ViewSonic Introduces $250 ViewBook 730


It’s no Honeycomb powerhouse, but ViewSonic has introduced the ViewBook 730, a 7-inch Android 2.2 tablet that will sell for $250. At that price, the 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 slate is sure to sell a few units when it hits shelves later this month. The LED backlit touchscreen display runs at a resolution of 800×480, and other specs include 8GB of internal storage expandable via microSD, USB and HDMI connectivity, and Bluetooth 2.1 support.

ViewSonic is aiming to hit a sweet spot that combines a well-polished Android experience with plenty of multimedia support at a cost that won’t break the bank. We get the sinking suspicion this one might become a favorite of hackers and modders based on the price alone.

[via CNET]

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  1. Put Honeycomb on the damn tablet ViewSonic and you will hundreds of thousands. 

  2. vs. NookColor….

    non-proprietary OS requiring no hacking (or however you want to describe that) = win
    1ghz vs 800mhz = win
    800×480 vs 1024×600 = WTF?!? why, why, WHY?!?!?!?!?

    very torn on this…

  3. Higher res like @c036c5cbf0da211e1d61c7b72ce16b0b:disqus said and $199.99 come Christmas… hot cakes.  Every kid would be getting one.

    Edit: Screw the res. $199.99 and it’s hot cakes.

  4. If that’s the front-facing camera on top, then screw resolution, i’m buying one for my wife. Will stick to my NC myself ;)

  5. Bluetooth, a camera, and HDMI output might make this better than the nook color.  Processor isn’t a factor since my nook is overclocked to 1.2 ghz.  I’m running an awesome Froyo ROM and can’t wait for an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM to come out.

  6. I will buy one just to tinker with. :)

  7. Anyone figure on whether a jailbroken one would be able to run Honeycomb? 

  8. 800×480 = FAIL. I also have a bad feeling the Amazon tablets will follow Samsung’s lead and have locked bootloaders.I’m in the market for a cheap tablet and might end up with a Nook Color if these tablets take too long getting to market.

  9. This will definitely compete with the nook color but will it win is the question. A few extras (front cam, hdmi port) vs. better screen. If this was out before I got my NC then I would have a hard time choosing……I would probably chose the one that the better development support (better/more ROMs, root difficulty)

  10. I’m all too happy w/ my rooted Nook Color.  I was seriously looking at a Samsung Galaxy, but the $350.00 price gave me second thoughts, then I found the Nook.  This Viewsonic looks good and had I found it first before the Nook I would have bought it.  But with the difference of only a camera, which I have one on my desktop and one on my netbook and I never use any of them, it really isn’t a selling point for me.

    1. Well, the Viewbook does have a better processor, and there is no hacking required to get full android.  The nook color does have a better screen though, which is really making me think.  It sounds like you’re happy though.

  11. Where in the world is a nice 7″ – 800×480 – 800mhz – 2.2 (or better) – tablet for $99? Anyone? Anyone?

    Oh snap! There’s one on ebay right now…

  12. You can have a French article talking about ViewSonic
    ViewBook 730

    Enjoy it :) 

  13. You can find all the news about ViewSonic ViewBook 730 with a French version :) 


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