Amazon App Store for Android… LIVE NOW!


We’ve been anticipating this for quite some time and the Amazon App Store for Android is finally LIVE!

We’ll reserve judgement until we have some time to play with it, use it, kick the tires, try and pop the tires, and we’re sure you’ll be doing the same. Let us know what you think about the Amazon App Store for Android below and vote on what you thinks better… this or Android Market!

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  1. Not for Canada!! :(

  2. Just once i wanted to be FIRST!

  3. The only reason I installed the “Appstore” is to get… Angry Birds Rio. It just contains more of the same stuff from the regular market.

  4. “We could not process your order because of geographical restrictions on the product which you were attempting to purchase. Please refer to the terms of use for this product to determine the geographical restrictions.”

    I guess I am geographically unable to download an app online.
    I did not have that problem when they got to take my Credit card information to sigh up!
    Total fail!!

  5. I’m going to keep it just due to the fact that some apps are going to be a little bit cheaper on there compared to the market. That’s the only benefit I see for me

  6. Rediculas, if you are going to exclusivly release an app, maker sure its avible to everyone, im in the uk and i cant download it for the same reason as cityhunter25

    “We could not process your order because of geographical restrictions on the product which you were attempting to purchase. Please refer to the terms of use for this product to determine the geographical restrictions.”

    I do quite like amazon as a whole but this just annoys me, rovio made a mistake here by going with Amazon App Store and amazon made the mistake of making it usa only.

  7. Complete fail! Angry Birds Rio is definately not worth the hassle of having to create an Amazon account and set up 1-click purchasing when the damn app is free! Especially when I’ll most likely never use Amazon again. Forget it Amazon, go back to selling books.

  8. Can’t get this in Canada, thanks for thinking of us Amazon!

  9. For all your Android bloggers out there.

    Do your research:
    “Amazon App Store for Android… LIVE NOW! (Only in the US and not on AT&T)

  10. Android Market is better.

  11. It’s region locked. Only available in the US.

    Of course, they only tell you that after you went through the hassle of allowing installations from outside of the official market, download the app, install, sign up and then try to download the (free) game.

    Oh the irony… The Rio game isn’t available to people in Rio.

    What a slap on the face.

  12. So pointless.

  13. This is just a less polished experience than the one that Google has now got to offer, back when the android market was terrible this would have been a good addition. Now it’s just a me too with little that makes it distinctive.

    Shame really it could have been something better.

  14. Not available for UK. However, it only tells you that after it’s installed and you’ve gone through the pain of all the settings.

  15. The biggest advantage I can see is the ability to give gift cards (A serious weakness in the Android OS vs. iphone in my opinion).

  16. @Dave okay make a little sense because I was about to post what is the reason for a Amazon app store anyway? Until I saw your comment.

  17. Only downloaded for Angry Birds Rio :) Other than that…crap. lol

  18. Will certainly give some attention to the world of Android thru the #1 online retailer… but I think the Android Market may have obsoleted it with its own online market that pushes the app to your phone… I’ll keep it I guess. I am an Amazon shopper… but it certainly won’t be my first stop to shop…

  19. Angry Birds Rio FTW!

  20. Well at least Angry Birds Rio is free…

  21. Only available in the US – because only US citizens have access to the internet :|

  22. EPIC FAIL. Does not work for AT&T customers, as Ma Bell 2.0 does not allow non-market apps.

    [of course there are work-arounds, but this is just stupid]

  23. ATT Samsung Captivate (2.1 -update1) and it got blocked.

  24. I am in Canada on Bell With my Atrix. This Amazon App store works fine. I have an amazon account and followed the directions on the site to download the App. APK is sent via email to the amazon account email.

    As far as the one click goes I agree with the other user. Having to link a CC to recieve a free item should be illegal. It’s basically data mining for credit card #’s. There is no reason for it. Amazon, Netflix, every MMO game ever made should be ashamed. There is no reason to take someones credit card, especially the way Amazon wants to in this circumstance. One click purchasing is so unsafe the practiced should not be endorsed by any company.

  25. Not available on AT&T

  26. Umm AB Rio wont install on my Evo…just keep getting a not installed message

  27. Some people may not be happy with having to allow applications from “Unknown Sources” – leaves them open to apps from some less scrupulous sources.

  28. I think it looks good. It will only get better I am sure. Android Market needs more imporvements imo. For being out almost 1 1/2 years it hasnt gotten any better. Once Amazon goes global with all the payment options it will be better then the Market.

  29. Sorry Hosers and UK…you aren’t missing anything anyway.

  30. Read this in the Angry Birds Rio comments on Amazon: “I don’t undeunderstand why a game made by a European company about a film set in south America is only available in the US?” – I think it perfectly summarizes my opinion about the whole Amazon Appstore as well. I’d be VERY glad if holier-than-thou USSA would get its head outta its arse and not act like they were the only country in the world and everything and everyone else is simply alien. I’m honestly sick of this freakin’ attitude.
    Not to mention, I can’t grasp why the hell we need yet another appstore. -_-

  31. Lame, only for U.S…

  32. im keeping it because i get a paid app for free every day!

  33. Meh

  34. They have an ad free version of the regular Angry birds for $0.99! WIN!

  35. LOL @ “Hosers and AT+T.

  36. Angry Birds Rio is worth the time, I think I like it better than any of the other versions. A lot of the other apps I’ve seen in the regular market though.

    From what I’ve heard, Apple hasn’t gotten the trademark approved for “app store” so they don’t have a leg to stand on. I’m betting it will all go away and Amazon will continue as is.

  37. Would be awesome if I could actually download Angry Birds Rio. Like a large portion of the Android community, I cannot install Angry Birds without unmounting the SD card. This has been a minor annoyance in the past, but hasn’t really been a big deal.

    On Amazon, it will refuse to let you download Angry Birds: Rio with an unmounted SD card…and as such, the app will not download. I’ve tried everything, but I can’t get it to work.

    Motorola/Android is at major fault here, but the Amazon App Store and Rovio are as well. It’s ridiculous.

  38. Were do I download it

  39. why doesnt amazon post something telling us when outside usa customers will be allowed to download the game?

  40. I feel bad for our counterparts around the world that don’t have access to this. Imo this is an epic fail on amazons part. With the internet/smartphone ecosystem being a global phenomenon you would think that these companies would think globally when releasing an app store. Silly!

  41. Meh

  42. Oh you, laddergoat, you so random.

  43. Oh, so Amazon is set to annoy Android users. I only realized that after the atrocious registration process, where they had no problem taking my phone number and credit card information, so that at very end they informed me that the store is not available in my country. Very nice. By Amazon.

  44. So, if ATT doesn’t allow non-market apps, does that mean T-mobile users should expect that a future firmware update will stop allowing non-market apps?

  45. Installed it for ABR. They’re giving away 1 paid app for free every day. Worth it for that alone.

  46. The fact that it’s not available outside the US makes it pretty useless for most people.

  47. I’ve installed it out of curiosity, nice a bit easier to navigate. but the install process is weird and did not see the security requirements.

    Personally likec google much better and font thinki will be using this app much.

    IM bored to death with angry birds, but the graphics on the game are very nice.

  48. I’m also locked out because of my region…

    …which is Boston.

    Seriously? Amazon AppStore isn’t available in the Boston area?

  49. WTF?!?!? Why is amazon requiring that I put a credit card on file to download a FREE app? This should be illegal.

  50. US only?? WTF.

    It’s the android market all over again.

  51. no thank you. No amazon. You non-US folks are missing absolutely nothing.

  52. I like Amazon, but why US only? Why is it so hard to get this right? Surely, if you release this worldwide, advertise it a little and get some press attention then you have a much better chance of success, no?

    Also, they must have known it would be US only. To keep quiet until it comes out and then not say anything is a bit bad in my books, as an Amazon customer

  53. I don’t see it when I look for it on my phone. (Dx on VzW)

  54. FML NOT COMPATIBLE WITH AT&T!! I was so close to finally getting the new angry birds to conquer. Seasons is getting old.

  55. It says not available in your country, but can I still purchase with gift cards? anyone tried it from a non-US country?

  56. Not for uk -rubbish

  57. AT&T is working to get amazon appstore

  58. The install process was very easy for me, but I’m already an Amazon customer and already had One-Click enabled. I’m also on Verizon, and I already enabled installation of non-market apps. Oh, yeah … I’m in the US.

  59. I’m blocked here in Canada. I managed to install the store, and I went through the process of turning on 1-click and all that bullshit, and in the end it tells me it’s not available in my region.

    Typical Amazon.

    Epic Fail on day 1 Amazon. And after all these months of hype.

  60. If I recall correctly, I believe I read that it will become available to other countries and that was half the point of it since the Android Market isn’t available in as many locations as Amazon.

    BTW, no problem whatsoever downloading to my OG Droid. And well worth it, not just for the game, but knowing that there will be freebies coming every day.

  61. I downloaded Rio yesterday. The app store looks decent. It could spice things up.

    It’s a good thing to consumers anyway.

  62. Since I use Amazon on a regular basis, I love it. More detailed descriptions, can have more detailed reviews.

    And a paid app free every day? Love it. I wonder how long that will last tho…

  63. Another reason that I hope that the acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T doesn’t go through. AT&T = Hidden Fees and Restricted phones. T-Mobile lets you do pretty much whatever you want to do, and use the full capabilities of your phones. Personally, I hope the merger gets blocked, but if it goes through, I’m riding out my contract to its term, then I’m gone. Won’t give money to a company like AT&T who refuses to give me a full product in return.

    If AT&T customers have half a brain, they’ll switch to T-Mobile before the merger goes through, just to get a two year contract with T-Mobile, and enjoy some good prices and good features for the duration of that contract. In the end they will wind up going back to AT&T anyways, so enjoy two years of time!

    Oh, and did I mention unlimited data plan?

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