Jan 28th, 2011

We’ve been quite certain that the HTC Thunderbolt would be launching in the final weeks of February, but it appears the final date is being honed in on. February 24th seems to be the date Verizon will greet its first 4G LTE handset, according to DroidLife. Their insiders are also confirming a $249.99 price on a two-year contract with $329.99 being the price if you go the one year route.

This lines up with leaks that Best Buy would be getting Thunderbolt accessories on February 19th, a move typical of Best Buy putting device peripherals on shelves a few days before launch. It also, as DroidLife points out, lines up all too well with Verizon’s new 14-day return policy. A certain Apple product happens to be launching just 14 days before the 24th on Verizon, meaning envious customers rocking that 3G device won’t be able to simply hand it back into Big Red in favor of the more capable Android handset. What a shame…

[via DroidLife]

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