Jun 6th, 2011

When the Motorola Atrix 4G first launched it was just about the only dual core handset available in the US, and though a few more have hit the scene in the months since the speedy AT&T smartphone is still a tempting option. It might just be a little more tempting now that AT&T has dropped the price to $99.99 on contract. We’ve seen the Atrix going for all sorts of crazy low prices through third-party retailers, but if I am not mistaken this is the lowest AT&T has offered the handset for. Better yet, you can grab the laptop dock and get your Webtop on for $299 (with a mail-in rebate the price settles to $199). That’s down from $399.

Those NVIDIA Tegra 2 guts really cook inside the Atrix. Anyone going to pick one up on this deal?

[via AT&T]

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