Motorola Droid X2 Pictured In the Wild with 4G LTE Branding [REAL or FAKE?]


At first glance the above picture might look like any old Motorola Droid X to you, but once your eye catches the “4G LTE” logo next to the Verizon branding on the battery cover, you will know we may be looking at a different beast altogether. A friendly neighborhood tipster forwarded along this supposed in-the-wild look at the upcoming sequel, the Motorola Droid X2.. I say supposed because a closer look at the “4G LTE” lettering had me second guessing whether or not it may have been added to the photo after the fact. For what it’s worth, the “4G” printed on the back of the leaked Motorola Targa — another rumored Droid device — uses a different font, but there is no telling if this would stick across the board.

If you look closesly at the bottom right corner of the phone, however, right next to the “Google” logo we see a round cut-out area, something not present on the original Droid X. Our best guess is this is some sort of speaker, but we can’t say for sure. The Droid X2 is said to carry specs not all that different from the original, but we can’t be sure until more information is gleaned.

So what do you think? Real or fake? Vote in the poll below.

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[Thanks, Michael!]

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  1. There’s no camera key on it, and that circle indent is new.

  2. Fake. The Motorola circle is straight white and the battery back is different than the rest of the phone. Doesnt look like the origional.

  3. Ugly

  4. I do think there is a camera button on yhe right side of the phone, left in the picture. The one exciting thing about this is the possibility ofthe new moto devices in that particular family having the TI OMAP 4 series of processors, with that im pretty sure comes the new Power VR SGX 543, or whatever its called. This would be the first phone that would murder the galaxy s line in graphical prowess. That is saying something. I know the tegra is slightly better. But not that much better. Of course in everything other than graphics its way better.

  5. On my monitor it shows up pretty clearly that the “4G” letters are not the same color as the “Verizon” letters. Looks fake.

  6. Fake. The 4G logo has a curved 4 and should have a uniform logo, seeing as its not exclusive to any OEM

  7. Who cares it looks just like the original droid x

  8. If it’s a prorotype, that would explain the variances (4G logo off, color off, etc.?. But the 4G LTE does look potochopped.

  9. I could see this being real.

    If you look at the back of the HTC Thunderbolt, there’s a small circle at the bottom that I can only guess is important forthe 4G functionality. Even the cases have a circular cutout so the circle is shown.

    Also, for those saying the moto logo is white – it isn’t white, it’s a reflective silver, just like on the Droid 1. It’s catch the light right now which makes it look white.

  10. T-Bolt is way better anyway

  11. @KB24 gotta love a three hour battery

  12. FAKE

    A) Moto’s new logo is RED
    B) pixelation around the 4G LTE is suspicious
    C) missing camera button a plus – but that could be PS’d

    I’m guessing this is wishful thinking or someone having a trolling moment … (and it’s working?)

  13. 5 eye surgeries have left me unable to detect real from fake – ironically this is the same reason I went with the Droid X over any other VZ droid phone. If this X2 has 4G I’ll be purchasing it toot sweet.

  14. Don’t know if it’s real or fake, but is sure HOPE it IS real.

    Not having LTE on the X2 and Droid 3 would be a bad move for Motorola.

  15. I hope this is real because that means the Droid 3 would probably have 4G as well. Thats the last piece of news I’m waiting on to jump from T-Mobile to Verizon. Im wanting a legit 5 row keyboard with offset keys, 4g, and a FFC. Is that too much to ask for?

  16. FAKE:

    You can tell a slight difference between the Verizon letters and 4G LTE logo.

  17. @PimpStrong: The batwings logo on my Droid X is actually a reflective, embossed thing. This one looks like that. The battery cover on my phone is also made of metal and gray, where the phone itself is plastic (although with the same paint job.) In fact, the paint on the pictured phone is darker than mine, lending credence to its authenticity.

    The indent by the Google logo is also present on the HTC Thunderbolt. This is consistent with other phones that have removable covers over test ports or external antenna ports. My first 4 cell phones and my first 3G modem all had these same ports.

    I’m also not seeing a camera button. I’m kind of disappointed by that, since I rather like having a camera button; it’s one less thing I have to keep on the home screen – but then I use my camera frequently.

  18. :D t-bolt sucks and ifs no way better than any of motorola’s newest phones. :D ubergizmo.com review showed that

  19. t-bolt is 1-core piece of shit with standart wvga res. display.

  20. where’s the option for “don’t give a (@*$!”? Keep your locked bootloader <ptp/

  21. Did anyone see the scene in Rockstar where the color thread on the jacket mattered? Doesnt this sound familiar??? I want a Bionic with a qwerty keyboard, is that asking too much???

  22. I was gonna vote but you guys don’t have the “Cheap-gimp-fake” option

  23. Super fake. Zoom in on the 4G LTE in paint or whatever. everything is a perfect 90 degree angle. In a freehand photo like this, you don’t get that. The compression on that 4G LTE logo is also different. Everything is far too “perfect” about it. It was definitely added on after the original photo was taken.

  24. not bad. took 20 comments for someone to go off topic and mention the bootloader. blah blah blah

    anyway, im guessin Fake. at least the picture is. the 4G logo looks different to the rest…

  25. this is fake the battery cover is a lighter color then the rest of the phone and that little circle at the bottom of the screen is on the first one

  26. …I think I luv you.
    droidx2 with qwerty keyboard and 8mega pixs or more and maybe a bigger screen. wooo this sounds like a 2012 phone in the 2q

  27. there’s not supposed to be a camera button on it!

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