Nexus S Spotted in Germany Running Android 2.4


Another Android 2.4 sighting comes to us from German mobile-lovers BestBoyZ. who caught the build supposedly running on the Nexus S. While that in itself is quite intriguing, the bigger story may be that this version of the Nexus S carried the baseband version i9023, which lines up with the recently FCC-approved Samsung GT-i9023. Remember, the original Nexus S is the GT-i9020.

Now there are several possibilities for what it all means. The Android 2.4 (possibly Ice Cream Sandwich) build number being the same glitch that Sony Ericsson cited to explain away 2.4 showing up on their recently announced Arc, or it could be the real thing. We don’t see much else of the phone’s interface to say one way or the other. The i9023 itself could simply be a re-radioed version of the Nexus S for other carriers (as was hinted in the FCC filing), or it could be a handset with tweaked and improved hardware. We really can’t say, but we’ll continue to dig into the mystery.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. I’m not sure if there would be an Android 2.4 or if this is just someone typing 2.4 into the version on their makefile for internal reasons. But if there were to be a 2.4 I’m fairly confident it would be Gingerbread, just like 2.0 and 2.1 were Eclair.

    The real question is the SDK level. My guess would be if they were to release a 2.4 it would be SDK level 10 and Honeycomb would be either SDK level 11 or 10.

    2.4 would probably contain all the bugfixes and framework improvements from honeycomb that aren’t tablet related. This is just my guess.

  2. should i send my nexus back and wait for a hspa + version?

  3. it could be a nexus s with a keyboard as i read on another forum…watch the video and when he turns the phone to the left slightly pause it and there are clearly 2 pieces to the phone, as if one part is the screen and the other the keyboard…

  4. Please get over this whole ‘2.4 could be Ice Cream Sandwich’ thing. Honeycomb has to be 2.4 or above(likely 3.0) and Google have said(specifically in the engadget interview with Matias Duarte) that Honeycomb is not just for tablets, which means Ice Cream Sandwich will be a later than 2.4 release.
    2.4 is quite possibly the same deal as 2.0 and 2.1, which were both called Éclair, if memory serves. That seems like a logical explanation. I get that you have to speculate, but your speculation just doesn’t make sense.

  5. Seeing as it has none of the major UI changes which were talked about in the next versions of Android, I very much doubt this is real.

  6. I can see where it looks like a keyboard could have been added.

  7. The screen on effect is new

  8. Don’t think that’s a keyboard. Light playing tricks I’m afraid. The “line” is where the back cover meets the phone body.

  9. Its just a Nexus S with a S-LCD screen instead of the original AMOLED one.

  10. So what does this mean for current nexus s users?

  11. Omg ppl android ice cream will happened after android 3.0 honeycomb…. I said it before and I’ll said it again: versions 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9 are GINGERBREAD…….. honeycomb is not out yet what makes you think ice cream will come 1st….. Andy Rubin Saussure at the DDriveintoMobile that honeycomb is for both tablet and phone watch the video on YouTube….. when ice cream comes which will happen after honeycomb, it could be version 3.1 or 3.2 but I think is better to wait for Google to make things official….. ppl needs to stop with the lies…..

    Follow me on twitter and I’ll keep you updated……. @wrg25

  12. The phone in the FCC filing has T-Mobile 3G bands only. In other words, it’s not a Euro version of the Nexus S. It’s a phone meant for T-Mobile US.

    Whether or not it’s a tweaked Nexus S remains to be seen.

  13. Anyone can edit the build.prop file in a rooted phone and make it 2.4 or 102.4 . Dont just go by number but look also at other aspects like kernal version and other value additions a 2.4 version can bring to the table.

  14. The New Nexus S should have:
    -HSPA+ OR 4G
    -Android 2.4
    -Back Camera: 8MP
    -Front Camera: 2MP
    -Super AMOLED Plus
    -HDMI output
    -USB Out to AV for TV
    -SD Card Slot
    -Noise Canceling Mic
    -LED Notification Light
    -Better Processing: 1.2Ghz or 1Ghz Dual Core from Orion or NVIDIA

  15. It isn’t a keyboard model. If you look at stock photos of the Nexus S it has that line down the side that makes it look like it could have a keyboard. That is just the phone styling.

  16. @ramc501294
    Please choose a phone model with the specs you desire. Doesn’t sound like the Nexus S is not for you.

    Seriously, the S is what it is, you don’t like the phone move on to the next one already. There’s practically a new one every month. No need to dwell. :-)

  17. Really? My Nexus One is running Android 3.1. It says so in the about phone section of the settings. I can post a pic just like that above.

    It takes about ten seconds to edit the build.prop. This phone is just the NS, and somebody was fooling around with it. In fact, I wouldn’t put it past a lot of the nerds at XDA to do this to their NS and leak it, just to mess with us.

    No offense to the nerds at XDA. Love you guys.

  18. @Hec

    Correct me if I am wrong, but most parts of Europe and Asia use the same bands as T-mobile.

  19. MY bs meter just broke. This is clearly another person trying to push that Ice cream sandwhich is next. Google isn’t going to fragment the OS that badly. Whoever is thinking that is bad and should feel bad about it.

  20. @psi You are correct. I use my tmobile nexus one in London just fine and 3g works.

  21. Samsung SUCKS.

  22. Samsung does suck BUT Google rules so I had to buy the NS and so far its running perfect. No GPS issues, no reboot qlitch, this phone flys. Ill say whats up to you losers when Im paying at the supermarket or whatever using my NFC chip and you ho’s will still be writing CHECKS! Nexus S is the best phone on the market bar none……for now.

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