Sprint Enables Carrier Billing for Android Market Purchases


Sprint customers making purchases in the Android Market should soon find one more option from the list of payment sources. Aside from whatever credit cards you may have linked up to your Market account, the option to “Bill my Sprint account” is beginning to show up for those on the network. Select this option and charges will be made directly to your next Sprint bill.

According to a Sprint memo, the rollout of the feature began on 4/7 and should reach all handsets by 4/14. If you “opted out” of having content purchases charged to your bill when signing up with Sprint, the option will be present but purchases will be unsuccessful. The feature also won’t extend to the HTC Hero or Samsung Moment.

The news makes Sprint the most recent wireless provider to enable carrier billing, joining AT&T and T-Mobile.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. .This is a great added option they definitely should’ve been doing this a long time ago. But it is better late than never.

  2. Im gonna get something right now!

  3. Wait ’till the parents learn about this from their children racking up apps. :)


  4. Sprint is going “ham”!!! Keep it coming black and yellow.

    1. lol, I love the Kanye/Jay-Z reference. I’m a big fan of the changes Sprint has been making.

      1. hehe yes they’re setting the stage for their major releases coming soon.

      2. There was no Kanye/Jay-z referance, noob. Only a wiz khalifa one.

  5. This is more convenient for me as an Adult…..But I remember the days when I had Sprint Flip phones that my mom Dug in my Ass for charging ringtones & wallpapers straight to the account without delay.

  6. Well that sucks. I own a Hero until the Evo 3D comes out.

  7. I think a lot more paid apps will be purchased with this being implemented across the board on all carriers.

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