T-Mobile G2 Getting Gingerbread, Too

G2 owners felt dissed after T-Mobile announced the G2x would be getting Gingerbread “soon”, and rightfully so – their device is stock Android and it was out long before the G2x. T-Mobile says they aren’t forgotten, though, as they’ve confirmed via Twitter that the G2 will indeed be getting Gingerbread. Go ahead and put that can of gasoline down – no need to burn their headquarters to ashes. [via AndroidUnite]

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  • http://www.facebook.com/MMontanez347 Michael Montanez

    im happy and sad about this…….sad because i use to be a motorola cliq xt user and im use to always hear the word “soon” only to be let down and forced to get the G2 (which im in love with now!!) motorola offically ruined the word “soon” to me so now whenever i hear the word i never get high hopes….ever :(

    • Keller

      You poor soul.

    • Guest

      There needs to be a specific time frame of soon. Soon shouldn’t mean 4 months like the Froyo update for the Nook Color was supposed to be “by the end of january” and it’s almost the end of April. The wp7 update was delayed several times, and let’s not even say what happened to the Fascinate.

  • http://www.jnddinc.com josh

    Never fear cm7 has already been here :) root!

    • cowgar

      what I would like to know, whether cyanogen team (or Steve himself) will look into the sources once released, which would:

      1. allow G2/Vision to have most recent gingerbread drivers in (say) CM 7.1

      2. compare the HTC sources for bug fixes if HTC has made some qualcomm-ninja-hacks which are good to “copy”

      3. compare the HTC sources to bring ideas/fixes to other phones running CM7, as I’m sure HTC contribution to AOSP 2.3.3 has been beneficial

      • Azeem

        1) Yes.

        2) Yes.

        3) Yes.

        To doublecheck this, head over to the github and you can see all the changes and features that they’ve added. I don’t have the link readily available, but you can go to http://www.cyanogenmod.com, and a couple minutes of looking around should pony that up for you.

        Posted from a G2 w/CM7.

  • delahaya


    We feel your pain, but this is HTC not Motorola – so there is hope at least.

    • Tywilson

      Rooting is not daunting in the least.

      It is easy and so so worth it

      • http://www.AllSanDiegoComputerRepair.com ASDCR


        thx man

  • G2 != AOSP

    G2 != AOSP
    G2 == Sense phone with AOSP theme

    look at framework and libs and you will see it’s actually just a very thorough theme. cyanogen himself confirmed this.

    • http://www.AllSanDiegoComputerRepair.com ASDCR


      what do you mean by that? can you elaborate??

    • http://twitter.com/stalkbrandon Brandon V. Fletcher

      yes please explain. Ive heard this before but have to see any evidence.

    • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

      I’m a G2 owned who stayed with the stock ROM for almost 4 months and my experience is completely different.

      Yes there are some HTC software components built into the G2 stock ROM but nothing remotely resembling sense. You will find similar HTC apps on a factory stock Nexus One, or are you suggesting that the Nexus One is “Sense phone with AOSP theme” as well?

      Also of course it’s not a “pure AOSP” device, if it were it wouldn’t have the market or other Google apps.

      You say that Cyanogen has confirmed that the G2 is running sense with an AOSP theme, I’m sure that you can provide a link to where he has said this.

    • lugnut667

      Don’t worry about this. This guy is a troll who feels the need to write this BS in every post he can find that mentions the G2. He clearly has issues. Nothing to see here, just move along.

  • http://www.AllSanDiegoComputerRepair.com ASDCR

    glad to hear

    I’m not rooted – the process is daunting…

    • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

      The process is not that bad, I’ve rooted 3 G2s and 2 MyTouch 4G’s and the only remotely difficult part is getting the correct drivers loaded with ADB.

      Honestly, if you are a computer repair person as your username implies you should have ZERO problems rooting the G2 using the guide on the XDA wili – http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/index.php?title=HTC_Vision#How_To_Get_R.2FW_Access_.28Permanent_Root_.2F_.22Permaroot.22.29_using_gfree_v0.5

      • http://www.AllSanDiegoComputerRepair.com ASDCR


        will give it a go

        i saw the write-up on LIfeHacker and they had a whole separate section on the G2 — decided i should just keep it stock “just in case”

        kindof a good thing i did, too cuz i just dropped the damn thing and now the screen doesn’t work – got a warrantee replacement so it didn’t cost a thing – but if i’d had root on it and the shop finds it was rooted… there goes the warrantee! (i can’t “un”root it if there’s no screen interface…)

  • Roy

    Coming soon? How soon? HTC Rep. say G2 get Gingerbread get this summer? Thanks G2, shock, Android 2.2

  • Michael A. Fuentes

    T-Mobile G2 is getting hotter, I even found it here http://www.all4five.com/

  • http://www.AllSanDiegoComputerRepair.com ASDCR

    i’m curious – does anybody know?

    some phones have a wifi hotspot — i’m not seeing this feature in any of the reviews

    does this phone have that??

  • No_Nickname90

    Rooted. Already got it. Sorry, but I expected Vanilla Android to get updates faster. I guess it has something to do with making Gingerbread optimize for Landscape as well. IDK, I’m just guessing.

  • http://twitter.com/t1h5ta3 brian pyeatt

    if you set up adb or droid explorer, you can see whats on the screen….. just plug it in….