple has been so sue happy over ideas .

  • B2L

    Now people are going to think that Apple invented the pull down notification bar. This is my favorite thing about Android, nice job being so revolutionary Apple. Google better sue the hell out of Apple for this.

    • Top Gear

      Sue over what? Android is open source. There’s no notification patent.

      • B2L

         I’m pretty positive Google has some patents that Apple is infringing on. I know that Android is open source, all i’m saying is i hope Apple get’s whats coming to them. I’m so sick of Apple suing over patent infringements when they have quite a few things that could be sued over as well.

        • Top Gear

          Good. Let the courts deal with it. Stop crying over companies.

      • apple blows 582

        get out here apple fanboy

        • Top Gear

          Woo, made you kidlings angry, eh.

      • Cris Tate

        Open source =/= no patents, nor does it even mean no license. All open source means is that the source code is available for anyone too see, not just compiled code.

    • cr0wnest

      BB, google, microsoft, amazon should all gang up to shove a few lawsuits up apple’s arses.

  • Jens Zalzala

    I have to say, I actually like Honeycomb’s notification system better. It seems more refined, and there’s more you can do with it. I’ll be interesting to see how it’ll transfer to ICS, but my thinking is that Apple just copied an outdated design. 

  • Scott Tompkins

    iOS 5 looks cool! But I liked it better when it was called Android 1.6

    • Darkflame

      FTW! LOL

    • REVS

      hahahahahahah me 2 hahahaahah

    • MarcusDW

      That’s Awesome!

    • Suave

      apple pie 

    • AppleFUD

      Best comment of the smartphone era!

    • JT Wieme

      +1 x 10^100

    • Cipher Zero

      Best comment ever. +10²°°°

    • TheBarron


    • enyibinakata

      Whats wrong with you man ! You are too funny, you need help :) Great stufff

    • tward09

      Congratulations. You just made my day.

    • Guest

      iOS 5. This changes
      everything again.

      With its easy-to-use interface, amazing features,
      and rock-solid stability, iOS — Apple’s mobile operating system — is the
      foundation of iPhone. And even as other phones try to catch up, the
      technologies and features built into iOS 5 keep it years ahead of the

      New in iOS 5:
      Android-style Notification System
      BBM-style Instant Messaging
      Google-style Cloud syncing
      Amazon-style Music cloud
      Windows 8-style Split Keyboard

      And 200 more features copied to the World’s Most
      Advanced Operating System. 

      iOS: Advancing through copying.®

      • Roger_Ramshit

        They all copy each other. Give me a break. Parochialism is one thing but blind fanboism is pathetic. Who cares who copies who or who inspires who. Android 1.5 was inspired by iOS 2 (or whatever). Who cares. And your Registered R on the end of your quote is lame. Is it really registered?

        • Guest

          look, I don’t mind Apple copying Google at all, it is good for everyone, but just listen to what Apple fans like Gruber, counternotions, asymco, Marco Arment used to say. They used to say, Apple sets the bar, others follow and they used to say android was only a business model innovation, it had nothing new to offer to consumers, since it was entirely copied from iOS and made free to OEMs, now that Apple has copied extensively from google apps and android, these iFan apologists have nothing to say and are hiding(somewhere in the basement).

        • jroc74

          The funny thing is Apple fanboys always wanna throw up copying when it comes to Android…

          I agree they all copy each other. And Apple was smart for whats coming in iOS5. If it works good, you would be crazy not to try to copy it.

          • AGx

            What makes Android fanboys piss on Apple about thinks like this is because Apple spent years talking about how bad Android’s features are, just to turn around and use them. Its one thing to copy something its a whole different thing when you openly say something is bad and then use it.

          • Kleverson Royther

            It’s like: “Android features are bad, but we made’em better. There’s nothing different really, but it’s better.”

        • URMOM

          you just hate android and guess what i do like the ® sign!

      • Michael Montanez

        someone give this man a medal of some sort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Guest

        Fantastic, just fantastic

      • Mikewong271

        No, iOS is not “rock-solid” and it’s not “stable”…  Seems like every update, (ever since iphone 3G days), it gets less stable and had more problems than previous version.  In my experience with Iphone 3G, every update that I installed, more crashes, more auto reboots, and more unexpected issues…  iOS is not a perfect…  There is no such thing as a bug free OS or software…

    • Jvmxtra

      Are droid fan as stupid as they can be? Where do you think droid came from?

      • squiddy20

        I’m not sure if you meant the Droid line by Motorola or (stupidly) called Android as a whole “droid”. Either way, neither were inspired from or came from iAnything. The most either platform (iOS or Android) has ever looked like each other is with the preview of iOS 5 and none of the Droid line even remotely looks like the iPhone.

      • Jeff

        From Samsung’s F700, just like the iPhone ;)

        • jroc74

          Naw man, Droid was inspired by the LG Prada…lol

      • jroc74

        The LG Prada.

    • thoa

      Wahahhahahahaha… nice comment..

    • Jason

      You do realize that google copied A LOT from IOS in the original version of Android, right?

      • Scott Tompkins

        I know, I know… Jobs invented the touch-screen and icons argument… The difference here is that iOS is adopting so many features of an OS that its fanbase rabidly professes to detest. You gotta admit there’s at least a LITTLE irony there ;)

        I think Sandeep Deshpande said it best though “look, I don’t mind Apple copying Google at all, it is good for everyone,
        but just listen to what Apple fans like Gruber, counternotions, asymco,
        Marco Arment used to say. They used to say, Apple sets the bar, others
        follow and they used to say android was only a business model
        innovation, it had nothing new to offer to consumers, since it was
        entirely copied from iOS and made free to OEMs, now that Apple has
        copied extensively from google apps and android, these iFan apologists
        have nothing to say and are hiding(somewhere in the basement).”

    • Jas

      Maybe it’s time for Google to SUE Apple instead.

    • ScottTompkinsNewLover

      Your sir, are a god

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  • Top Gear

    But then again, isn’t imitation the most sincere form of flattery?

    Android should know. The whole UI was inspired by iOS in the first place. Give and take and stop whining.

    • nxtiak

      You obviously have never used Android.

      • Top Gear

        Too bad for you that I have.

    • ethanmc12

      why are you even on this website?

      • Top Gear

        Because I have an Asus Transformer. Why do you care?

    • macsbac

      Development on Android started in 2003 2 years before the iPhone so can you tell me how time travel works please.

      • AppleFUD

        It works via Steve Jobs saying that they invented and created it first, this then leads to the apple faithful’s neurons rewiring and forgetting the past and remembering the past as Steve said it was.

        • Jon Scruggs

          Like the way Sarah Palin remembers the past? :P

      • PJ

        Except that when the iPhone was released, the state of Android was this:

        • jroc74

          Not trying to discredit the picture……but did you know Android has development phones still with buttons. Not exactly like that but still.

          Thats just one clip….from last year. Whose to say that isnt a pic of a development phone?

    • Michael Christopher

      You sir are a Troll….. Not to mention an idiot.

      Please drop dead on your way back to refilling your cool-aid….

    • MarcusDW

      I don’t think anyone in here is mad at Apple for using the pull down notification system.  It’s the arrogance behind them suing other companies for “stealing” their ideas and then doin the same damn thing.  

      Like you said, give and take and stop whining.

      • vastaman

        Agreed Apple probably wouldn’t have come up with the pull-down notification approach on its own, and copied Android’s idea.  

        But can you provide an example of a case where Apple has sued someone for a similar type of conceptual copying? 

        The Samsung suit doesn’t count because Samsung is obviously cloning an iPhone’s look and feel. 

        It’s the difference between copying ideas about how to make a sports car sexy from Ferrari and copying the look so much that it looks like a new model Ferrari. 

        It’s the difference between copying the “bullet time” special effect from The Matrix in your movie and copying the character names, costumes, sets and settings.

    • AppleFUD

      like the whole UI of iOS was inspired and stole directly form Palm and RIM. . . duh!

  • Karl

    Are they going to call IOS 5 “Gingercake”?
    They might as well with all the features they’re taking from android.  I sure hope google sues them for patent infringement to give them a taste of their own medicine.

  • Romma1

    Apple can sue Google for stealing the idea and plans for the time machine Apple was going to build which allowed Google to go forward in time, steal the plans (of the pull downs), go back and impliment them into the Nexus One.. Diabolical….   

    • gohaus

      Earlier than the Nexus one bro. Try G1

  • schitsengigles08

    Oh apple…those who can, do; those who can’t sue….or copy and paste and then sue

  • Jeff432

    I bet that the lawyers are smiling right now

  • Alberto_jr_

    How long before they copy htc lock screen. The sense 3.0 …..I bet that will be the next thing they copy

  • James Kelly

    I hope Apple get sued for this  :L  I like some Apple products, but their copying of Google just demonstrates what hypocrites they are.

  • Josh Penny

    Sad, simply sad. I see Apple suing google for the 90th time for “infringing copyright of our (apple’s) “Revolutionary”, “brand new”, “Magical”, “Mystical” and “pretty damn awesome” notification system. Once again Jobs shows how he loves to copy Android.

  • Realhamfoshea

    Hatred Gonna Hate! Men…u guys are just butt hurt bro! :P

    • Realhamfoshea

      *Haters Gonna Hate

    • Peter McDaniel

      what about the “Men…u guys are just butt hurt bro!” sorry but thats as bad as “Hatread Gonna Hate”

  • Temporary101

    iOS  = I openly steal

    other then that….meh….dun care much……as long as they dont go about saying they invented it, I am fine with ios having it. Maybe now those ppl I whatsapp will respond faster from their iphones

  • Dan Grover

    Fair enough. This is a good feature of Android and it’s definitely something they should implement. Android – and all touch interface devices really – have learnt a lot from iOS. This kind of, uhh, feature stealing leads to better products for everyone, really. 

  • Sidekick3jones

    Come on people we all know Apple Suck Donkeys D_cks. I and others has waited for this time to come why buy a Iphone or Ipad when android provide more features and a better operating system. Go Android !!!!!! 

  • Joe

    “do little but blatantly copy what Android has already perfected. ”
    Android has not perfected it. It works really well, but its definitely not perfect.

    • AceCurry

      How can you improve it? I can’t really think of any way. It is simple, well organized, easy to understand, works great.

    • James

      You can dismiss the iOS notifications by app, which is a nice addition not present in Android.

      • Brett Smith

        Gingerbread has this

        • Mapekz

          But only 4 or 5 five devices have GB standard so far :/ Tough to compare when everyone else is stuck on FroYo for what might be another few months, very likely skipping over GB and going straight to ICS instead in the case of some of the newer devices.

          I swear to Android my next phone is going to be a Nexus ]|[. Maybe an SGS2/3.

  • Oscar

    Year of  the copycats:
    Notifications: Android 1.0, October 2008
    Camera accessible from lockscreen: WP7, November 2010
    Split keyboard: Windows 8, mid-2012
    PC Free: Android, February 2009
    iMessage: Blackberry, 2007
    iCloud:Google Music, Amazon Music, etc 2010-2011

    • Spanki

      TouchType (makers of SwiftKey) were first to make split keyboard

      • Justice

        Actually, that is incorrect. Thumb Keyboard has been out long before the beta of the swiftkey tablet interface was announced.

        • Spanki

          Ah, my mistake.

      • Jan88

        I remember Nokia 6800 series… 2003 or somewhere around that time. It was hardware keyboard. And I doubt it was the first one. Google and look…

    • nxtiak

      Yeah plenty of Split Keyboard apps on Android, been around for a while.

  • wakkoman

    The fact that so many of you care just shows how insecure you guys are about your own device.

    “Oh no.. people will now think Apple invented it…”
     WHO THE F CARES? Enjoy what you like and keep it moving. Holy shit.

    • Zomby2D

      What actually annoys people is the fact tha Apple copy and steal ideas as much as everyone else, if not more.  But they turn around and sue everyone for using ideas they often stole themselves in the first place.

      The fact that everyone borrows from others is not a problem, is the hypocrisy of Apple that’s so maddening.

      • wakkoman

        1st – How does it affect you? Why do you care? Unless you are a shareholder of the company getting sued and this will damage them immensely, this doesn’t affect you. 

        2nd – Provide examples. Multiple since you are insinuating that they steal “ideas” and sue on the basis of those ideas

        • AppleFUD

          Maybe some of us just don’t like hypocritical BS especially from a compulsive lying CEO and his fans.

          • wakkoman

            There are far more important issues in life. Find them. Bring more peace into your life brother. Life isn’t about getting angry.

          • ScottColbert

            Then follow your own advice 

          • ZoulKyud

            Right so we shouldn’t waste our time criticizing apple or defending them.  Wait isn’t that what you are doing?  You actually used a completely different argument because the other one was not working.

            “There are far more important issues in life.” = “I am losing this argument can’t I just say it was stupid in the first place.”

            “1st – How does it affect you?”  I enjoy using android products if apple shuts them down and tries to make themselves the only thing in the market it would be unpleasant for me.

            “2nd – Provide examples” Apple sued HTC off multiple functions of the UI.  Which they took portions from Xerox and also sued for basic features like power management.  Which I heavily doubt they were invented from.

            So please crawl back under your bridge which I assume is under an apple store.

          • Zomby2D

            Yes, there are.  That’s why these forums and my commenting on the issues at hand only represent about 10-15 minutes for me in a typical day.  I’m voicing an opinion, showing a different point of view, then I move on to other things.  If no one answers me, I probably won’t ever come back to an article once I read it and added my opinion to the discussion.

          • Screw You

            God, stop cock riding man. First thing you do is you come in this thread and start bitching, and then you tell ppl to calm down??? Seriously?

            Apple’s hypocrisy must have rubbed off of you when you left Steve Job’s bedroom.

        • Zomby2D

          1 – It affects me (or at least could) when Apple is trying to block sales of the particular phone I’m planning on buying.

          2 – They copied the look and feel of the first iPhone on the LG Prada, but then sue others for copying the look and feel of that same iPhone.

          • wakkoman

            LG had the choice to sue Apple if they felt it was an infringement on their patent. They didn’t.

            Apple is suing Samsung. If you can’t see that the Samsung Galaxy devices not only have the same form factor, but the design of their icons and the dock which is strikingly similar to the interface of iOS, I can’t help you. An eye doctor would presumably be able to  though. 

            I also asked for multiple examples, since by your previous post, you are accusing them of doing this multiple times. Not to mention they have a legitimate argument in their lawsuit with Samsung. 

          • ZoulKyud

            Apples notification system looks nothing like the Google one at all.  Nor does it function the same as it does on android.

            On android I swipe down to see my notifications and if I am in an app it shows the text on the top menu to go to the application to close notifications I swipe back up.

            On IOS5 I swipe down to see my notifications and if I am in an app it shows the text on the top menu to go to the application to close notifications I swipe back up.

            Oh wait I know where the difference is.  In newer version Google added a clear all button.  Guess that will have to wait till next IOS

        • IRemember(for the most part)

          1 multituch which they tried to sue (motorola i think but not shure) and lost because microsoft patended multitouch on a surface

          2 their app drawer that has been “stolen” (its not realy stolen more like copied since I think there were no patents or they were expired) from palm os

          they are curently suing samsung for this exactly

          I think their words were like: instead of innovating and creating their own “way of doing stuff” they blatantly copied bla bla bla

          and im shure there are more (i wont say many caus i dont think there are that many)

          if you cant admit that(and try to say that others do the same) you sir are a fanboy and not worth the 2 min I just spent replying to your post with many gramatical errors (my post not yours)

          good day

    • jroc74

      Its the Apple fanboys that causes all this. In some article, out the blue an Apple fanboy brings up copying…

      The irony is so…..magical. All I want is for Apple, iPhone fanboys to get off the copying pedestal they be on.

  • cns2007

    Up next. Widgets!!

    • Johnathan DeJohnette

      but you have to give a fancy name and put an “i” infront of it.

  • AceCurry

    Honestly. I think that this is a great feature of Android and one which any smartphone I purchase should have. Would I purchase an an iPhone (if it had LTE)? If Ice Cream Sandwich does not have hardware acceleration, then maybe (jailbreak it, add widgets, make it look like Android, enjoy the superior app selection). Come on Google, your move.

  • presto117

    To be fair, their new iCloud and iTunes Match services just handed Amazon and Google their asses.

    • Jeff Alberda

      I don’t think so. 
      Don’t be fooled by Steve’s saying that they are the first to do this.
      The way I see it, iCloud really isn’t anything more than what Google Music is, other than of course you will be able to purchase songs from it. 
      But then all of the music I have currently, all of which I acquired through legal means of course (wink wink nudge nudge say no more), can be put on the cloud for $25/yr, every year as long as I want to have any of it? Where as with Google, I will be able to put it up there and it will stay there forever, and lets face it, if Google Music isn’t free it will probably be cheaper than $25.yr.

      • presto117

        Google Music makes you upload everything you have and just leaves it there. iCloud with iTunes Match doesn’t require you to keep a thing in the cloud. iTunes will scan all of your non-purchased music, and it will find the counterpart in the iTunes store and it will let you download that high quality AAC file, free of charge, to whatever device you want it to be on. If it’s not available on iTunes, then you can upload it and take it. Google Music is all about throwing things into the cloud manually with long upload times and depending on a data connection. iCloud is about keeping everything automatically synced wirelessly and instantaneously between every device you own so you don’t have to depend on that data connection.

        If Google Music isn’t free it will HAVE to be less than $25 a year if it wants to attract customers, especially with it’s lack of features compared to the new iCloud and iTunes Match system.

        • Peter McDaniel

          You know what makes google music better? No iTunes. Oh and i can use Google music on ANY newer android device or any PC. Sorry not sold.

        • John

          You cannot stream with iCloud, something Google Music and Amazon allows. Plus you have to pay a yearly fee for stuff you didn’t purchase in iTunes which also sucks.  

          As for upload times – it’s going to be long the first time  and that’s it. And with today’s upload speeds, it’s not that bad.

        • cr0wnest

          Sure it works everywhere, but it will only work with iProducts. That alone makes it inflexible enough.

    • Wesley

      If you would believe the BS about it taking weeks to get Google and Amazon music service to work.  Other than that, it is a inferior attempt compared to Google’s cloud services.

  • Mr. Truthiness

    haha. one less reason to put up with android. 

    • ZoulKyud

      because apple is trying to catch up to them in features?  You really don’t present an argument.  Its like saying one less reason to put up with toyota because ford adds a feature they had for YEARS.

  • Mapekz

    <–Phandroid here

    I am willing to admit that the way iOS splits up the notifications under application headers is better than we have on Android today where it's kind of just a mish-mash of everything. Being able to sort the notification list by most important to least important apps (and alphabetically) would be nice to see as well. Maybe I should make an Android app…

    • jroc74

      Just noticed that. I kinda agree. Good job Apple.

  • DennyCrane

    You guys are missing the point. Apple has never been a “done first” company. They simply pull the best ideas from many other companies and make it a seamless experience. I hate Apple products, but they are very good at creating a seamless experience.

    • DannyB2

      I don’t hate Apple products.

      Just Apple.

      They’re not the same company I loved in the 80’s and early 90’s when I was a card carrying fanboy.

      (BTW, I don’t own or use any Apple products.)

  • Tz3026

    I’ve already lost interest in this rotten Apple talk……….tell me more about this Droid Bionic resurfacing.

  • I Hate Rotten Apple

    Does any know what rotten Apple unveils today? I know… it’s the “iClown”.  Stupid rotten Apple.  They’re sueing people for stupid reason, that makes them look like a f**cking clown.

  • Hussain Al Jeshi

    apple why even try just surrender this war will be over its only a matter of time …… ur clock is ticking 

  • iHateRottenApple

    Rotten Apple unveils iShit

  • tke

    GOOGLE!  Pleeeeeeaaaaaase sue Apples balls off for this!  It’s all I ask.  That and a little hardware acceleration. 

  • Timothy B

    “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have the App Store”

    Oh wait, I have some of those.  They are from Amazon AND Google AND SlideMe, AND GetJar.
    I also have a pull down menu.

  • James

    Good for Apple. In the past Steve has seemed allergic to incorporating Android’s great features into iOS. This will be great for consumers.

  • Bill Pittser

    I had a good friend and I quote said  this.. Droid phones are cool and samsungs new AT&T phone is really cool.
    But what I have a hard time getting past in having an iPhone is the
    visual voicemail and being able to use the Internet while talking.

     I know he will say after today man IOS has pull down
    notifications if only android had that. Its comments like these that
    make me smile I guess most people just don’t know…

    Can’t wait for all the morons think apple invented this and are the only ones that have it..muhaaaaaaa

  • earthtrek

    I don’t mind them copying, after all there’s only so much one can do with a 3.5″ diagonal piece of glass, but what really irritates me is Jobs acting like he came up with a new idea. I love OS X and my MacBook, but I’ve gone with Android for my phone and tablet because I can’t stomach the “magical,” “revolutionary,” “this changes everything…again,” walled-garden arrogance that’s overtaken Apple. 

    • TheBarron

      It hasn’t overtaken Apple, it has always been Apple’s modus operandi. Seriously, they’ve been like this for decades.

  • mrsbelpit

    This shit is hilarious.

  • Jmaxku

    “but blatantly copy what Android has already perfected”
    Perfected?  Not quite.  See those x’s next to each individual notification.  Yeah… Android needs to implement that.

    • Riz

      my gingerbread droid X has minuses not X’s, appel did invent the x’s tho!

    • Jay Washer

      Check out a device that’s running Gingerbread. Already there.

    • erikku

      Yeah, it’s even better in GB… you just swipe your finger to dismiss it and it’s gone… no damn “x”

    • ZoulKyud

      You have never used android.  I have two options a minus to close individual notifications, OR a clear all button.

      That clear all button.  Yeah apple needs to implement that.  Don’t worry they will get it next version.

    • jroc74

      Uh…yea….just to add on….GB on my Droid X1 has that feature for notifications.

      A search might have showed it if you didnt have an Android phone with GB…

  • quarkgluonsoup

    Google should sue Apple for copyright infringement. According to Apple, a vague similarity counts as outright copying.

  • Curry

    Lawsuits. Up the ass.


    jajajja!! the year of copycats!!!!

  • Matt Pope

    ”Slide across the notification to go directly to it” <<< Stolen for Samsung's    TouchWiz 4.0 Lock Screen (on Samsung Galaxy S II, at the moment), and a bit of Androids: 'touch the notifications to go directly to it', on it's notification bar. Of, Apple stole that too.

  • Luis Brenes

    Apple cannot even get their own names for their products:

    iPhone = Owned by Cisco
    ios = Owned by Cisco

    • X y

      iCloud owned by Xcerion

      • Manish Sinha

        Launchpad for OSX (Trademark owned by Canonical, a company with shallow pockets who cant even sue Apple or strike a deal)

  • Tha Next Episode

    Oh come on now. That Stevie jobs is playing “follow the leader” by “copy catting” eric Schmidt and “picking his pocket” over this “revolutionary, innovative” “patented intellectual property” there’s no way apple thought of this on their own. Google should file a frivolous law suit in a smug response to this “bullshit”

  • Pip73

    Disappointed with Apple. These are not really big changes – I can’t see them releasing the iPhone 5 with just this. If this is the new update cycle, then its 6 months to the next hardware release, 6 months after that to the next conference, then another 6 months for the next phone. That is another 18 months with just this? That is an age. I reckon they will rip off widgets in the autumn to go with the new phone!

    • Wow

      Google ripped off widgets from the Mac OS X dashboard.. Almost everything that android includes support for was ripped off from apple in the first place. Seriously….app stores, multitouch gestures, proximity sensors on a phone, ambient light sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, momentum scrolling, swipe to change app page, pinch to zoom, smart zoom in web browser with double tap, bubble text magnifier for cursor placement, icon springboard, the list goes on and on. I got my droid x because it was the next best thing before Verizon got the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great phone, but I was shocked to see how many features were blatantly copied from the original iPhone. Some of you need to remember how android even got to where they are now….by trying to copy the best thing out. The only reason they have such high market share is because there are so many companies manufacturing android devices. Plus they address the cheap phone market. It’s really not even fair to compare the two, because apple is only aiming for the mid to higher end markets. Try comparing apple to any one other hardware manufacturer and see what kind of numbers you come up with.

      • John

        Widgets date back to win98 and before so Apple ripped Microsoft off by your logic.

        App Stores – App repositories already existed in Winmobile and BB. Apple just decided to charge for their apps – and hence the app store was born – no they didn’t invent the concept. They just made it popular.

        Proximity sensors – this is a no brainer with any touch phone.  If you don’t have one, your face will hit the buttons. Can’t fault Google for incorporating them. 

        Ambient light sensors – These were used in laptops before the iPhone. Of course it was a no brainer to include it in a smartphone that’s going to be used in different lighting conditions. 

        Accelerometers – these first appeared in Nokia phones. Yeah the iPhone made them popular but that’s not the point.

        Swipe to change app page – Android uses an App tray and a desktop that’s stretched. There are no ‘app pages’. 

        Pinch to zoom – yes this was popularized by the iPhone and I agree Google borrowed it for obvious reasons – it is definitely a nice feature.

        Bubble Text Magnifier – this is incorporated differently according to Manufacturer. Samsung’s touchwiz implementation of this is different to Motorola’s blur. Can’t really say Google copied this.

        Icon Springboard –  Android’s UI is unique in there is a dedicated App tray for all Apps from which the desktop can be populated. Yes the desktop is stretched across several screens but it’s not the same as the IOS springboard.

        Apples 3gs can be had for $50 now. Sorry but that’s cheap. So your statement isn’t exactly correct – Apple also aims for the cheap side of the Market. Plus the iPhone 4 is cheaper than some of the newer Android phones.

      • Hothotlees

        Apple ripped this stuff off of nokia. You say apple does it right….. how about a proximity sensor that works….lol

  • Guest

    BIG SUPRISE to see all the douchbag google fan boys joking about Job’s cancer. 

    • Cool

      Or everyone should CRY??? Get a grip!  
      Millions have cancer, are you just as protective of them?  LMAO…

    • Peter McDaniel

      Big surprise seeing a douchebag apple fan unable to take a joke. No seriously your on an Android blog troll much? Oh and its douchebag what safari have no spell checker? CAPITAL WORDS

  • Guest

    iOS 5. This changes
    everything again.

    With its easy-to-use interface, amazing features,
    and rock-solid stability, iOS — Apple’s mobile operating system — is the
    foundation of iPhone. And even as other phones try to catch up, the
    technologies and features built into iOS 5 keep it years ahead of the

    New in iOS 5:
    Android-style Notification System
    BBM-style Instant Messaging
    Google-style Cloud syncing
    Amazon-style Music cloud
    Windows 8-style Split Keyboard

    And 200 more features copied to the World’s Most
    Advanced Operating System. 

    iOS: Advancing through copying.®

  • Cool

    Nothing new, Apple has been stealing shit forever and then reinventing it as their own!  Next they’ll be telling you they were the First to have pull down menus, etc.

    Who really gives a crapola? Apple is so done… Yesterday’s News and JOBS can’t handle that at all.  Anyways…


  • chris

    cant google sue them!

  • Del373

    *le sigh* More fuel for the iOS vs. Android flame war.

    Though it would annoy me if someone with an iPhone called my Droid a copycat.

  • DYNK

    wow…and they have the audacity to sue anyone who copies them.
    I really have lost all respect for Apple and its ethics now. Marketing? maybe but the rest? ,l,

  • Guest

    What are these people talking about? Apple already announced that they are going to copy Android before. Geez!

    • Anon


  • afrosaturday

    Winning an argument on the internet is like winning a race at the special Olympics. You might win, but your still retarded.

  • droooooid!

    No’offence but iphone is made for idiots who doesn’t have any idea about computers or how things work, a coworker got his second iphone because he said android is complicated ,my uncle buying apple products because he thinks its so secure ,theres no viruses and all that but i dont blame him hes a moran all he can do on a computer is listen to music and surf the web, poor buy wouldnt know hot to change hard drive or upgrade ram thats why apple makes products for’idiots like that
    Thats why even when u look at iphone ,ipad or itouch theres only one button ,not 4 not 7 but 1 and its made for those special people :-)

  • Brenden Nigh

    What ever apple comes out with, evenif they aren’t the first, they do it well and have the least problems with it. I’ve noticed on any other phone it feezes a lot, not saying that iphones don’t, but they just dont do it as much.

  • Nickynick

    Sorry, but iPhones have had that via jailbreak since android v0.9…

    • Mike Gaudiello

      [citation needed]

  • Andrian Hendrawan

    Now Microsoft-Google-RIM-Amazon together to sue Apple! maybe Samsung want to join?

  • LarryL

    True to the last comment, Google is ready to move on to Honeycomb-style notifications. Let’s see Ice Cream Sandwich already, and blow this copycat out of the water.

  • No_Nickname90

    LoL!! Remember how long it took Apple to make a phone that allowed you to change your background? I had a simple, yet cool Samsung Cricket phone that allowed you to have a video playing as your wallpaper. Way to go Apple with your whole creativity thing. Google already knew to target the younger crowd. Apple targetting the older people who wanna save they money. LoL!! Too late now. Wii don’t want yo iOS anymore. LoL!!

  • Don Arrington

    LOL you think apple are years ahead of everyone….. Laughing myself to
    tears. they just cry every time anyone gets close to what there doing .
    My epic 4g kicks your iPhone 4 in the teeth. the next generation of open
    source vrs the limitations of …. LOL.

    SO if that does not ring a bell. open source software can be LEGALLY
    manipulated by thousands of pros and intuitive individuals who
    collaborate there ideas and information to perfect something (Linux)
    that will soon leave winblows and crapple in the dust.

    Do tell fan all you fan boys/girls who worship the bitten apple of
    others knowledge do you know your facts or are you playing monkey see
    monkey believe

  • Lordballsucky

    Boohoo, poor little android. This argument is tired and pathetic.

  • Shanefreer

    Other may do things first, but Apple does them right

  • leaponover

    I’ve said it over and over… not to fuel the war but you copy the best out there.  For many years Iphone copied what was going on and made it a bit more better/stable what have you.  Unfortunately their customers had to wait a year for it while everyone else had it.  Well, you always copy the best and it’s Android on top no bones about it.

  • Sunday Morning Ice Cream

    I am all for this, because I think universalizing of solid, good, tried and successful interfaces and designs ultimately means that consumers get the benefit.

    What I am not for is how Apple goes around suing other companies for “copying” their “innovations”… Like honestly, don’t they even know shame?

    Considering how they are suing Samsung for things like design and Touchwiz, you’d think they’d have the brains and the balls to not borrow Android OS ideas. That just makes them look like a company with double-standards.

    If they had done this without the slew of lawsuits, I would’ve been 100% clapping for this change. But Apple buddy, if you’re gonna sue other companies for “not being innovative and original”, then please, by all means at the least, stand by your words and don’t make yourself look like a fool by doing the very same thing you are suing others for.