HTC EVO 3D, EVO View 4G Spotted at Sprint Site, Specs Revealed Ahead of Official Announcement


Waiting for a press event to show off your shiny new mobile device is so last year. That must be why Sprint has updated their site with pre-registration pages for the HTC EVO 3D (here) and HTC View 4G (here) ahead of today’s official announcement. This is our first look at both devices, showing an EVO 3D handset that fits right in with the EVO 4G and HTC EVO Shift and a View tablet that looks like the spitting image of the HTC Flyer, save for the black case instead of white.

Also before the official announcement, the enterprising folks at PocketNow have managed to sniff out the specs for both devices. As expected, the EVO 3D will feature a 1.2Ghz dual-core Snapdragon MSM8660 processor, a 4.3-inch autostereoscopic 3D display with a qHD resolution of 960×540, and sport a 5MP rear camera. Actually it’s a dual 5MP rear camera, much like the LG Optimus 3D. There is also a 1.3MP front-facing cam.

The EVO View 4G features a single-core 1.5GHz CPU, a 7-inch 1024×600 diplay, and the same 5MP/1.3MP camera combo of the EVO 3D.

[via Engadget, PocketNow]

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  1. SWEET!!!!! Where is the preorder info!!!

  2. I’m interested in knowing how well the dual core snapdragon SoS fares against the TI OMAP4 SoS thats in the LG phone. After reading about the TI chip I was kind of hoping the evo 2 would be the LG phone

  3. I wish I could upgrade and get this but oh well I can wait it out wit my EVO to bad :(

    Bring on the Sprint and Evo Haters lol it never fails

  4. i’m so glad i at least have my buy back from best buy. i will for sure be preordering the evo 3d as soon as i can.

  5. According to some info leak out about benchmarks, that dual core snapdragon is a monster. This guy is a S/W developer working on the 3D and worked on the EVO and was allowed to post some info on it ahead of time. Check it out.

    1) HTC EVO 3D will isolate twin cameras to produce the firsts 180 degree panoramic photo at 5mp resolution. (Option will be in sense UI)
    2) HTC EVO will produce the first ever 10mp photo on cell phone by using what is called paralax photo capture (each camera will capture an image and over lay it to produce 10mp photo) (Once again tap on 10mp photo)
    3) Light sampling will be independent of each CMOS sensor to produce what will be close to night vision capture (Night Owl)
    4) EVO 3D Hollywood, EVO 3D is only device on the market with next generation Qualcomm processor’s with built in DRM. EVO 3D will support all digital streaming content (Netflix, Hulu, and other independent sites with DRM subscriptions.)
    5) YouTube 3D part of the EVO 3D Hollywood pack.
    6) True 4G, EVO 3D will be the industry first (LTE+WimaX) device. Sprint has plans for all 4G devices to be backwards compatible and be able to support (Wimax+LTE) (Shift/Epic/EVO/etc.)
    7) Will be the first none Nexus device to launch with Google 2.3.3 Gingerbread.
    8) Worlds first qHD 3D display on a 4.3in screen (Pixel Density Classified)
    9) Industry first dual channel 1gig DDRRAM and with active 4gig tri-channel ROM (5gig total Ram with unlimited ROM as SDcard will act as more like a HD drive)
    10) That is just a few of the industry first that will be presented on EVO 3D launch.
    There will be no thunder stolen, no spot light stolen, and no industry first stolen from HTC EVO 3D gram for gram this is undisputed superphone.

    We will over clock the cpu, gpu, and memory to a point of embarrassment. Scorpion has had no problems testing at 2.0ghz, Andrenio x2 clocks, memory 50% clock. I know this would come at a cost to battery life, but larger battery will handle it better then current EVO. A phone launching the same time as EVO 3D will be irrelevant for at least one year. I think it best for companies to slow there roll and go with the flow and stay stock for the time being.
    I wanted to launch EVO 3D July 4th for obvious reasons, but now it will be in June in celebration of EVO 4G one year anniversary.

    There are no fps caps period. vid capture for 720p/1080p/3d720p/1080p/video playback of POV2D/3D/ H2.64 etc movies/Streaming 1080p/720p via DLNA/android games.

    Stressed test all the above formats, load was nominal, need for fps caps non issue.

    I wanted to express my appreciation to all who have been posting with excellent ideas/concerns with respect to next generation EVO. The show will answer most of the burning question out there, but remember, the cat is not out of the bag yet! So keep up with your wish list as we did with the original EVO almost a year ago. I am positive we will be working on fit and finish until launch day.
    I am still packing spread sheets, data reports, and presentation for the big show. I am sure you all can understand this is a busy time. I’ll be away for a bit during that period. I’ll still throw out some bites from my EVO 4G of course, but were confident the show will have most of the important questions answered.

    I will be focusing more on the technical aspects. There is no way a person could stand on stage and talk about DLNA for 20+min. and cover other important aspect of the device.

    Let’s quash some rumors up front. The screen will be 4.3in Qhd 3d screen. The actual form factor of the EVO 3d will measure up a bit smaller. Good thing for those still wearing jeans with small pockets. We couldn’t shrink the over all size that much, because we understand that people want protective cases and we didn’t want this to interfere with the touch screen. The feeling is we have a good balance, where you guys feel as though it’s just one big screen in your hand, but very portable. I can say it works really well when playing around with the 3D camera’s. Move the camera’s in and out when video recording a person face, it does an excellent job of making the face appear as though it is protruding out of EVO 3D’s qhd screen. (Weird, especially if it’s Dan H)

    Big news that nobody is talking about is DLNA and DRM.
    DRM: EVOtees have been clammering for Netflix, Hulu, and Blockbuster. You all know that it’s been slow going due to DRM issues. This will not be the case with EVO 3D. Scorpion chipset and some back door work not only enabled this, but polished to a point of being effortless. DRM validation is instantaneous. You go to your favorite Digital content provider, handshakes with DRM on your EVO 3D and your done. Login to your account, your streaming! I thought it was a load of you know what with original EVO. Original EVO will have this feature as well.

    DLNA: This technology has been out for some time, but I feel sense UI 2.0 has been able to put the polish it needs to shine. The DRM issue resolved, DLNA will not only allow for digital content to stream to EVO 3D, but to any DLNA certified HDTV/PC monitor/DLNA Mobile device. I am sure your asking what does that mean and how does it apply to us? (Example) Sitting in a local coffee shop, your friend is sporting HTC View tab and you HTC EVO 3D. You ask if your friend has seen this movie.(No) You say start up HTC Media Link and we can check out together. Both of you are watching the same movie on your “OWN” device having a cup of Joe.
    HTC Media link will be incorperated in both View and EVO. So far we have tested and ran. 720p/1080p/BMP/GIF/JPEG/XVID/3GP/WMV/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 video formats and Audio: WMA/AAC/MP3/ACC+
    So far we are just working on the GUI for improved user interface. Functionality certified, and expected at launch.

    Root: I know there is concern out there that “I don’t want to have to root my EVO to do XYZ” Every effort is being made to include everything possible up front for EVO 3D right out of the box. (Netflix, Hulu, Full hdmi mirroring, and HTC Media Link) I still need acknowledge Dev community. They have not only kept EVO 4G fresh, vibrant, but more importantly relevant. We want to respect the efforts of the DEV community and honor why android OS is about choice. That is why EVO 3D will not be shipping with a boot loader lock.

    Bluetooth: larger library, we herd, we listen, and we going to deliver. (fingers crossed) We are in the process of setting up a library targeting specifically for k/b, mouse, and yes game pads. I mentioned in an early post w/new sense UI 2.0 EVO 3D will be more at home than ever in landscape mode. We have simultaneously used bluetooth k/b mouse combo with DLNA in the back ground. You can look up Netflix movies w/mouse/kb and stream it to DLNA HDTV. We’ve been listening.

    I know on the thread somebody mentioned they would like more on board memory cause XYZ phone has 16gig on board memory. Cost is important factor to consider, because we know we need to make EVO 3D appealing to everyone. Most devices with a 16gig, 32gig, have the option of a removable sdcard. DRM improvements has allowed us to enhance app2sd. Once again, were early in the game as silicon improves, it’s a simple matter of swapping out die’s. So there is a potential of improvement, if we can do it, and keep cost to the consumer in mind, it will happen. I am sure you all have herd of 128gig sdcard and were working on getting that implemented for original EVO through either the Dev community or OTA. EVO 3D can’t talk about that.

    fps lock: Not on EVO 3D. Dual core processors, larger battery, more efficient Adreno GPU made this a non issue.

    Last but not least, on a lighter note, EVO 3D printing money? Not in our life time! Sprint does have some great programs supporting EVO 3D, like $125 dollars off to port over a new cell number, premier customer program, and mail in rebate. That is about as close EVO 3D will get to printing money! (Enjoyed YouTube Clip too.)
    Now it’s time for a fine scotch/cigar and catch a plane in the morning.
    Enjoy the show! Cheers,

  6. me likey EVO 3D, i will def keep an eye on that!

  7. Nice. I have been waiting for some new offerings from sprint. Agreed on the question of this processor vs. the TI OMAP4. Initial benchmarks weren’t too impressive. However, the final product should be a bit more optimized and perform better…should.

  8. I love my Evo – I certainly hope they’ve found a way to address battery issues though, or this will be dead in the water.

  9. Definitely stoked for the Evo 3d….Wish it were just an Evo 2 however. Oh well, can always turn that gimmicky 3d off I suppose.

    Hoping by the time I’m upgrade eligible in July that there will be some good stock android roms available through XDA

  10. @swazedahustla would be nice….we’ll see what CTIA brings up. I’m skeptical but if your source is proven correct all props to you.

  11. No doubt @ Jared. The only reason I put any stock in what he says is because he did the same thing before the EVO came out and he was spot on, so well see.

  12. Well the exhibit should be open now. Hopefully some concrete information will start rolling in.

  13. Holy Crap! Swaze’s comment was 3 times longer than the actual story :P

  14. in review engadget will give this a 9… -1 for not having a apple logo any bets!!!?

  15. @swazedahustla
    I’m stoked, I hope all that is true.

  16. I’ve had an Evo 4G for over a year…well, had 3 of them (due to running one over with my car *don’t ask*, and then using my 1-year premier upgrade to get the white one two months ago)…and I have NEVER had any battery issues. I have it checking 4 e-mail accounts every 15 minutes and send/receive maybe 100 texts a day…maybe 60 minutes of calls…from 7 AM ’til 9 PM it stays green…then yellow for a while until bed time around midnight.

    What exactly are people doing with their Evo’s to kill the battery? Mario Bros wallpaper? Sprint TV? Tons of YouTube videos? constant Twitter/Facebook notifications?

  17. ANY phone’s battery will die if you do anything a lot…if you want to feel good about your EVO battery, ask your iPhone-toting buddy how long his battery lasts…doesn’t matter if 3GS or 4…they’re much worse and will make you feel much better about your Evo battery life.

  18. Yep the panel just went off and they opened the exhibt floors.

  19. Lovin it!!!! #TeamEvo

  20. @swazedahustla

    Man that sounds amazing if true. Any word on if it will be Bluetooth 2.1 or 3.0?

  21. Looks like Richard was right, so where are the Verizon fanboys to bash him now??

  22. So swazedahustla is legit? Sounds too good to be true.

  23. Richard may have been right but hes still a dick.

  24. i am soooo glad it turned out to be the htc and not the lg. more important then the processor, more important then the HD capabilities, more important then 3d. you know it will still have the kickstand!

  25. LG Optimus 3D>Evo 3D.

    Arm Cortex A9>Arm Cortex A8

    i hope you guys are looking up actual specs.

    TI OMAP4>Tegra2>MSM8x60

    HTC failed again =/ but i’m not surprised. i was hoping for more, though.

    so those of you saying you’re glad it’s HTC over LG…i’m not.

  26. I seen some clips of the Snapdragon dual core thats gonna be in this. A multi tasking demo. Looks very nice from what I saw.

    And if this does HDMI mirroring, this is gonna be a beast of a phone.

  27. Oh yea, if I had to choose between this and the LG 3D it would be the LG.

    But this will be a nice phone.

  28. I want to switch to Sprint. I should.

  29. Definitely looking forward to this!

  30. This is definitely an upgrade to go to. I still have a Droid 1 and it is slow and in need of an upgrade.

    Was looking at these 3 phones and the Evo 3D has everything I want except been on Verizon, but I can live with that.

    LG Optimus 3D – Great phone, but the fact that it may end up on At&t killed it for me as well as the 512 ram is a little low.

    Motorola Bionic – This was my next choice until I saw the dismal benchmarks for the Tegra2 CPU and I said f that. Verizon 4G Lte would have been nice.

    HTC EVO 3D – not a big fan of the Sprint network, but this phone has everything else I want. I wonder if the 3d features can be turned off as I have children younger than 6.

  31. @jamdev

    you are incorrect. the LG 3D has dual-channel and dual-memory architecture…making it the fastest phone currently on the market.

    it has 4Gb LP DDR2, not 512mb

  32. This phone would do better on a different network.

  33. ^^ Now I see why you and Richard go back and forth. Can we please just discuss the merits of the phone.

  34. @swazedahustla: Damn son! Your comment was better than the posted story. Props! (high five)

  35. @danboy

    The small b in 4Gb is a clue….converted its 512MB.

    Now the question some ppl have: is 512MB DDR2 Ram better than 1GB DDR Ram? Does the EVO 3D have DDR2?

    I always thought more Ram was better if I had to choose between more or faster. What will be the biggest difference maker for phones?

    Either way both the LG 3D and the EVO 3D will be some beastified phones.

  36. Ok swaze
    You sold me.

  37. LG Optimus 3D = 1Gbit Ram, which converted from sales talk to real talk is 512mb.

    Methinks Danboy is protecting either an interest in LG as a company, or in a pre-order he is regretting. :)

  38. Oh my good lord. I’m glad I spent hours of my day yesterday fighting for this phone. Congrats Sprint!!! You set the standard again. Miss you.

    You rock. It’s people like you–informative and civil–that make this site useful to me.

  39. Where’s Richard? haha

  40. Just when you think Sprint has fallen behind in the smartphone industry……BAM!!! Love it!! So glad I’m with Sprint and love my current Evo and will be getting the 3D for sure!

  41. Yeah…. Htc Evo3d “ROCKS THE WORLD”

  42. @swazedahustla…. You rock completely… I been the lone man for a long while on this Evo business now I can rest and be happy. Your information is greatly appreciate your the best we will be happy with our evo 3d……Sprint rules android….

  43. damn nice phone I think im switching 2 sprint not because of this phone but because of att I’m gonmiss t mobile..o well cdma crap here I come

  44. Ooooooooooooo baby so glad I have yearly upgrades I can’t wait for this new evo

  45. All I can say is well done Sprint. Even tho they are out the running for me getting a new carrier, their Android line up is getting better n better each time I look up.

    Its safe to say that Verizon is no longer the king of the Android phone line ups. The Android greatness is finally getting spread around.

  46. Specs sound great, but this 3d push from all these manufacturers is simply ridiculous. I had the opportunity to play the 3DS yesterday and was thoroughly disappointed. Unless the user keeps the device and his head completely stationary, any movement at all produces lines across the screen. I just don’t get the push for this technology. I would have much rather seen the e-ink/lcd hybrid technology come to the phone than this, to be honest. Aside from that, I am thoroughly excited about this handset. As many have already mentioned, there really needs to be a way to disable the 3D features. I already know that I will have absolutely no interest in any of it. Bring on the Netflix and higher quality games though!

  47. And the douche bag post8.whateva

  48. @danboy

    You are right about the LG 3D, though it going to AT&T which has a shitty network and they cap your data access which sucks major balls. Still a fail from my perspective.

  49. ONE BIG QUESTION: Is the HTC Evo 3D a “4G” phone?

  50. Danboy go over to phonearena and look at the side by side. They haven’t even really played with either phone yet but like the EVO 3D better FWIW.

    @bela, they can’t make everyone happy. If you don’t like it, don’t get it. I don’t care that much about 3d either but I’m not going to say its stupid because I’m sure to some people its important. What’s nice is there’s a switch on the side to turn it off. I will definitely be upgrading from my EVO 4g simply because its a better device period.

  51. in yo face apple! can’t wait for this one….been holding off for a loongg lloonnnggggggg time for this phone to come about. HTC And Sprint continue to set the bar for android…and if you disagree you’re just fucking dumb.

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