The US Army Has a Prototype Android in the Works


We’ve long known about the United States’ ARMY’s plans to bring smartphones to their soldiers in the field, and we knew they were leaning toward Android, but nothing solid had ever been confirmed to be in the works. Things may finally be underway, though, as they reportedly have a prototype in the pipeline.

The device has quite the windy name – the Joint Battle Command-Platform – and is being made by a company named MITRE. The ARMY is expected to release an SDK for the platform in July for developers to create military-grade applications for use in the field.

Unfortunately, the military is still waiting on someone to help deliver a solution that will bring about a more secure Android. We imagine this shouldn’t be too difficult in practice considering how open the platform is, but the theory has yet to be set. In any case, it looks like June is set for Android’s first big push into the armed forces. [via Ars Technica]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Droid Army incoming!

    1. We don’t need an entire army of people who don’t know the difference between “Droid” and Android.

  2. i bet they are busying playing the ak47 app haha

  3. okay….
    A) Why do you keep writing Army as if it were an acronym or initialization?
    B) Joint Battle Command-Platform is not a long name as far as military projects go. I’m currently working on the “Distributed Common Ground Station – Army Integrated Background”

    1. are u supposed to be talking about that?

        1. I think you need to take your annual security refresher training. The fact that the program information description is public doesn’t mean you should tell people you work with the program. Again, OPSEC fail. Have you heard of social engineering?

    2. Or: Force XXI, Battle Command, Brigade and Below… Now that’s an lengthy one. Or, Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System… Civilians know nothing about “long names” lol

    3. OPSEC fail

  4. The Army has been toying with Android since early 2010. They eventually settled with the Droid Incredible for use with their wrist-mounted Flexible Display (I played with one at my office, but it wasn’t hooked up to the DInc at the time), or as the interwebs likes to call it the “real life PipBoy 2000.” There is simply nothing as robust or modifiable as Android, which is why they chose it.

    Unfortunately the Army outsources their software to external companies (Lockheed Martin, MITRE, General Dynamics, etc), so don’t bother joining the DoD in hopes to program on Android for them.

  5. Android is suppose to be the commoner’s OS. Why is the military using it? They should focus on proprietary solutions. Last thing I want is some hacker named VegetaSupra3422 hacking into a government issued Android device that happens to be able to control a predator drone.

    1. The military has always looked to open solutions. They tend to be more secure. The DoD has even contributed to open software, like SELinux: http://www.nsa.gov/research/selinux/

  6. someone should give bin Laden an Iphone

  7. Cool. An Army-style ROM. Heh heh… Now I need a ROM that’s perfect for people who like anything to do with “racing cars”. LoL!! That’ll be perfect.

  8. Google is Skynet! Today, phones. Tomorrow, prototype series 1000 terminators sent back in time to destroy John Connor, leader of the resistance…

    1. LOL

    2. Not!

      We all know, historically, that Skynet should have gone online on 4/19/2011 and it’s attack against humanity would have started on 4/21/2011. Apparently, Skynet and terminators are fictional. I’ve already unloaded my magazines and put my BoB away.

  9. If bb can play android apps would it be that hard to cross their security setup over to android?

  10. imagine if the geeks in the army wanted to root their military phones! that would be hilarious.

    Sorry commander, I couldn’t wait for the update anymore.

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