HTC Thunderbolt Surpasses 2GHz Barrier [OVERCLOCK]


It was just last week that Derek Rodriguez got the HTC Thunderbolt to blaze at a 1.8GHz rate by overclocking and now he’s pushed the device even further. According to his tweet, the Thunderbolt is indeed lightning fast and he’s worked the single core processor up to a whopping 2GHz.

Unless you’re rooting and romming, chances are this matters very little to you. But for the common Thunderbolt owner you should just know you’ve got a very powerful device in your hands capable of very powerful things. Wield your smartphone safely, young mobile warrier, for with great power comes great responsibility. And less battery life.

[Twitter via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. you spelled “warrior” wrong. noob.

    1. It’s 1 am douche.

      1. yeah and we like to PARTY!!!11~~

    2. @ Sucklefish and Mikhail Cass

      Variar (Warrier/Varier/Variyar) is a South Indian, Hindu caste of the Ambalavasi (temple-personnel) community from Kerala, India. They are engaged to assist the Namboodiri priests in temple-related chores, primarily catering to the floral requirements and daily maintenance of the temple

      1. Yea, because that’s what he was referring to. Tool.

        1. You’re not surprised that OutO is poking fun at you after your somewhat rude/nit-picky comment?

  2. Isn’t it warrior? Or can I not spell?

    EDIT: It is 1:00am for you guys so I forgive you :P

  3. Apparently the phone’s also still set to ‘rumoured’ :)

  4. Why are you still posting articles here? I remember reading an article a week or so ago where you announced that you were quitting….change of heart?

    1. @Ed – it was an April Fool joke. Rob is not leaving.

    2. Didn’t you realize that article was an April Fool’s thing? Last year, he said his buddy overclocked his Droid and it overheated and melted to his face while his girlfriend was screaming in terror while beholding the sight. Or something like that.

    3. Grow the eff up Ed!! You’re the only one who still hasn’t figured out it was an April Fools joke! And even if it wasn’t a joke and he did quit, he can’t post here anymore?? Stop being a troll and contribute something useful!

      1. Wow eclipse. Talk about a troll. Seems to me that Ed just asked a question. Sure it is pretty naive if he couldn’t figure out that it was an April fools joke but WTF is up with the hating. Ed didn’t use exclamations or caps or even sound remotely pissed. He seemed to be simply asking a question out of confusion, yet you felt the need to jump him like a true troll. Wow

        In response to the article, I have always run custom roms (mostly tazz) on my eris but have had no need of even trying one out on my TB. It just flies with no custom rom. I already am hurting on battery drain though so I can only imagine the horrible mpg it gets oc’d to 2ghz.

    4. *facepalm*

  5. On the bright side the old gen snaps could only OC TO 1.113 give or take a hundreth. Getting OC results like the OG droid 1!!!which was only 550mhz but could OC to like 1.5+ghz. Nice

  6. Gotta love custom kernels. Looking forward to what speed the Evo 3D is capable of. :)

  7. what’s the point when HTC have the crappiest batteries ever.

  8. I’ve gotten my G2 up to 2.2Ghz before, and run it daily at 1.8-1.9Ghz. This is to be expected with the same qualcomm chip. Granted, 2.2Ghz froze within seconds of being booted and 2.1 Ghz was not stable for everyday use, 2.0 was near perfect and 1.9 is perfect. I only run it that fast to show off though.

  9. This is nice, but I’m still holding out to see what people can do with the dual core phones coming within a month or so.

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