Asus Won’t Rest: Quad-Core Tegra 3 and Intel Atom Tablets in the Works


You shouldn’t be surprised that Asus is already hard at work planning out what will follow their current lineup of Android tablets, which includes the Eee Pad Transformer and a few other yet to be released Honeycomb slates. Next-generation specs seem to be the theme, as the company is said to be developing both a quad-core Tegra 3 (Kal El) tablet and an Intel Atom device. There is no specific word on operating system, but the assumption is at least one will run Android.

If you haven’t read up on Kal El, check out our full report from Mobile World Congress. NVIDIA is aiming to get the next-gen chip into tablets by end of summer/early fall, and we suspect Asus could be among the first with such a device. Will they be able to do it at a similarly unbeatable price point as the Transformer? Let’s wait and see…

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  1. I didn’t even get my Transformer delivered in the mail yet and I’m already having buyers remorse after reading this….I hate that technology moves so fast lol.

  2. If I can’t get a Transformer by June, I’ll just wait another few months and get one of these. I mean, why not? Unless they get delayed, too.

  3. Dual core will be around for one year. Next year will be this!

    1. Not surprising. ARM chips double in performance every 12 months.

  4. Hey asus take it one step at a time. How about yall figure out how to have a proper release date and actually have the product yall promised available before talking about the next product.

  5. They can’t even produce enough transformers. If they want people to get excited about their products why don’t they have a decent stock available first for their current product!!!

  6. I hope they upgrade the transformer with the Tegra 3 asap.

  7. I’m getting the Galaxy S II as soon as it’s available in Canada. A Tegra 3 Asus tablet might be what I need to get into the tablet bandwagon. I don’t exactly like the idea of having a tablet that’s slower than my phone. Plus, by that time Honeycomb should have gotten some more maturity…

    1. That’s a good plan. You should be very happy with the browsing speed on a Tegra 3 tablet, which is more important than on a phone.

  8. Asus might be a “Name Brand” but I would never buy any of their products (ever again) simply because of how few employees they have. Their customer service is pretty much non existent…. they have like 20 total support staff for Western Europe, Mexico, USA, and Canada. I have spent HOURS on hold waiting to talk to one of their support staff members, only to have them give me nothing but canned responses…. and tell me they couldn’t RMA my product (which was still under warrant) and then went on to tell me that the only way they could help me is if I paid to ship them the product and have it repaired… which could take up to 2 weeks.

    They treat their customers and their employees like crap! In return, the employees take it out on the customers. Don’t buy their products if you value your time, or have any ethics.

    Wait and see what Lenovo throws us with their 10.1 honeycomb tablet with keyboard dock instead. I bet there offering is much more polished, simply because they are going after the enterprise market, and they don’t fail too often at anything they do.

  9. Asus, please just focus first on getting the transformers out. Keep going with the transformer theme of tablets, you have a winner with this product, the tightly integrated tab/keyboard is amazing and no one else is doing that right now.

  10. I would guess that it will Xmas time or Q1-12 before the 4-core gets released.

    I just hope that the 4-core tablet will also work w/ the same keyboard docking station for the Transformer….that I just ordered.

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