HTC Flyer Presales Start at £599; HTC Wildfire S Launching May 13th for £230 [UK]


A couple of HTC’s newest devices have been priced for pre-order and dated in the United Kingdom. To start, their Android 2.3 tablet – the HTC Flyer – has been put up for presale at Carphone Warehouse starting at £599. It’s a 3G version and isn’t expected to make its way out until “early May 2011”, according to them.

You already know its deal – 1.5GHz single core processor, HTC Sense for tablets, Scribe functionality, and a 7 inch display. Be sure to take a look at our hands on from Mobile World Congress here.

HTC’s also set to sell the smallest device in their Android lineup – the HTC Wildfire S – on May 13th, according to Play.com. It’ll run you an easy-to-swallow £230 there. Amazon’ll have it for the same price on May 22nd, while Clove wants a bit more and will ship it a bit later.

Play.com looks like your best bet for this one unless you want to wait for Vodafone to announce their launch details. (Which we expect to happen any day now.) [via GSMArena, EuroDroid]

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  1. Pass

  2. £600?
    Yeah, right.


  4. So far Asus seems to be leading with best price/quality for tablets. I love HTC but that price is going to miss the mark for many.

  5. IF the stylus works the way I want, then I’m in.

  6. The price is too high when compared to other Android 3.0 tablets coming/available in the U.K.

  7. the wildfire s sounds like a lot compared to the old one but considering I paid 229 when the old one came out at 17.5% vat and the wildfire s is at 20% vat so its not too bad

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