Motorola ATRIX 4G Now Dirt Cheap at Best Buy


Although AT&T’s Motorola ATRIX 4G is perhaps the most powerful smartphone in the market today, it’s subject to heavy discounts from third-party outlets. One such outlet is Best Buy who seems to need to move some units – so much so that you can get it for just $30 on a new two-year contract.  To put that into perspective, the Otterbox Commuter case for the phone is just $6 cheaper and docks for the phone are more expensive.

Discounts as significant as these seem to indicate poor sales, but we aren’t going to jump to conclusions in hopes that Motorola and AT&T will eventually reveal some numbers. (And, to be honest, their hesitance to do that makes it look worse.) Anyway, if you were waiting for an awesome deal to get an awesome phone, look no further than Best Buy. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The first 4 seconds of this video say all that needs to be said about this post Quentyn :D nvm the rest of the video.

    1. I just checked best buy and the phone is $99 ! where do these people get their info.

  2. Man this looks like the nail in the coffin for the Atrix. So much potential, yet such a disaster. Motorola somehow found a way to ruin a good thing.

  3. Somebody want to explain what is the disaster about the Atrix? Cause I played with a friend’s phone and thought the phone was awesome.

    1. Locked, signed, and encrypted bootloader + at&t =no 3rd party downloading, no root yet, even if there will be one, lack of rom support.

      1. Well they sure know how to screw up a phone, don’t they? Well, still nice hardware. What a shame. I should of told my friend to just run away from AT&T.


          1. You seem like an intelligent guy after reading your posts. Why would you even waste your time pointing that out? I have a 4.0 GPA. I have aced every single class the school has thrown at me for my graduate degree while still working 40 hours a week. My thesis is focused on improving voice to text using additional NLP methods and dynamic data structures local to the phone on the Android platform. It was 2AM. I was tired. Just got done playing a bunch of Starcraft II. It’s called a mistake. Perhaps you’ve made one?

          2. Sorry. It’s a pet peeve. A lot of people have been doing that lately. It
            drives me nuts, probably more so than it should. It’s worse than your in the
            place of you’re. Haha

          3. Fair enough. I guess excuse me for retaliating.

      2. Are you kidding man? No root? No roms? Dude you need to read a little bit before you type. Im rooted now, have been rooted since I got the phone back in february, and im also running a rom called gingerblur 1.3, the only thing that sucks about this phone is locked bootloader and lack of hsupa update. Other than that best android I’ve ever had.

        1. Gingerblur is not a rom. Pulling the att apps and dodexing the apps do not make it a rom. It’s a system modification. Yes we have root, and yes it’s mostly brainless to install, but we still don’t have custom rom support.

    2. The only thing bad about this phone is it is a AT&T phone.

      Other then that we are quickly getting to a point where 1.2 ghz is the standard speed, but quite frankly this phone is a demon, and if for some reason I had to be on AT&T I wouldn’t shed a tear buying it for $30.

      1 ghz dual core is FAST for a phone!

  4. AT&T – where Android phones go to die and always play 3rd fiddle to Apple. That’s what happens when iPhones are selling like hotcakes on that carrier still. At least Verizon still knows how to market Droids post Verizon iPhones.

  5. got to wait and see, how long Apple’s margins on Iphone will last.

  6. Customers have complained long enough about the BOOTLOADER, i’m glad to see motorola finally getting the paycheck for their IGNORANCE (capslock).

  7. I really don’t understand the fuss Americans cause over the upfront price of a phone.

    It’s not $30, it’s two years of however much a month you pay for your contract minus what it’s actually worth.

    Any high end phone in the UK costs nothing up front on about a £35/month contract. They’re certainly not ‘free’ though.

  8. I think its still too early to tell.
    Let’s just wait for 2.3 to be ported to it or for the official 2.3 and I think people will change their tune.

    I for one love my Atrix

  9. If only the docks and laptop got cheaper too…

  10. Am sure its a great phone but its locked bootloader ans lack of hsupa is a problem. Am waiting for the galaxy S2 to show up on T-mobile

  11. Damn.. They done fxcked it up!

  12. Flop. Overrated, with silly overpriced accessories.

  13. LOL @ moto & att

  14. As a former Atrix owner (we’re talking day one release) I had too many problems with slow browsing speeds, HORRIBLE battery life and bad call quality. Maybe in a year or two, when the new network is rolling and they kinks in the phone are worked out, I might revisit it or whatever the Atrix’s predecessor would be.

  15. Locked bootloader? Who cares…
    Moto sucks? My Atrix kicks my wife’s Inspire’s buttocks…
    ATT sucks? No problems and $30 cheaper than Verizon…
    New Atrix pricetag? Weeping while typing on my full priced Atrix…

    1. A lot of people care about a locked bootloader. Its the difference between having complete control over your device and being subject to the whims of the manufacturer and carrier.

      Moto does not suck but the Atrix is far from the beast everyone hoped it would be. It is severely hampered by the Motoblur launcher and essentially no apps take advantage of the dual core processor at this point. My over-clocked Epic 4G Performs better than the equivalently over-clocked Atrix on 99% of the games available.

      AT&T does suck. It is proven. How many years in a row has AT&T ranked the lowest in customer service and cell phone service? You get what you pay for and you paid 30 dollars less.

      I liken the Atrix to purchasing a Ferarri with a speed governor on it. It looks nice but it can’t do what it was designed for.

    2. Locked bootloader matters. It especially matters to those on Moto phones that they apparently cannot or will not update. While I love moto quality, so no, moto doesn’t suck, BLUR sucks horridly and I will not buy a phone with blur on it. I would love to be able to buy moto again but not as long as they continue to lock the thing down and stick blur on it.

  16. Atrix=Fail! i wanted this phone so bad…i was even ready to deal with crappy service from ATT to have it. Then it was just one thing after another. Adding to that the locked down bootloader. I hope moto learns their lesson and make the bionic what it should be for what consumers want, instead of what they think we want.

  17. great deal for those wanting this beast of a machine!

  18. Just checked Best Buy’s website. Showing up as $99 for me as well.
    Still a smokin deal on a smokin phone. As for hackability, I buy the phone I like as opposed to the phone I think it should be, this generally ensures I am never disappointed.

  19. Is it possible to buy an Atrix off Ebay and use it as a Go Phone?

  20. That was an easter day sale only…

  21. 99% satisfied with my ATRIX. The only issue I have is not being able to turn off the 3G, as I get spotty 3g at my house but perfect EDGE. Other than that, I am completely satisfied. I’ve owned a couple of iphones, the evo, and blackberry’s. None are as good as the ATRIX in my opinion. I sent the EVO back after 2 weeks because the battery life was sooooo bad. I would unplug it a 5am, and with very, very minimal use it was dead before 2pm. My ATRIX was unplugged at 5am yesterday and still has 60% left after 29 hours of use. It does everything I want and need. I also haven’t had any problems with AT&T either, they are way better than sprint in my opinion. I, like a majority of user, don’t need root or 3rd party apps. I need a phone that works all the time, makes/receives calls, sends text, browses the internet and runs quickly and smoothly. The ATRIX 4G does that without a problem for me.

  22. I almost bought an Atrix from AT&T last week, but the sales rep literally talked me OUT of it. He said that of the past 9 Atrix phones they sold, 4-5 of them were returned…

  23. Hope someone from Motorola is reading. Atrix is no doubt it is an awesome phone, however………

    Things to know- 1st, if you do get an Atrix and decide to change to another handset or back to another Motorola smart phone (Bravo, Cliq, etc), Motorola in their infinite wisdom has screwed it up so that the Motoblur will only recognize that Atrix handset. The claim is that it is a Security feature- what a load of BS. I can no longer retrieve my contacts or track my old handset rendering Motoblur useless. Since Motorblur is their selling feature, they need to get a clue. YOU cannot change the profile online back to a previous handset or another new handset. Their useless customer service has their hands tied, Wasted 45 minutes today with a less than knowledgable chat agent who kept asking the same stupid questions. The agents solution was to change the motoblur login password- like that was going to make a difference, what a moron. The original handset has to be wiped “Back at the factory” before you can change the imei number to another handset. Never a problem before as I have changed other Motorola smart phones in and out over time.

    2. Best Buy confirmed it was a Easter online sale only. There may be other opportunites with Mothers Day and Graduations. Just need to be vigilant if you want the phone.

    3. Buyer beware of buying on ebay. As mentioned earlier, If someone has inserted a sim card and logged onto motoblur- that is all she wrote. If you are buying a rooted phone you do have a real shot at enjoying it, Right now the phone is selling between $400 to $550 on ebay. Sellers are sticking to their guns on pricing. I have been watching this diligently for the past two months.

    4th- Finally, AT&T- Have a love hate relationship with AT&T, They finally got it right on the Atrix phone this time after loosing iPhone market share to the droids. Previously they were slow to the race when T-mobile had Cliq & Cliq XT their option was the Backflip – what a ridiculous phone. Now that they have Bravo their version of the Cliq XT and the Flipside they began to wake up. Now if we could just get them to put a decent program together on the price of their plans, they would have the whole package.

  24. Yeah, Motorola really needs to lay off their locked bootloader policy. They have a bad habit of releasing new hardware with old software and then only giving the device one or two updates.

    If Motorola would lay off that stupid policy, I would have a Defy Atrix and Milestone 2 right now, but instead I have a SGS i9000, Nexus S and Desire Z. Wiseup Motorola.

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