Gingerbread Getting Google Music Sync?


Google Music was first teased back at Google I/O 2010, but little developments have been made since then. Countless times we have heard the service was near launch, but this latest bit of info gives us hope that it might actually go live before Google I/O 2011. You’ll see in the above screenshot a device running Gingerbread with a “Sync Music” option within the accounts and sync dialog. The image comes courtesy of GizmoFusion, and suggests that music integration will be as deep as contact, Facebook, and calendar sync.

Still, a lot of questions remain and the screenshot should be taken with a grain of salt. Where did this build of Gingerbread come from? Is it actually the Android 2.4 build we have recently been hearing of? What do you all think?

[via Engadget]

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  1. Hmm, looks like im going to be even more eager to get the update on my Sexy Nexy.

  2. I love my nexus :3

  3. You don’t need a special build of Android for this. You just need an app that implements a sync provider for music. This would probably even work on Android 2.2, there’s no special reason why it would require Gingerbread.

  4. If you install the music app from the ’10 I/O you can get this same option in your “Accounts & Sync”. It doesn’t actually do anything, yet is nearly indistinguishable from this picture.

    That’s not to say this is a fake, only that this picture doesn’t prove the functionality is there yet.

  5. The music sync feature is built into the new Android music player that was leaked a few weeks ago. Copies of it are floating are the web. The new player is a huge improvement visually over the current one, and adds album covers in a similar manner as to the Gallery app on the Samsung Galaxy phones. It’s part of the music app, not the OS.

  6. Im wondering if gingerbread isnt done. I figured it would be on the Nexus One at this point. Its almost been a month. Plus, the continuous 2.4 rumors, the music app. Maybe all of this will be in gingerbread when it hits the Nexus One and G2.

  7. It’s in the Oxygen Gingerbread ROM for the Desire, so it looks like a default in Gingerbread.

  8. Come on guys, this is nothing new.

    This is a property of the Honeycomb music apk that was leaked weeks ago.


  9. It’s about time that Google is finally taking the music business seriously. One of the main reasons why people are hooked to their iphones is iTune (i.e., the killer app). People have invested so much in their music collection. The switching cost is simply too high if there is no easy way to syn the music. On a separate subject, but a similar theme, Google needs to figure out a way to syn the Facebook activities (i.e., pictures) with its own social network app. Buzz was a failure, quite honestly. Google needs a more polished, less ambitious interface (dumb it down) to take market share from FB.

  10. I’m with Anon, looks like it’s syncing with an music app. Picasa isn’t stock, is it?

  11. Yes… as others say, would someone care to comment on the picassa item.

    Would love it if something would background sync all of my camera photos to picassa (not that ive really checked there isnt a third party app to do it).

  12. Picasa albums have been synched by way of Google’s stock Gallery application since Eclair.

  13. Picasa sync is stock on my 2.3 NS

  14. Alex is right. I still have my iPod that I won, and haven’t sold it because iTunes is so awesome. And they need to fix the Music Player interface on Android phones. It’s so easy to flow from one song to the next in different playlist on an iPod.
    On my G2, I have to press back to go back to the song, then I have to press menu to bring up the library option. After going to library, I then go to playlist.

    The iPod, you just hit back until you go back to the playlist, then hit back until you’re at all playlists. It’s so simple. I drive and use my iPod to listen to music. I can almost do it without hands since I know where I’m going. Android music player is so horrible, I be hitting back and go back and forth between playlist songs and now playing. -_-

  15. I love the native Picasa sync in Gingerbread. I don’t have to store any photos on my phone. Now if the same thing is done with music, the “no SD card” decision really starts to make sense.

  16. @scott o: Yeah and what if you’re abroad, and have no data connection?

  17. my one and only question is, WHEN ARE WE GETTING OUR GINGERBREAD???? my nexus is hungry!

  18. yea im saying where is gingerbread my nexus been waitin forever. if its goin to take forever lik all the other crappy and fones out there im jumpin ship iphone 5 then. i refuse to get the nexus s huge failure in my book.

  19. @ nexuscrazii

    I was with you on that about the Nexus S, then I played with one in a store and was blown away. I think the all black front, you can’t tell where the screen ends effect, pulled me in. A few weeks later I bought one. Granted I was coming from a G1 so right there the Nexus S was far more capable. I only had an 8GB card in my G1 for the last two years so 16GB’s is nice, and since I only really store music on this thing the music sync will be a cool feature. Keep must haves on the phone and still have access to the larger part of my collection remotely.

    The lack of a notification light kept me away but I found an app called noLED and it is really better than a stupid little light.

    I don’t think the case feels cheap, but it is plastic so what do you want?

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