Verizon Samsung Gem Already Arriving In Stores

When I say the Verizon Samsung Gem is “already” arriving in stores I do so sort-of tongue in cheek: while Verizon hasn’t exactly made it official, the phone was rumored for Verizon a long time ago, ┬áis already available in other regions and it isn’t exactly sporting technological breakthroughs. That being said, 3rd party retailers are receiving Verizon-branded Gems and a launch is imminent.

It’s got a WQVGA screen and 3.2 megapixel camera rounded out with some other paltry specs. Of course the price tag is likely equally as paltry. Also, Samsung should have put their “S” in the middle of that home button and then it would have a reason to be called a “Super Phone”.

[Via Chris Ziegler]

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  • Cipher Zero

    That’s an ugly-looking phone. From the day I bought a Droid 1 in November ’09, I’ve said that it would be awesome to have an Android phone with a slide-out qwerty that uses the e-Ink keys found in the Alias 2. I am really surprised that Samsung hasn’t done it, and I think they should. If no one has heard of these or seen them, there is a short video here:
    You can just watch it starting at 42 or 43 seconds to skip the intro ramble. That would make for an awesome qwerty on an Android phone.

    • Carmen Diva

      Oh my i loved that phone…for a few hours haha.
      It was such a gimmick that i brought the phone(I left my Blackberry storm at the time) but after a few hours I was like…this is it? LMAO

      I took it back and got the Samsung Omnia(god, 2009 doesn’t seem that long ago but i have had so many phones that it makes it seem longer)

      But that would be cool…With Android OS(or even Windows Phone OS).
      It differentiate qwerty keyboards kind of like how the moto backflip, htc g2 does
      with their respective phones

  • Individual11

    So they brought the behold II back and managed to get it to work with their touchwiz. Such an accomplishment, samsung should be proud

  • Mych_

    I’ve already been selling these for like a month at VZW. =/ So yeah

  • Cheese_march1992

    My store has had a non functional model of this phone for a couple months now to put on display, I was wondering when it would finally go on sale.