What the NEC Dual-Screen Android Tablet Lacks in Power it Easily Makes Up for in Innovative Design [VIDEO, CES 2011]


I have to admit going in the NEC dual-screen Android tablet that we have heard about for quite some time now wasn’t really impressing me. I figured it would be just another sub-par Android tablet with a gimmick that would make it if anything less functional. How would that second screen work without inevitably getting in the way? After just a few minutes with the tablet at CES 2011, my suspicions were both confirmed and blown away. Yes, it isn’t the most powerful tablet you will ever come across, but don’t think this thing is anything like the numerous others we have seen.

The way the two screens work together is intuitive and makes navigating webpages and apps easier than you’d imagine. Open two web pages on separate screens or stretch one page across the entire real estate. Show a video on one screen while taking notes on the other. As you will see in the below video, NEC is talking this one up for use in educational institutions with apps designed specifically around school texts and lectures. The real success of this thing boils down to developers jumping on-board with the two screen design, but sadly with just about no other dual-screen devices, app makers might not be chomping at the bit for it. See some impressive action in the video below:

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  1. Very cool, could replace the laptop altogether if there’s a feature that puts a visual representation of a keyboard on one side – now there’s an idea!!!

  2. If it were cheap it might make a decent Digital Comic Book Reader. I have been waiting for something that will do Comic Books with a two page spread justice.

  3. Finally something original. I am getting a little bored of seeing announcements about another slab of tech that looks and does exactly the same as all the others.

  4. Very interesting

  5. Looks like the best browsing experience on Android!

  6. Courier was cooler.

  7. Not really THAT innovative….

    I mean I love the form factor, but I started loving it when I saw the ill-fated Microsoft Courier…

    I really hope we see more of this form factor tho. I always thought it was a really nice approach.

  8. There are some innovative ideas at CES but this was among the weakest. This is not even innovative as others in the past have made this design and it failed. Including Microsoft’s one that they abandoned. The future is in slab idea but if you jump ahead 15 years you will see it established as a flexible screen and transparent i am sure.

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