Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5800 to Receive Android 2.2 Update?


The folks at Samsung Firmware have been tweeting away about a supposed Android 2.2 update slated for the Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5800. The update is said to be coming to T-Mobile Netherlands first, and could be hitting Samsun’g Kies software in about a month. The Samsung Firmware people, however, claim they will have their own build ready later tonight.

The Galaxy Apollo isn’t much of a power house, nor is it nearly as popular as the Galaxy S line of phones, so it is a bit surprising Samsung would have an update to Froyo for the phone, especially considering the long wait for the same on the Galaxy S. Stranger things have happened, though.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. hmm a busy night for me then… I have been running a non-final froyo firmware, so hopefully this one is 100% perfect.

  2. Lol an the og droid is still being updated and the….bad ass galaxy s still hasnt gotten one

  3. The Netherlands version of the Apollo is getting Froyo before the flagship epic??


  4. Where the fuck is my froyo for my fascinate, I fucking give up on verizon fuck them bitches

  5. Nice way to piss off half the mod community Sammy. Try giving your “flagship smartphone” Froyo before you give a half-baked feature phone it.

    Ryan. One pissed off Captivate owner.

  6. SCREW YOU SAMSUNG. I’ve waited and waited and then you pull this. You bunch of bastards, you’ll never get my money again…

  7. Marc it not verizon,its samsung.
    please don’t spend your hard earned money on another samsung device ever.

    One pissed off Samsung epic owner

  8. @7: What makes you think that? It seems like all the Galaxy S phones outside of the US have gotten FroYo including the Fascinate on Telus in Canada. I am not a Samsung fan but it is not fair to blame Samsung for this f up.


  10. T-Mobile’s got Froyo on Jan 21 (tho you had to be looking for it–T-Mo didn’t exactly let Joe Public know it was out, & unlike Motorola it was not pushed OTA, but needed a PC & Samsung mini Kies), but they received the update from Samsung in mid-November so the subsequent delay was theirs, not Samsung’s fault.

  11. so the behold 2 did not get 2.0 because it was not as a big seller as vibrant . yet this low range samsung get 2.2 sooner than the samsuck vibrant . Samsung has its priorities straight. huh

  12. Probably so the Muslim community could be comfortable with it before anyone else. Surprise, Surprise, SURPRISE!!

  13. Great!! Looking forward to getting this in India..been a longgg wait..

  14. But when do we get this in england ????

  15. Its coming late April 11

  16. its 11 of April today.. still no update

  17. April 16th and still no Froyo for Kies in the UK

  18. I don’t even have the update although I live in the Netherlands and my provider is T-Mobile :S

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