New Android Market Webstore LIVE Now


Here it is folks, the brand spanking new Android Market Webstore. It’s live right now and it’s just about everything we have dreamed about. Browse and search the entire Android Market from the web? Check. Install applications from your browser to your phone? Yes, please.

The excitement is so much I’m almost at a loss for words. More to come as Google’s press event rolls on.

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. Won’t let me sign in – says invalid request

  2. Invalid Request #FAIL

  3. yea im getting the same problem too invalid request

  4. The site is live, but not fully functional, you can’t log in yet…sheesh

  5. DAMN SIGN IN ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am unable to sign in. Just says, “Invalid Request”. Anyone else have that problem?

  7. lol @ ‘sheesh’

  8. They should know we’d be all over this. I’m sure there’s a ton of people across the midwest that have plenty of time to play with their phones today. Pity, the road crews did a good job here in CR, Iowa so I’m working.

  9. Can I buy apps with PayPal now? ;)

  10. same here, can’t sign in =(

  11. Login may have been disabled during the demo. Demo just ended, give it a few minutes and try again perhaps.

  12. Still no filters? Still no sorting? How is this any different than the phone-based version?

  13. Fail

  14. We really needed Google Music to be announced today. The Verizon Iphone is coming in a couple weeks. Get your thumbs out of your ass Google.

  15. Same thing! Will not let me sign in!


  17. I’m also getting “Invalid request.” when trying to Sign In or view My Market Account.

  18. Lame! I want to use the site, not browse it! Oh well, I’m sure Google will resolve the issue shortly.

  19. Can’t Sign In — Invalid Request. Fail.

  20. invalid request


  22. after i sign in into my account it say that there is not phone associated with this account. which is not true because i had this account in used since day one of G1 and now evo

  23. Sounds like another epic fail by google I love android but whats the point of web based market they have so many more important things to be doing like making the phones market better getting everyone on 2.3…….i know your all preparing to tell me its the carriers fault about updates but its googles os they shouldn’t let carriers be so slow about it its there product that suffers from it not the carrier its time they stepped in!

  24. Works fine for me. Just installed gun bros to my Droid.

  25. My primary Android account, the one that’s associated with my phone and app purchases, is a Google Apps for Your Domain account (i.e. [email protected] instead of [email protected]). Take a WILD guess at what’s not compatible with the new Android Market web store? Sigh.

  26. I wasn’t able to login for the first couple of hours, but now it’s working perfectly. Just pushed a free game to my Nexus One. Fun times!

  27. It was not working for me as of 12:55pm PST, but is now working at 1:03pm PST.

  28. I clicked “sign in” and it auto-signed me in based on my cookie. I clicked install on a free adw theme and it asked which device I wanted. I selected. It sent and installed. Worked like a charm. No issues here.

  29. Its working now 22:00 PM London Time.

  30. Totally sick, lets me decide what device to download, phone or tablet. Incredibly quick on the download once selected. Browsing for apps just got so much better, well done Google.

  31. Bugs discovered:

    Said that I had already installed Google Sky Map, when in fact I didn’t.
    I’m living in Spain, but I don’t appreciate the fact that there is no setting for the language of the web market. The menu from the left is in spanish. The comments of the apps are in spanish.
    Typical Google, beta product.

  32. Nice step in the right direction Google, but, why does everyone insist on smattering shopkick everywhere, it is junk and does not deliver results for major retailers who use it, setup costs are silly, the technology is going to be outdated, and very few customers use it.

  33. Works fantastic!!! Actually easier & quicker than AppBrain, hmmm. Way to go Google! Now if you would just make your massive Maps & Gmail SD mountable my phone will have room for other nice apps from this market. :)

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