HTC Flyer Presales Start at £599; HTC Wildfire S Launching May 13th for £230 [UK]

A couple of HTC’s newest devices have been priced for pre-order and dated in the United Kingdom. To start, their Android 2.3 tablet – the HTC Flyer – has been put up for presale at Carphone Warehouse starting at £599. It’s a 3G version and isn’t expected to make its way out until “early May 2011″, according to them.

You already know its deal – 1.5GHz single core processor, HTC Sense for tablets, Scribe functionality, and a 7 inch display. Be sure to take a look at our hands on from Mobile World Congress here.

HTC’s also set to sell the smallest device in their Android lineup – the HTC Wildfire S – on May 13th, according to It’ll run you an easy-to-swallow £230 there. Amazon’ll have it for the same price on May 22nd, while Clove wants a bit more and will ship it a bit later. looks like your best bet for this one unless you want to wait for Vodafone to announce their launch details. (Which we expect to happen any day now.) [via GSMArena, EuroDroid]

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  • Jdog25


  • mikeyd

    Yeah, right.

  • Ashraf


  • Bryan Mordt

    So far Asus seems to be leading with best price/quality for tablets. I love HTC but that price is going to miss the mark for many.

  • CptMikeBeard

    IF the stylus works the way I want, then I’m in.

  • BMichaels

    The price is too high when compared to other Android 3.0 tablets coming/available in the U.K.

  • brilldoctor

    the wildfire s sounds like a lot compared to the old one but considering I paid 229 when the old one came out at 17.5% vat and the wildfire s is at 20% vat so its not too bad