Apr 22nd, 2011

We’ve long known about the United States’ ARMY’s plans to bring smartphones to their soldiers in the field, and we knew they were leaning toward Android, but nothing solid had ever been confirmed to be in the works. Things may finally be underway, though, as they reportedly have a prototype in the pipeline.

The device has quite the windy name – the Joint Battle Command-Platform – and is being made by a company named MITRE. The ARMY is expected to release an SDK for the platform in July for developers to create military-grade applications for use in the field.

Unfortunately, the military is still waiting on someone to help deliver a solution that will bring about a more secure Android. We imagine this shouldn’t be too difficult in practice considering how open the platform is, but the theory has yet to be set. In any case, it looks like June is set for Android’s first big push into the armed forces. [via Ars Technica]