Mar 28th, 2011

The sometimes reliable Digitimes has a new report on the unintentional success of the NOOKcolor from Barnes & Noble as a competitor in the tablet market. According to sources, B&N has already ordered up nearly 3 million units from their suppliers. Furthermore, it is being said that the NOOKcolor now accounts for over 50 percent of the iPad-like tablet market in the United States. Whether “iPad-like” includes the iPad itself or if it simply refers to all tablets that aren’t the iPad is unclear, but either way you look at it it equates to huge gains for B&N.

The fourth quarter of 2010 saw sales of over one million units of the e-reader, while January and February each saw shipments in the range of 600,000 to 700,000. Barnes & Noble has not commented on these sales figures, but seems to be taking strides to improve the tablet-like experience of their device. A planned update should bring in even more features normally associated with more full-fledged tablets rather than cheaper e-readers.

[via Electronista]