Vodafone Portugal Launching Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v Tomorrow

While we’re sure we don’t have many readers in Portugal, we’re guessing a few of you importing types will be happy to hear this – Samsung’s letting loose the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v tomorrow via Vodafone Portugal. It’ll cost €589.90 without a contract. (There’s no word on if they’ll ever offer it on contract.)

If you don’t remember, the Galaxy Tab 10.1v is the Honeycomb tablet they originally announced but decided to 1-up it with a slimmer model and a custom user interface. That version is expected to be out starting in June. If you don’t mind spending the extra dough to get this one early, though, then be sure to go through your usual channels to import this one starting tomorrow. [Engadget]

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  • jamdev12

    Would be nice to have someone actually get this tab and actually take measurements, comparisons and weight and see if this is sleeker than an iMaxiPad2. What I hated the most about these FUD websites is that they started saying that the 10.1 was actually heavier and bulkier than the iMaxiPad2. I just want to see if this is true and if it isn’t, I would like someone to post all aspects to the smallest detail so that we can put this FUD to rest.

  • jamdev12

    I’m reading that this is the old Galaxy Tab 10.1 not the redesigned version. I guess Samsung did not want to throw away all the old ones and loose money on those, so lets give it to the people of Portugal, cause who cares what they think.

    • Droid_Does

      well, i live in portugal and i prefer the old version of galaxy tab 10.1 than the newer! “who cares what they think”? and who gives a shit of what usa or uk thinks? :) just make all features from android avaiable globally and we’re all good

  • paxmos

    Too Expensive!!!!

  • Adsft

    At least one reader u’ve :P

    @jamdev12, u most be 12 years…

  • guest

    No, at least they have have 2

  • DemonWav

    One thing is for sure, the Tab looks very nice.

  • Nathan

    The 10.1v has already been released by Vodafone in Australia. Shipping starts locally on 1st of May. See their blog.

  • cmar35

    It is 26th of April and still not available at the vodafone.pt site.

  • milton

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