Honeycomb Logo? Why of Course

So the one thing none of us have discussed throughout this madness: just what in the hell is going to represent Honeycomb? We’d imagine an actual honeycomb, of course, but Google hasn’t said anything about it. We don’t even get an oversized lawn ornament for this version of Android.

But images found within the SDK image of the Android 3.0 preview show Google’s Honeycomb “logo”: a blue bumblebee. It’s pretty damn awesome and I hope to see many wallpapers with it as the main subject. But we can’t break the cycle, Google – this thing needs to go onto the front lawn of building 44. It needs to be there now. This just doesn’t feel right. Please make it happen. [Thanks, Russell!]

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  • DSchlitz

    I like it

  • sputnick

    And here I thought the logo was going to be a bowl of cereal. Silly me.

  • Khalid

    It does look good. Typically though, the little statue goes up a couple of weeks before the launch of the new version of the operating system. Engadget today claimed that the Xoom will be launching at the end of February, so we’re not quite there yet.

  • Eric

    Calm down, all the other lawn ornaments were installed after the versions were finished. Honeycomb isn’t even done yet. I’m sure they’ll put one there when it’s done right before the first device is released.

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Ah, that is true. I was going based on Gingerbread as they put it out on the lawn around the same time the SDK was released.

  • DJ

    I think that is a really cool logo for Android 3.0 Honeycomb! It looks far cooler than a mass of yellow hexagons could ever have looked. I’m sure there will be wallpapers (live or otherwise) incorporating that logo very soon from the dev community.

  • ILikeBubbles

    Its so cute! I love all the versatility of the little android man!

  • mahooga

    Looks as if Google is using a Cyanogenmod version of a honeycomb in that picture

  • phoenix

    i love how you can see the original android hidden in it, as well as the bee. very awesome logo!

  • Reap
  • http://www.nielco.dk IT sikkerhed

    It really cool!

    Also looking forward to using Honeycomb. :-)

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Hmm I’m going to be in the Bay area from Feb 15-23… hehe I wonder if I will be able to be there for the installation of the bee ;)

  • Lulu

    Why is it blue? Should it be green…

  • Alan

    These microsoft full page popup ads are making the site unusable on my galaxy s…can you look into that please?

  • Paul

    Oh, this could make some cool live wallpapers :D Ditto on the comment about the new ads, I can’t tap the x to make it go away. Mr.Clooneys face is severly getting in the way.

  • milkbandit

    Haha love the bee but they’re right, it just wouldn’t look right on the lawn. DX no pop up ads :P Drooooid!

  • 2FR35H Nexus S Owner

    Shouldn’t the android bee be yellow and black or in the least Green and black?

  • ilh

    I’m guessing it’s because Honeycomb UI is blue/black.

    What i’m wondering though is how they’re going to stand this thing up on the lawn.

  • Steve Hamilton

    I agree, I think it should be in Android green.

  • Contraus

    Love the logo except for the color. Blue is my favorite color, but the Android has always been green. Don’t change his color for this logo. Stick with what everybody knows and feels warm and fuzzy about.

  • Juno

    but i like panda

  • Roz JC


    Stab its stinger into the ground?

    Or just put it on a base?

  • Aeires

    Appropriate because this version is really going to put the sting to Apple.

  • http://rapidtechreview.com anandy

    honeycomb logo is very nice with black and blue i like it

  • ParanoidAndroid

    Pure honey crisps

  • David

    Very nice logo, but it’s NOT a honeycomb. Just sayin…