New Images of the HTC Pyramid Surface

Rumors of a dual-core handset from HTC began back in early February with whispers of the Pyramid, a device said to have a 4.3-inch qHD display and to be headed for T-Mobile by the middle of the year. It would supposedly be one of the first daul-core Snapdragon devices, but a new spec leak make no mention of the two cores. It gives the processor clock speed as 1.2GHz with 768MB of RAM. But those specs aren’t the best part, the new pictures of the device are.

Also noted was the presence of dual cameras and that the handset would run Android Honeycomb. That last part we question a bit, but we suspect all will be set straight at CTIA.

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  • shawn1224

    Looks scrumpdidlyumptious oh and 1st

  • chad

    It was nice knowing you.
    Its not you, its me…. I just need moar screen, bai.

  • Prince

    Its too early to tell but I for one will be going for the samsung galaxy S2

  • yamiyaiba

    HTC continues to disappoint me this year. Historically, HTC was been (more often than not) on the cutting edge of phones whenever they release one. If the oft rumored Pyramid isn’t a dual core phone, I may have to give up on HTC for now. Between a sub-par tablet and uninspired offerings in the handset market, HTC is slipping badly.

  • Hector

    I’d like to point out that the back just says “Google” on it.

    Typically, Google Experience phones say “with Google” on the back, a la the G1 and Droid.

    The only phones with just “Google” are the Nexus S and Nexus One.

    In other words, this may be the next Nexus phone.

  • Brian

    I’m in love if this is before the s2 I’m getting it

  • Sparky

    This is my new phone.

  • gator9422

    Hmmm prob gonna sell my hd7…who cares about dual core it kills battery 1.2 GHz single core is good enough for me plus 8 megapixel camera and 1.3 megapixel ffc that’s straight

  • BKdroid

    Agreed, to a point. This LOOKS like a very nice device, but dual-core is the do-or-don’t for me to move on from my N1. I’d love for this to be my new phone is it does, in fact, double the pleasure-double the fun.

  • BKdroid

    “a new spec leak make no mention of the two cores.”

    Might be nice to see the source spec-sheet if it’s available.

  • Bizzle9

    HTC keeps making the same phone over and over again.

  • http://phandroid Jonathan

    Who cares about dual core isn’t one single core fast enough?

  • ramc

    This phone should be referred as the G3 without HTC Sense. If this phone is Dual Core 1GHz it will be a tough decision with the Samsung Galaxy S2.

  • Hector

    Also, please be aware that this probably has the same chipset as the HP Touchpad:

    Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 Processor 1.2GHz

    So yes, it still has dual cores.

  • BAM!

    HTC’s lackluster lineup lately makes me wonder more often what they’re up to. With the advent of quad-core processors expected to be out by the end of the year; it has me waiting and wondering what they HTC has up their sleeves.

    As @yamiyaiba said, HTC has typically been more on the cutting edge when it came to phones. I foresee them investing in creating a very nice battery life and throwing in a quad-core processor with a matching tablet by Christmas.

    Is this my intense and vivid imagination having a wet dream? Maybe…well, yes. But, one can hope for the future and see what HTC brings to the table. As for now, no TB for me. And onto a waiting game with HTC.

  • ksizzle9

    Yeah the desire HD, thunderbolt, are pretty much the same phone, close to the evo, but a much better processor and GPU, but they should really throw a kink in the mix and put out a different phone. totally different. i love their phones and they are without a doubt the best skinned experience you have ever been able to, or will ever find on an android phone.

  • nexus who?

    Looks like I finally see something worthy of replacing my N1

  • Burko

    I wish they’d make an updated HTC Universal..

  • Dave

    Dual core apparantly uses less battery life because the two have to work less hard. I wonder if it uses the same qhd screen as the Atrix with its not well reviewed pentile display?

  • danboy

    i believe it’s going to be 2 cores @ 1.2ghz. that device looks slick though! good job, HTC! just one more week, CTIA. going to be an exciting week!

  • brian

    Yea dual core does not kill battery the atrix gets WY more than any HTC phone in terms of battery.. HTC needs to start focusing on battery life instead of ram

  • teleknEsis

    This is the device I’m most excited about. However, saying no mention of dual cores is like a kick in the nuts. As BKDroid said, it’s pretty much the deal breaker for me moving off of my N1. First of all, I wish all the idiots saying dual core will eat your battery faster would just shut up and do some research. It’s absolutely untrue. And for everyone who claims you don’t need dual cores I’d say the argument isn’t so much about what dual cores can do for you now, but what it can do a year from now. My Nexus One has withstood the test of time in terms of technology, and I want my next device to do the same. I just have a feeling anything single-core is going to feel out-dated 6 months from now and maybe not even run Android Ice Cream at a decent performance level.

  • avenuePad

    This is one sexy phone, but unless the Honeycomb rumour is true, I’m just going to wait for quad core phones. I might just wait for quad core, anyway. My Galaxy S is suiting me nicely, for now. I just need Gingerbread to hold me over.

    Oh, and isn’t Ice Cream Sandwich supposed to be Honeycomb for phones?

  • AndroidToy

    OMG, I just jizz in my pants

  • J.C.

    Cool looks like it’s going to be running Vanilla, hence Google on the back.

  • Aaron

    Front looks gorgeous but I don’t care for the odd slash design of the back.

  • AndroidToy

    Uni-body = no extended battery
    Ooh well, who cares. I’ll just buy another spare one lol…people makes so big of a deal of the battery.

  • Ash

    Definitely my next phone! I’m pretty sure that it will be a dual core though. Can’t wait!

  • tomnewtn

    I hope it is dual core. Going to have to see if I go with this or the LG 2x. By the way, the back on this thing looks a tad odd.

  • Andy

    Ice Cream is, according to wikipedia,the regroupement of the tablet and phone “os” on the same version

  • Fred

    So many choices. All running one OS. I luv Android.

  • tomnewtn

    Looks strong like my Nexus One though. Professional looking too. I like where they located the BACK button.

  • del

    Looks exactly like the desire HD, thunderbolt, or and enlarged nexus one minus the trackball. I’m not saying thats a bad thing though. It’s a very pretty device and you know the kind of build quality you get with htc. I was hoping for something a little different and fresh design-wise but I’m ok with this. It has to be dual core though or no dice. The g2x (optimus 2x) is looking really temping right now. The pyramid will have to beat the following specs if I’m going to choose it over the g2x. dual core, hdmi out, full mirroring, 1080p recording.

  • Zack

    HTC’s probably still waiting on Qualcomm to release their dual-core processors… I suppose… but it’s speculation… I’m not sure if Qualcomm already has dual-core processors released..

  • digsoreos

    I take it we’re finished seeing any new phones with vanilla Android as the main selling point.

  • Tom

    Is this going to be a Nexus device? The reason I ask is because the brand on the back is ‘Google’ not ‘with Google’.

  • Mightytalldude

    With dual core, SOLD!

  • jmax

    Just found my next phone.

  • digsoreos

    I take it we’re finished seeing any new phones with vanilla Android as the main selling point. At this point, with all the Blurred up and Sense-less modifications, coming out with a phone running vanilla Android would be a great differentiator.

  • DanGrover

    I don’t understand all this “I’m giving up on HTC” stuff. Does anyone out there really buy a phone on any basis other than “What’s the best I can get for my budget right now?” If the best is an HTC, get an HTC. If it’s a Samsung, get a Samsung etc. It’s not about “giving up” on companies – that suggests a weird and unusual sort of fan-boyism where you support a manufacturer instead of a specific phone.

  • Jesse

    The only 1.2 GHz SoC on Qualcomm’s SnapDragon roadmap is the MSM8260, which is a dual core CPU w/ the Adreno 220 GPU. Beastly. And the sampling went out late summer/fall 2010, which would make the time table about right for it to show up in a device around this summer/fall.

  • Black Kristos

    This is the reason I am holding out for HTC. What a great looking phone. Now, give me Dual-core, T-mobile 4G and a battery over 1300 and I’m sold.

  • austin

    it looks like a nexus (3) design espically with that engraved GOOGLE logo dominating the back i have a feeling it will be a dual core nexus since they all seem to hit t-mobile first

  • Steveo

    I love Verizon and can’t see moving to another carrier. But why must all phones for VZW be hideous by default? My DroidX is the best thing they have released to date but it’s getting stale. This thing is great and smokes the Thunderbolt in just about every category. T-Mobile and Sprint won’t even work at my house, so it’s just not an option.

  • jdog25

    I agree with this comment from Engadget, every HTC Android phones has the HTC logo if they come with HTC sense. Maybe someone leaked out photos of the next Nexus phone because only the Nexus One and Nexus S say Google on the back and both were released for T-mobile first. Don’t say that is not possible because the HTC Cha Cha was one from the HTC phones leaked back in December 2009 and it hasn’t been released yet, that was 15 months ago. It takes about 18 to make a phone. Here is the comment from Engadget: Interesting that the back has an embossed Google logo where there is normally an HTC logo, and on the translated source page it says “Android3.0 mobile phone operating system” although this could be some kind of mix up. Could this be the next Google device to showcase the phone version of Honeycomb? I know it’s supposed to be called Ice Cream (Sandwich?) but I don’t think they meant Android 3.0 I think they meant honeycomb for phones a.k.a. Ice Cream, and the Pyramid coming to T-Mobile right? Just like the Nexus One/S.

  • 3rd_input

    Finally a suitable replacement for my nexus one, but I hope this has dual-core, our else it will no better than what TMobile is offering currently.

  • tomnewtn

    I have to say that when these early leaks appear, I am somewhat dismissive. We’ll see over time how this all shakes out, but it gives one reason to hope for a worthy upgrade from the trust Nexus One.

  • Jon

    I’ve been waiting for this phone. I want it right now.

  • BKdroid

    I didn’t even make the connection with the “Google” brand on the back and the Nexus devices. THIS should be the “Nexus 2″ since Samsung decided they were too good to be #2. But, again, only if it is Dual-Core. The Nexus phones should be top-tier, put everyone on notice for hardware specs, type of devices. And it would be nice to see it be the introduction of Ice-Cream(sandwich)/Honeyphone Android.

  • tomnewtn

    Good point. My Nexus One says “Google” on the back, versus “with Google”.

  • Gus

    Well I support HTC because I’m prefer their Sense UI. I can’t stand Motoblur and any of the other competitor’s UI. Does that make me a fanboy? Or does that make me an informed consumer that has actually evaluated the competition and made a decision. Fanboyism is only bad if no matter what you have particular brand loyalty…even if it is to your own detriment. So a fanboy can have legit reasons or they can be totally unsubstantiated if they don’t back up their fanboyism.

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    I hope T-Mobile checks a devices like this. I’ve been really wanting the 4.3 android experience of the Droid X but on T-Mobile. Still not sold on dual core we’ll see what Android 2.4 offers as far as dual core support.

  • AceoStar

    Am I the only one who wants this to be the Evo2? I am currently on ATT, debating the Atrix. If this was announced for pretty much any carrier, I’d make the switch. My two sticking points are dual core and 4″+. I have gorilla hands so at 4.3″ and HTC this really hits the spot. I’d rather not wait until June though :(

  • John

    That’s the prettiest HTC phone since the Legend came out. Regarding dual core, et c.: HTC doesn’t have a lot of bargaining power with suppliers. Look how they got screwed on AMOLED displays for the Incredible. But the bigger they get, the more leverage they will have. They’re pretty much tied to Qualcomm for the foreseeable future. But who knows about 2+ years out.

  • dork

    i dont know, its still not doing it for me. as much as i want to be excited im not.

  • Sense

    It will be dual core.

    I believe HTC’s dual-core CPUs come in 1.2-1.5Ghz

  • lucas

    mann i cant wait for this phone, i hope it comes out pretty soon. I have a mytouch 4g right now and i pretty much will sell it and get this phone if it is indeed dual core.

  • Black Kristos

    With any luck, we’ll find out next week.

  • elvis the queen

    HTC does not produce any CPUs.
    They use SoCs from Qualcomm.

    Qualcomms first dual core Snapdragon MSM8260 runs with 1,2 GHz. It features the new Adreno 220 GPU.

    If this will be the first Phone whith the new Snapdragon, I will need to sell my LG Optimus Speed aka. LG 2x.

  • ari-free

    No NFC, hardware encryption, s-amoled+ screen? HTC needs to step up.

  • ari-free

    OK 960 x 540 is cool

  • Lies

    #46 nobody knows the OFFICIAL specs yet and the screen they’re usin on this phone is better than SuperAmoled. Why wouldn’t they include that in this phone. Tuah u need to think your common sense game. Idk wtf u talkin bout but I’m ditchin ma G2 FA THIS! LMAO

  • joe

    its a shame its on t mobile

  • Lies

    Nothin is wrong wit T-Mobile so Stfu every carrier has a High End phone to choose from why do you say that. U probably never even owned T-Mobile. I have HSPA && HSPA+ everywhere in New Orleans

  • Sonelone

    That is one good looking phone. I hope to see some better hardware than the stuff listed however.

  • Scotter

    Yay on all these specs! Finally a phone to inspire me to let go of my Nexus One!

  • Richard Yarrell

    The Pyramid probably is the HTC EVO 2…I suspect this will be come March 22nd at CTIA hopefully it will come with 1gb of ram NOT THIS 768 of ram…Remember this is suppose to be the replacement for the htc evo 4g so yes they will have to come STRONG on the specs Screen size 4.5 inch super lcd or tft 960 yb 580 resolution qhd ..1gb of ram, htc sense with 3d technology, 8to16 internal memory, with DNLA technology, and NFC technology, some kind of carbon copy of this will be made for tmobile some form of a way

  • Richard Yarrell

    Tmobile already has the upcoming Lg optimus 2x which will be called the Lg optimus g2x plus they also have the upcoming sidekick 4g device coming up also…This HTC PYRAMID will be The Htc Evo 2 for sprint and will have dualcore 1.2 msm 8660 dualcore processor

  • Anthony

    also hoping for a nexus 2 but my gut tells me from a sales standpoint the next Nexus line won’t be out until September or October. HTC has been flying low for a while now, they really need a “bust out” product for 2011 especially w/ the Moto Atrix taking the tech world by storm.

  • Presto117

    I know I’ll be alone on this, but I was hoping it’d have HTC Sense. Not that crap they put on the myTouch line, but regular HTC Sense.

  • Richard Yarrell

    it will have the new htc sense with some kind of 3d effects or technology..This device will be the Htc Evo 2 on Sprint and Maybe some virant on tmobile as well. Plus with sprint purchasing tmobile soon they will make sure this appears on both carriers sprint and tmobile. Either way it will be much better than any Thunderbolt/Atrix/lg 2x/Lg 3d

  • markimar

    I agree HTC keeps putting out the same thing over and over only diffis screen size. They need to come out with something groundbreaking!

  • BKdroid

    Wow. You spout conjecture so confidently that I almost want to believe you. The prevailing wisdom is that it will be T-Mobile, at least at first. And what makes you think it will have Sense when it has a clear “Google” brand on the back? There have been, to my knowledge, Zero Google branded phones with manufacturer UI’s so far. I’m actually interested if you have any real sources for these odd statements, or if you’re just blowing smoke.

  • tomed

    It’s a 1.2 ghz dual core 3d phone obviously, there’s no reason to have dual cameras without 3d functionality and you can’t support 3d without a dual core.

  • Sxnook321

    You guys are so spoiled. Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint all have 4.3 inch HTC android phones. Now that this is going to T-Mobile, people are bashing T-mobile… Grow up people and spread the wealth! If your on Verizon buy the Thunderbolt! AT&T, the Inspire 4G, Sprint, Evo 4G… Quit hogging everything!

  • Sxnook321

    Speaking of Thunderbolt, this phone looks like it… I cant wait to finally upgrade my Nexus One to this bad boy

  • dennis

    The original leaked specs that had dual core, stopped me from going with the Atrix.. supposed to also have qHD display, like the Atrix.. was thinking, dual core, qhD, decent ram, and HTC.. awesome.. Still hopeful, and TMobile still has a chance of keeping me.

  • revs

    wow what a sexy ass phone !
    dual core ..and we know ! it is gonna be a dual core stop pretending its not !
    4.3 qhd !
    oh damn
    not to mention the nations fastest network !
    t mobile owns everyone this phone will lay my mt4g 2 rest peacefully

  • Joshua

    Holy sh*t, HTC, start to show us your dual-core masterpieces^-^ Pyramid looks superhot! Want.

    Will it have Sense 2.0…Sense 3.0 and how would look a new version of HTC Sense on Android Honeycomb? *drooling*


    this is hot..this htc..what you want a round phone? a glass phone? what pretty much all going look alike…how many more designs you need..i think your in phone withdrawl

  • Richard Yarrell

    predicted specs for UPCOMING HTC EVO2/3D
    1.4.5 INCH super lcd/qhd SCREEN
    2.960by540 resolution
    3.New Htc sense UI 3D style
    4.Dualcore snapdragon MSM 8660
    5.Adreno 220cpu for smoother 3d performance
    6.1080p hd video-out via hdmi 20mbps
    7.a synchronous core clocking 3d video out and 3d video capture
    8.hdmi mirrioring mode for playing games and web browsing, games will run at 60fps
    9.encoding and decoding 3d video
    10.2.0 front facing camera
    11.8/16 built in internal memory
    12.16/32micro sd card out the box
    13.1800 Mah battery
    14. 8/10 mp camera
    15.DNLA techonolgy
    16.wifi b,g,n,
    17.bluetooth 3.0
    18.supports video playback mpeg4,h.203,h.204,divx,wmv,avi,3gp radio application
    21.Htc cloud base services for gaming and purchasing of applications and device support by the cloud.

  • Jom

    Richard is either 13 years old or has some serious problems.

  • vernon

    this is mine.finally a device to help me get rid of my htc desire.this is it

  • 1337syntaX

    This is my next phone. It would be sick if it was the next developer phone but either way XDA will have it rooted and ROMed in no time. Needs moar info/pix.

  • jreneex

    i really hope this isnt how it looks and that itll have a dual LED flash.. im liking it and everything, but from what i can see, it lacks a dual LED flash, which is what i want.. and may be a dealbreaker for me, i would get the thunderbolt, but the battery life and 300$ price tag turned me off .

  • Christian

    Notice the Google branding on the back. Also, it looks an awful lot like the Nexus One. I’d bet that this is the Nexus Two. And I’d absolutely love to have it.

  • Android Jet

    Looks nice, and 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, that’s great.