ABBYY Business Card Reader Now Available for Android


ABBYY is bringing their popular Business Card Reader app to Android, enabling users to snap off images of business cards and import the information directly into your phone’s contacts. Using Optical Character Recognition, cards are scanned for names, numbers, and addresses, and then shifted directly into address book. The app also incorporates social networking site such as Facebook to search for more info on business card contacts.

A free version will transfer only the name and first number to your address book and search Facebook for additional info. For $9.99 you get the whole shabang. Or you can use Google Goggles for free…

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Goggles will read business cards and import?

  2. @Seth not very well. Currently using CamCard which is only $6.99 and it does a pretty amazing job.

  3. Just tried to get ABBYY from market on my EVO, kept getting errors. Used AppBrain & it finds paid version description, etc, but click on market to dl & it says not found. Used OEM market & it simply doesn’t find it. Went to the normal website, found mobile link to dl, same results. Did they pull it back? Or just haven’t finished posting yet?

  4. I’ve had reasonably good luck with Goggles. I thought I was the only one that had figured that trick out, guess I was wrong. The few that I’ve done, I always double check just to be sure. Goggles does a good job of OCR, and the people I’ve shown that to (iPhone users) were absolutely speechless when I pointed out it was also free.

  5. Doesn’t show in my market, yet.


  6. downloading goggles to try this now…

  7. cool…never tried it I’ll give it all a go. Keep what works best.

  8. Google Goggles is pure witchcraft. *how does it know?*

  9. I’m going to try on my DroidX

  10. Why, guys?? It works and now in market. Everything is all right!

  11. The contact mgmt on my OG Droid is the biggest shortcoming on android ..I use cardscan and when I had blackberry it synched all my contact info by categories! Does camcard have that capability?

  12. Read all the exciting stuff on Business Cards at

  13. there a lot of solutions out there just try them (most of them have a trial/lite version). none of the ocr engines are perfect but a lot of solutions exists with differents features: camcard, abbyy, worldcard, scancard & goggles.

    I’m going for scancard as it suites me well. Good luck finding your business card reader.

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