Samsung Galaxy Tab On Sale for $549.99 through Bell Canada until January 27


While $549.99 doesn’t seem like too low a price compared to recent price cuts to the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the US, it’s still $100 less than the Tab retails for normally on Canada’s Bell. That’s right, we’re talking Canadian dollars here! Now through January 27th the Galaxy Tab has been rolled back from its normal price of $649.99.

Better tablets wait on the horizon, so it’s understandable why prices have been falling as fast as dead birds from the sky, but the Galaxy Tab remains the best choice if you want an Android tablet and just can’t wait.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. The Canadian dollar is at parity with the US dollar. We’re still getting ripped off.

  2. At this posting the Canadian dollar is worth 1.0109 US dollars. If it wasn’t for the service and contracts it would be much better to buy it in the US and bring it up to Canada.

  3. Not news. Yawn…

  4. On Sale? What a nicely used loose term there. I guess you cant call it “Rape Me Price”

  5. lol at the “Canadian dollars” bit. Too bad they are worth more than the good old Greenback.


  7. No thinks, that is samsung device, you won’t never see it get honeycomb.

  8. yeah! what a rip off Samsung, Bell, & Canada! Go Kijijii!

  9. With Samsung’s current lack of updates fot their Galaxy S I would wonder about their commitment to their tablet.

  10. sumsung realy sucks.

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