Watch the Entire HTC Sensation Launch Event Online Now


Want to relive the magic that was the public unveiling of the HTC Sensation? HTC has just posted up a nicely put together video of their London event for anyone itching to get another look at the handset that is poised to make a pretty big splash in the smartphone market. It’s a rather long one coming in at 23 minutes and 27 seconds, but if you have some time to kill and love hearing marketing-types wax poetic on their latest products check it out.

[via YouTube]

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  1. **yawn** Only Ben Stein could be more boring….

    1. Ben Stein???? Don’t even go there, lol. Was gonna watch video but i think now i will just gouge out my ears with a wooden spoon instead

  2. Lost the will to live – watching that.
    Love HTC phones and WANT that phone – but Blair needs presentation lessons.

  3. Man, he should quit HTC and make a career as a sleep aide. The CD sales would be astronomical

    1. Wow Blair pronounced it Alum-inium, never heard that before

      1. The entire world other than the USA pronounces it that way.

        1. Oh I see, that’s actually really interesting. I just thought it had to do with his accent

          1. Yea my Chemistry teacher taught me that Aluminium is the proper name for it.

          2. Haha care to share roughly what time in the video he says it? I would like to know this little pronunciation secret. :P

  4. These speakers are such goobs

  5. Wow. HTC: please get better speakers for these events. The first two were so boring. Are you trying to sell me your phone or put me to sleep? Where is the enthusiasm and excitement in your voice? Yaaaaawnnnnn

    Nice phone though, would love to get one

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