NOOKcolor an Unintentional Tablet Success, But Does it Make Up 50% of US Market?


The sometimes reliable Digitimes has a new report on the unintentional success of the NOOKcolor from Barnes & Noble as a competitor in the tablet market. According to sources, B&N has already ordered up nearly 3 million units from their suppliers. Furthermore, it is being said that the NOOKcolor now accounts for over 50 percent of the iPad-like tablet market in the United States. Whether “iPad-like” includes the iPad itself or if it simply refers to all tablets that aren’t the iPad is unclear, but either way you look at it it equates to huge gains for B&N.

The fourth quarter of 2010 saw sales of over one million units of the e-reader, while January and February each saw shipments in the range of 600,000 to 700,000. Barnes & Noble has not commented on these sales figures, but seems to be taking strides to improve the tablet-like experience of their device. A planned update should bring in even more features normally associated with more full-fledged tablets rather than cheaper e-readers.

[via Electronista]

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  1. My wife has one that I loaded the latest CM7 build on and it is quite impressive to say the least for a $199 tablet. It really surprised me how snappy it is with CM7. The only real issues for a power user, are the lack of microphone, no GPS and no working bluetooth (yet). Not that Bluetooth is a big requirement for tablets.

    I’d never trade my Xoom for one though!

    1. Bluetooth is enabled in the latest CM7 builds, you might have to fix the permissions first

      1. I have nightly 30 on it, but did not try BT. I just knew it was being worked on…

  2. There is a market for cheap, 7in. tablets. How Moto and Sammy don’t understand that is beyond me. Galaxy Tab is good, but expensive.

    1. How all these manufacturers don’t understand that is beyond me. Just make a good basic tablet 7″ & 10″ and market it well and it will sell.

      good screen, good cpu, low GD SSD, and SD expansion are the key points imo.

    2. They only think of selling their hardware and don’t get the software side.
      First they should sell lots of cheap honeycomb tablets, establish the OS, bring in all the apps so people will be able to use it and THEN offer premium versions.

    3. Android (and Linux) will win when tablets are $99 in a blister pack hanging on a peg at Walmart.

  3. bought, tested, fiddled around with, saw xoom at CES, unrooted, returned, bought wifi xoom

    1. Hope it was worth the extra $400

  4. I have a nook, rooted tried out all of the roms etc…. My opinion, its an awesome e-reader, and casual game device (i.e. nothing graphic intense), but makes a pretty below average tablet. It’s hard using a tablet that is slower than my cellphone.

    1. I have to agree… my EVO handles way more tasks more efficiently than my rooted Nook, I

      1. How much was the Nook and what did you pay for the EVO ?

        1. In comparison a unsubsidized Evo would easily be double that of a nook color, and over the period of a subsidy the nook color would come out to be near $1000 cheaper than the Evo on contract average data cost.

    2. I’m running CM7 on it, with the overclocked kernel at 1.2 GHz, and it makes the world of a difference. Not as smooth as my Epic, but it does a fantastic job nonetheless.

  5. I love my NC, rooted but still on 2.1. I love my Nexus S. I use both for different things and get great results. I didn’t even realize CM7 was out for NC! Nookie Froyo and the Honeycomb I tried on my NC in January were not quite stable and I ended up having to re0image the NC and re-root. I imagine CM7 is still only available via liveboot from SD. Once Froyo and/or Honeycomb are stable for NC, I will certainly wipe and install.

    1. I feel exactly the same way, and was in exactly the same boat. I tried the emmc build of Nookie Froyo, I couldn’t even get past the wifi issues… wiped and re-rooted, still a great expereince even though its 2.1

  6. makes sense- “ipad like” = tablets that aren’t ipad. If samsung sold a million or 2 tabs then all the rest are probably a a million so if nook has 3 million they have half the market.

  7. And now we have the _real_ reason honeycomb SDK hasn’t been released yet: because while the whole world knows tablets can sell for a mere $200 … yet they are determined to squeeze $800 out instead.

    1. Keep in mind that Nook is subsidized because they count on you to use it to buy books. If you used it to surf the web then you wouldn’t be buying stuff all the time.

  8. Does anyone here use one? Can you put fully functional Honeycomb on it? Lemme know

  9. I use one, I don’t have honeycomb. I have it autonootered running cm7 wich is gingerbread. It works great !

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