Samsung Droid Charge Appears on Walmart Site, Release Date Still in Question


A placeholder page for the Samsung Droid Charge popped up at Walmart’s site today ahead of a rumored April 14th launch, but with no official word from Verizon it is unknown if the new 4G LTE device will launch as speculated. The page offered no more than a promotional shot of the phone and it’s glowing Droid eye, but now looks to have been pulled. Specifications, pricing, and release details were absent.

All rumors to date have placed the handset’s launch this month, but Verizon has been surprisingly mum on the handset since it was first shown off at CES back in January. Though its large screen and LTE radio will make it appealing to some, the Charge has done little to drum up much excitement. Perhaps the Droid name was added not because of the caliber of the device, but rather to help push sales of a handset that seems destined to be lost in a crowded spring release schedule.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Link to walmart website or has it been taken down?

  2. It already says it was removed

  3. Yeah I’ve asked for the link from the other two sites that have posted this “news” and so far no link has been provided, and I have been unable to locate. It was either removed immediately after this screenshot was taken or it’s just a good photoshopped pic.

  4. Page is still up but you have to get creative to find it (randomly typing in product id #s), as they have removed any link to it.

    1. you are the man!!! that worked like a charm!

      1. It’s odd that the description lists 5MP camera and no DLNA… I hope this isn’t true since all previous spec lists show 8MP camera and that it does have DLNA functionality.

  5. Also, specs listed look like they are for fascinate

    1. ahh… good catch… i noticed they don’t match the specs reported before, but didn’t notice that they matched the fascinate. you can also find the phone on letstalk.com by manually changing the product name in the URL. This of course is due to walmart being driven by letstalk.com

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