Mar 25th, 2011

HSN’s site has revealed new details about the NOOKcolor’s April upgrade. According to them, NOOKcolor owners will be able to buy applications from the NOOK Store including Angry Birds and Drawing Pad. We’re not sure about the full details of the store, but I’m sure that information will make its way to the surface before too long.

Also in this app store may be Adobe’s Flash player. It’s not a huge deal for some of you, but it just reaffirms B&N’s commitment to making this more of a tablet and entertainment device than just a color eReader. Of course, with Flash player must come Froyo so you can expect that as well. (Though we’re sure ALL of Froyo’s features won’t make an appearance in this update.)

It’s said that HSN will be showing these new features off this Saturday on their channel, though I’m not sure I can stomach actually watching HSN to catch it. I’ll damn sure try, though. [via CNET]

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