Dropcam Comes to Android for Remote Camera Viewing


What’s Dropcam? Take a standalone camera, set it up in a room and plug it into a power source, and have its live video stream sent out to the world (or privately to your own feed). For a while now you have only been able to view your Dropcam stream from a PC or iPhone, but now you can take your home invasion fears/checking in on baby to you Android phone.

Dropcam has launched their app for Android, and if you already own a Dropcam device you are good to go. Simply enter your account info and you will be plugged in. Don’t have the camera already? The Dropcam app will at least let you view a few public streams in the meantime. Get it now in the Android Market.

Dropcam Brings its Video Streams to Android Smartphones

Cloud-cam service leader delivers unmatched video intelligence for users on the go

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., February 2, 2011 – Dropcam, the trendsetter in intelligent wi-fi cameras and personal video streaming services, today announced the availability of the Dropcam App on the Android Marketplace. This free app allows Android smartphone users to access their Dropcam cameras and keep a watchful eye on what they care about and never miss a moment. With the debut of its second mobile app, Dropcam continues its rise as an agent of change at the intersection of video, data and the cloud.

Peace of Mind on the Go

With the Dropcam Android App you can:
● Stream Live Video: Your Dropcam cloud-based cameras stream secure, uninterrupted live video that let you see every single minute of action. With the app, you can watch your video streams or friends’ Dropcam camera streams. Get live, smooth video playback on Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G.

● Receive Instant Activity Alerts: The Dropcam system is so intelligent it uses motion and audio detection to identify and capture activity ‘Events’. These activities are displayed as a snapshot on your video timeline so you can check in immediately to see what’s happening. Using the Android app, quickly set up automatic email alerts to get instant notices for motion and noise event detection.

● Access Dropcam DVR: The Dropcam DVR captures every second of what your camera sees and stores that video online for up to 30 days. DVR controls let you playback previously recorded events from your personal video stream. You can also download video clips to archive footage permanently.

To see these features in action, please check out a video of our Android app here:

“It’s easy for anyone to be up and running with a Dropcam system in minutes, and once installed, our users have the freedom to keep tabs on the things they care about from anywhere, any time,” said Greg Duffy, CEO of Dropcam. “We designed our intelligent ‘cloud-cam’ and video services with the internet in mind from the beginning. We’re thrilled that our newest app extends the Dropcam experience to Android users and further confirms Dropcam as a pioneer in video data analysis and streaming.”

The Dropcam Android App is available on the Google Nexus One, Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S), Motorola Droid, Motorola Droid X, HTC Droid Incredible, HTC EVO 4G, and other Android 2.2 (Froyo) devices. Download Dropcam from the Android Marketplace today at

Never Miss an Important Moment

Dropcam is the easiest way to use video to check in on the things you care about from anywhere, any time, on any device. After setting up one or more Dropcam cloud-cams, the cameras’ secure video feed is accessible from a PC, iPhone or Android smartphone so you can check-in any time. Dropcam users effortlessly keep an eye on their homes, kids, pets, the nanny, the office, vehicles in the garage, a second home, and everything else they care about.

Dropcam’s DVR features include cutting-edge data analysis, motion and audio sensing capabilities and instant email and push alerts – making it effortless for users to never miss an important moment. Users also have the option to continually record up to 30 days of minute-by-minute video. Video feeds from a Dropcam camera can be safely and privately shared with friends and family, or made fully public for everyone to watch.

The Dropcam Original ($199) and The Dropcam Echo ($279) cloud-cams are available on Dropcam’s live streaming video service is free; Dropcam DVR plans begin at $8.95 per month.

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  1. Just for information on alternatives: Y-Cam [] also offers this functionality, with a company owned app which also allows you to stream video through your android device. IPCamViewer also allows you to do this, and for many more cameras. Personally, I was tired of waiting for an app to be able to turn on/off the motion detection settings for this my Y-cam cameras (acting like an intruder alarm), so decided to write my own, in the true spirit of android: CamArmer and CamArmerLite. All the alternative apps for allowing you to stream video from your home security camera, listed here, are available in the android market…..Just so this article isn’t being biased to one company.

  2. Seems kinda costly to me. For the cost of just 2 of their cameras I can get a 4 camera surveillance system with a DVR, not have to pay a monthly fee and view via the web or Android phone. Just saying.

  3. Am I missing something? Seedonk will let you use any webcam you own and lot cheaper service fee. Not to mention 30 days free.

  4. price is a bit much considering other cams on the market have 802.11n.
    and there are free apps in the market to monitor them.

  5. D-link has WiFi surveillance cameras with night vision, motion detection, color pic & sound capture to an attached network drive, and free use of their website to configure the cameras. Cameras run about $100 per unit and not monthly fees etc.

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