How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Games? [POLL]


A recent interview with David Hilton, head of marketing for Sony Ericsson UK, says we can expect games for the soon to be launched Sony Ericsson Xperia Play to top $16 on the high end. While low-end prices bottom out at a very reasonable $1.50, it is safe to say that the newest and most advanced games (the ones you will actually want to play) will cost be in the crop with the bigger price tag. It raises an interesting question: how much are you willing to pay for a game on the Xperia Play?

The Xperia Play hopes to meet gamers at the convergence point of what we normally expect form mobile app stores and what we expect from dedicated handheld gaming devices. This means users will expect lower prices but higher quality games at the same time. Is $16 dollars a reasonable price? Would you pay more, even? Let us know in the poll below.

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[via Joystiq]

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  1. i’ll take it for $0.99 or less.

    1. Cheap americans…..

      1. Sorry but we are spoiled, really we are and we feel entitled. On the downside we have the tea party and Sarah Palin

        1. On the real downside we have union-controlled AT&T taking over t-mobile. Say goodbye to innovation when the unions take over all the tech companies.

          1. When I said tea party and Sarah Palin I was being sarcastic, screw the conservatives, I’d rather have high prices in order to maintain a larger middle class.

            Sent from ?

          2. You’ll end up with high prices and an even greater lower class that can’t afford to buy anything. Sorry, but you just flunked Economics 101!

          3. You dont make sense and I doubt you could be swayed, so let’s agree to disagree, seems we both like android.

            Sent from ?

          4. We may like Android but AT&T doesn’t and that’s a big problem.

          5. Yup, AT&T doesn’t like android or at least doesn’t like it’s openness. Personally I’m on sprint w, an EVO 4g in Kansas city, I’ve gotten 4g since the beginning and the unlimited service rocks! AT&T gives android a bad name anyone who gets an android phone from AT&T comes away scared from the plat form, I doubt google will do anything about it. Sigh.

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      2. Apparently all games should be $.99 regardless of how much work goes into it.

        1. Lol! I guess so! Bring me black ops mobile type graphics! Only for a buck or les tho!?
          Depending on the game I’ll thrown down 16 for sure! Don’t think is pay that for something like back stab tho… We will see! When the reviews are out ill decide. Jump ship or stick with the good ol g2!

  2. Cellphone/Tablet games are gonna be HUGE by the this time next year. I expect a lot of $5 – $10 cellphone games because of how immersive they are becoming.

  3. If it’s a Robocop game I’ll buy that for a dollar!

    1. lol. id buy a southpark game for Tree Fiddy!

  4. If Sony would make this phone cheap and make it pre paid it would fly off the shelves.

  5. seriously though…make them as good as games on psp, even if they are the same price and that will be a welcome change from the current crop (pun not intended) of 2D tap tap games that you finish in one day.

  6. i’d expect the prices to range from $10 to maybe $20….. there cant be too much you put on a game for a phone so $30 and up would be pushing it

  7. People have to realize that most likely the “high-profile” games are probably going to be very comparable to current-gen handheld gaming or a bit less. $15 is less than half of most PSP games. So long as the games aren’t stripped down too much, $15 is worth it. This is handheld gaming, not “mobile” gaming

  8. I might be able to justify the big price for those “higher end ” games if the play had a HDMI out to be played on the TV. But considering high end phone’s these days are able to play games of the same quality but at no more than $10 I just can’t see myself paying that much for games especially considering Sony is trying to make the phone as hack proof as possible. I don’t believe I will be supporting it.

  9. $.29

  10. If the game’s are PSP quality sure, charge the same price. Butdon’t pretty up some BS iOS game or 5 dollar PSN game and double the price.

    1. so much for MY business plan…doh!
      just kidding :)

  11. If they’re just as good as the games on the PSP, I’m ok with paying $20 or even $30 for a game.

    However, with iOS, I refuse to pay more than $8 for a game because those games are very basic, and without as many features as the PSP games.

  12. Sorry but I can’t see OR justify spending more than 5 bucks on a mobile phone game! I personally don’t see the appeal in this device to begin with. While the coolness factor is nice and it’s good to have a phone built into your psp (if you’re 12), you’ve either gotta be a teenager or have no life to spend the money on this thing. First off if you’re a guy (which most Phandoid readers are), you aint getting laid if you’re sporting this as your main mobile device. I wouldn’t have minded having this thing back when I was 15. But you’re seriously not getting any action if your nose is planted in this thing playing Madden26 or the Legend of Crash Bandicoot! Grow a pair and get a real phone! You wanna play anything other than Angry Birds for more than 10 min at a time, buy a real PS3 and play like a man! Otherwise, continue living in your parents basement and plan on being a 40 y/o virgin! ha!
    Just sayin

  13. @bluevoodoo. or you can get an education, get a real job making real money and not “settle” for being middle class.

    1. You do relise there is a direct reply system now right?

      1. yes I do, but it wasn’t working on my mobile earlier. Obviously there was a reason I didn’t use it, but I guess that wasn’t as obvious huh? thx mr obvious.

    2. Wow…Before making an ass of yourself, you could realize that some of us have went to school, obtained an education, and got a real job, and still cant afford everything out there. Its called two kids, and a bills. Just because you have a real job, and still live in your mothers basement, doesnt mean the rest of us have that kind of life style. Things are a lot easier on some people when they are cheaper and pre paid, becuase say our kids need diapers, or formula, or something of that nature, its easier to not have something on our credit becuase we couldnt pay it. Think before you talk, or in this case, type.

  14. I’d pay $50 for a real console or pc quality rpg.

    Something really expansive and open ended.

  15. I’ll pay $16 if they games are quality games. Not just 3D games that are thrown together. I’ll definitely need tons of reviews though. Not dropping $16 on impulse for a game that might end up terrible.

  16. i would have no problem with $16 for a game if it was worth it. look at the games we can get now, and most are either $5 or less. i just hope that this doesn’t turn out to be like console games, where no matter how much or little a company spends on a game, no matter how good or how much a game sucks, they launch for $60. let’s hope that doesn’t happen to mobile gaming.

  17. Yay, sony is offering bootloder/unlocked version. Woot.

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