Jun 6th, 2011

The Apple vs. Android battle is about to get a little more heated, as new elements introduced for iOS 5 at today’s WWDC do little but blatantly copy what Android has already perfected. Pull-down notifications will ship as part of Apple’s latest iOS, and guess what…they are almost identical to what we have had on Android phones for years. Apple’s “Notification Center” gathers all of the iPhone’s system notifications into a single location, one which can be dragged down from the top status bar of the iOS user interface. Sound familiar? Apple, of course, will try to package the new feature as if it is revolutionary and something altogether new. Wrong. But then again, isn’t imitation the most sincere form of flattery? It’s all good, while Apple struggles to implement new UI elements, Google is already looking forward to bigger and better things.

[via iSource, image via Engadget]

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