Hoping For a Good Camera Experience on the HTC Sensation? This Video May Please You

One of the few complaints many people have with HTC devices are their cameras – they used to stink. Badly. Somewhere around their second generation of Android devices – namely the Inspire 4G, the Thunderbolt, and the S series of devices – they started using improved sensors.

These looked great compared to the sensors of yesteryear but were still lacking compared to other OEMs’. And now new camera samples of the Sensation have surfaced and I think HTC’s finally found their sweet spot. I’d still like to see how the cameras perform in lowlight situations (where an HTC camera used to be absolutely unusable even with flash), but this’ll have to do for now. Let’s hope the rest of the experience is as good as it is in natural daylight. [via PocketNow]

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  • presto117

    I thought the HTC Droid Incredible was still widely regarded as taking the best pictures for any Android device?

    • Anonymous

      Ever heard of the Galaxy S? Or Xperia X10?

      • presto117

        I own a Galaxy S, I just remember reading a little while ago that th Incredible was considered “the best”. My Vibrant takes pretty good pictures and I’m always satisfied with it.

        • Jake

          Sony Xperia X10 trumps any HTC phone

    • fierywater

      My Thunderbolt takes far better photos than my Incredible ever did.

      • Calvin Williams

        I’ll believe that. My sisters Thunderbolt takes amazing pictures. I was blown away at some of the pictures. I was going to get a camera for pictures but if phones can look this good now I think I’ll be fine. Galaxy S2 ftw?

        • Keller

          calvin on phandroid wtf?

          • Calvin Williams

            Aren’t you the Droid Life mod? Anyways I’ve been here for a long time, they just had a crappy comment system so I wouldn’t even bother commenting or just put random stuff into the name and email address part. I spammed get disqus and they finally got it :)

          • DaSofter

            lol no, everyone confuses me with that guy. Im the OG DaSofter, but i cant post with this account on engadget anymore. I also the anti troll, but I only anti troll when that noob appears.

  • napes22

    I really want this device to make it to Verizon.

    • presto117

      It won’t since it’s officially headed to T-Mobile.

  • MarcusDW

    They both look like shit.

    • riffwaffle

      your an idoit..so what looks good an apple?..bye troll

      • MarcusDW

        U just failed miserably and im not gonna waste my time explaining why.

  • Itchy_Robot

    I have an Incredible. While it takes decent pictures, it is far from great. Especially when panning while shooting video … chop fest.

  • Djjeffe

    The colors look better on the Sensation, but the audio is crap. Both are choppy…

  • JulianZHuang

    i bet steve jobs are laughing his butt off right now. well, that kind of quality will make me laugh too.

    i own a droid INC, the pciture quality are really nice with Pudding Camera app.

  • EnderWiggen

    @presto117 that award goes to samsung their cameras are fantastic! i think it’s because they take the tech from their cameras and put it in the cells

    • presto117

      I’ve never owned an Incredible but do own a Vibrant. The pictures it takes are pretty damn great.

      • mezy1

        Like I said find the videos related to this on and it will have vibrant vs iPhone and the vibrant camera looks trashy when next to iPhone camera and I’m a android fanboy. But its the truth

  • NoBug

    Don’t forget the pathetic speakers on HTC phones. It’s embarrassing to play some music out loud on the speakers.
    My Vision G2’s speakers suck soo bad.

  • duke69111

    The new camera does not look very good when they scroll to the top of the building towards the sky. The optimus phone can see the windows and color on the building. The sensation is all dark and you can not make out the windows at 3:16 and other marks in the video.

  • chimphappyhour

    If I want decent pictures, I’ll use a real camera.

  • Mike

    Both jerky as hell.

  • bmg314

    I would have been fine with any flaws the camera has, if it weren’t for the meager 1Gig internal storage. Really? 1GB? That’s pathetic. It seems to me that every OEM makes a great phone with at least one major thing held back…that way the consumer gets fed up with that one thing and buys a new phone within a year.

    I am so disappointed.

  • Carmen Diva

    Sony’s phones are generally the best at taking pics in my honest opinion…I’ve owned a Droid Eris, Incredible, Evo, Aria, Mytouch 4g and G2 from HTC and i was not impressed.

    And my HTC HD7 camera is even worse.

  • Poochecc

    Are y’all forvreal the lg look great it might not be htc but it’s a bad a phone

  • Elvis the Queen

    “This video may please you” are you being serious?
    The Sensation has a red shift, adjusts very bad to light changes (you can’t see the windows on that building), distorts Pictures while fast movement and has horrible sound recording.
    The LG2x wins hands down in this test.

    • NoBug

      I guess someone got butt hurt about his G2X being beat.

      • Elvis the Queen

        No, not at all.
        “Someone” is disappointed, because “someone” initially wanted to buy a Phone with a Qualcomm SoC with Adreno220 and since it came out so late “someone” still hoped to change at a later time.

        Furthermore I really don’t see how anyone who has seen the video can say that the LG2x got beaten in it. Seriously in what scene? Which minute of the video do I have to look at?

  • Zacrady

    wow… that Sensation camera blows. You could not see jack shit when he aimed it up at the buildings. What a POS. Boo HTC. fail.

    • dbcad7

      I agree that it did not like being pointed towards the sun.. but in the side by side everywhere else it looked better.. not really much to be gained from this.

  • Alex Everingham

    The revolution was better. But they both sucked. The sensations video isn’t very wide angled and shaky as hell, and red tint didn’t help.

  • bluevoodo

    Don’t mean shit HTC, if you lock them bootloaders, I won’t buy and I love your phones.

  • No_Nickname90

    That HTC phone kamera was horrible kompared to the LG’s kamera. I still say Samsung phone’s have the best kameras. Sorry, but ever since I had the Vibrant, I took a low light picture and it was still lookin sexy. I mean, I took the picture and kompared it to a 12MP kamera, and it killed that kamera, and that kamera had flashed that photo. LoL!! Samsung owns kameras.

    • mezy1

      Lmao go to YouTube and look for related videos to this one it will have Samsung vs iPhone plz vibrant camera sucks ass and yes I have a vibrant.

  • http://twitter.com/tvfarrell Mana Farrell

    thought the LG was ahead in that video but hey at the end of the day it does the job

  • mezy1

    Htc sensation colors are more crisp but its really dark. But this phone isn’t final build I’m sure or it might be. But I like htc camera…. LG looks dusty

  • paul

    I’m getting it

  • Del373

    The Sensation sounded awful compared to the G2X…and the camera was a slightly lower quality too.

    However I couldn’t care less…I’m not interested in either of these phones.

  • José

    Cant read this

  • TechnoPancake

    If you guys want a phone with a proper camera sensor, get a nokia n8

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_I7J4Z55BLI6W3OMFGRZZFNVLQA John

      LOL, bye.