South Korean Galaxy S II Shipments Reach 120,000 in First 72 Hours


Samsung has sold over 120,000 Galaxy S II handsets in the first 72 hours of availability in South Korea. The original Galaxy S debuted to 50,000 units sold in the same time period. THe nearly tripled figure is thanks to the availability of the Galaxy S II on multiple carriers — SK Telecom sold 65,000, KT sold 40,000, and LG Uplus sold 15,000. The original was only available initially through SK Telecom.

April pre-orders for the Galaxy S II are estimated to be 270,000, so expect the three day numbers to double in no time at all. Samsung is aiming to eventually move 10 million handsets between the 140 carriers in 120 countries launching the new dual-core Android smartphone.

[via TheNextWeb]

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  1. I hate when I am trying to not impulsively buy things, then Samsung makes me want a new phone every 3 months.

  2. Hopefeully it comes to the states….I will take this over the sensation

  3. The right is fucking hot. I’ll take the phone and her!

    1. I’ll take her, you can get the phone ;)

  4. If only Samsung had the supply to meet demand for a worldwide release. I’m sure they’d blow any existing sales figures completely out of the water. Anyone else think their estimate of 10 million handsets by end of 2011 is very pessimistic?

  5. Hype or real news? is it really a better device than the SE ARC / Moto Atrix / HTC Sensation / LG Optimus 2X (P990)? take a close look: http://bit.ly/jifLJz … I’m not so sure… personally would prefer a smaller screen (3.7-4inch), what do you think?

    1. info on your link isnt even accurate…

  6. is gs2 for us carriers and the same form factor.

  7. They are going to release on all 4 carriers in the US at the same time and beat iPhone release #s. I got money on it.

  8. The Galaxy SII is a BEAST! I’m all on that the day it’s out. It’s a powerhouse

  9. Who is the girl on the right? she looks a bit like Kim Ha Yul

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