Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5800 to Receive Android 2.2 Update?

The folks at Samsung Firmware have been tweeting away about a supposed Android 2.2 update slated for the Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5800. The update is said to be coming to T-Mobile Netherlands first, and could be hitting Samsun’g Kies software in about a month. The Samsung Firmware people, however, claim they will have their own build ready later tonight.

The Galaxy Apollo isn’t much of a power house, nor is it nearly as popular as the Galaxy S line of phones, so it is a bit surprising Samsung would have an update to Froyo for the phone, especially considering the long wait for the same on the Galaxy S. Stranger things have happened, though.

[via EuroDroid]

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  • Wesley

    hmm a busy night for me then… I have been running a non-final froyo firmware, so hopefully this one is 100% perfect.

  • droid

    Lol an the og droid is still being updated and the….bad ass galaxy s still hasnt gotten one

  • NeverAgain

    The Netherlands version of the Apollo is getting Froyo before the flagship epic??


  • Marc

    Where the fuck is my froyo for my fascinate, I fucking give up on verizon fuck them bitches

  • Ryan

    Nice way to piss off half the mod community Sammy. Try giving your “flagship smartphone” Froyo before you give a half-baked feature phone it.

    Ryan. One pissed off Captivate owner.

  • Curry

    SCREW YOU SAMSUNG. I’ve waited and waited and then you pull this. You bunch of bastards, you’ll never get my money again…

  • good news everyone!

    Marc it not verizon,its samsung.
    please don’t spend your hard earned money on another samsung device ever.

    One pissed off Samsung epic owner

  • Ace Curry

    @7: What makes you think that? It seems like all the Galaxy S phones outside of the US have gotten FroYo including the Fascinate on Telus in Canada. I am not a Samsung fan but it is not fair to blame Samsung for this f up.

  • Sam


  • lunalearner

    T-Mobile’s got Froyo on Jan 21 (tho you had to be looking for it–T-Mo didn’t exactly let Joe Public know it was out, & unlike Motorola it was not pushed OTA, but needed a PC & Samsung mini Kies), but they received the update from Samsung in mid-November so the subsequent delay was theirs, not Samsung’s fault.

  • joe

    so the behold 2 did not get 2.0 because it was not as a big seller as vibrant . yet this low range samsung get 2.2 sooner than the samsuck vibrant . Samsung has its priorities straight. huh

  • Jim

    Probably so the Muslim community could be comfortable with it before anyone else. Surprise, Surprise, SURPRISE!!

  • TekkenLaw

    Great!! Looking forward to getting this in India..been a longgg wait..

  • sharon

    But when do we get this in england ????

  • Loading Am

    Its coming late April 11

  • Zemer

    its 11 of April today.. still no update

  • Welsh Guy

    April 16th and still no Froyo for Kies in the UK

  • Brammer

    I don’t even have the update although I live in the Netherlands and my provider is T-Mobile :S