Samsung GT-i9023 for T-Mobile Hits the FCC – A Nexus S With a New Color? HSPA+?


Hey there, oval-shaped Samsung phone with nary a name or image to go along with your sexy model number and T-Mobile radios. It’s the Samsung GT-i9023 hitting the FCC this time, and some folks are saying its outlines match up almost exactly with the Nexus S’s. Alternate color? Possible, but it’s unlikely that’d be the only change here.

Other theories include this being a Nexus S with 4G radios, but that’s more wishful thinking right now. There is the Vibrant 4G, of course, but those with good eyes are saying this FCC outline looks too rounded at the corners to be that phone. I’m stumped.

Don’t forget we have yet to get to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress where Samsung will be announcing some exciting new products. I love the guessing game, but I’d rather much wait until then. (Or until some tasty spy shots of this thing land into our inbox.) [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Vibrant plus im guessing.

  2. Wrong shape for vibrant plus

  3. wrong shape for the vibrant, i havn’t seen any pictures of the vibrant plus posted anywhere.

  4. Samsung infuse 4G equivalent for tmobile

  5. Infuse is more square in shape. A Nexus S variant makes sense, and they should have installed HSPA+ in the first place. Still lovin my Nexus One until something worthy to be called an UPGRADE comes along.

  6. How do we know the Vibrant Plus isn’t going to be rounded to help differentiate? Or it could be Nexus S, but with T-Mobile and Samsung software? (e.g. a fully Samsung supported phone using Nexus S styling)

    While it would be cool to be a Nexus S+ or something, Google doesn’t strike me as a company that wants to support that many different hardwares. They love to remind people they are a software company, not a hardware company….

  7. i hope its the Nexus S with HSPA+ with Nvidia Tegra 2, 8mp full HD cam, SD card slot and LED notification……. now thats an upgrade

  8. ohhh and Super Amoled Plus

  9. Maybe it’s the new Nonupdate S or Behold III?

  10. Rumor had it that sammi doesn’t want vibrant owners to get froyo. So they would be inclined to buy vibrant 4G. This makes sense coming from a tmobile person. If its true sammie, ill boycott u for the rest of my life z and I’ll be sad u make a good tv but so does sony

  11. if google had any sense they would make this a nexus s with HSPA+.Dual core would be icing on the cake

  12. It’s going to have the updated 1.2Ghz Hummingbird processor (which should keep up nicely with the Tegra 2) along with HSPA+

  13. who cares? it’s samsung.

  14. oh yea…and of course HD recording…jeez still cant believe they left that out

  15. Samsung trying to get every dollar out of this…time to move on to dual core w/4G

  16. People seem to be forgetting the external micro sdhc slot tats missing! LOL

  17. there was alot missing from the nexus s lol

  18. Vibrant with HSPA+ as outed in blogs today. Said to achieve download speeds upwards of 21mbps. Wish it is the Infused 4G variant for Tmobile.. in that case i might consider getting a Sammy de vice even tho their track record for Android updates is terrible. I will not be sold on a souped up Vibrant…

  19. I like what Phoenix said….Samsungs seem so cheap. GPS issues, touchwiz, etc etc

  20. Sorry don’t like sammys after the behold 2 I’m done with them htc all the way

  21. I’m with phoenix and tomnewtn, it’s Samsung; yawn. But the bottom of the drawing looks like a chin to me…

  22. @tomnewtn… thats why you get a custom rom/any launcher from the market. who cares what the stock launcher is if you can just get a different one from the market. also they fixed their gps issues

  23. Samsung super phone with dual core! Tmo desperately needs one with verizon and att getting dial core phones

  24. If they release an updated Nexus S, that would really be a big eff you to everyone that bought one at launch.

  25. vibrant plus case closed

  26. When I go to gamelofts website with my nexus s it tells me my model number is Gti9023

  27. I think Nexus S, in a new color, sold directly through T Mobile.. either that or Colonel Mustard, in the kitchen with a lead pipe.

  28. I seriously need a Nexus LTE, that would set me up right for a plethora of carriers.

  29. Same for me… gameloft recognizes me as GT-i9023. How would they know ?

  30. This really sucks… I should have just waited instead of buying the nexus s

  31. nexus S with HSPA+ radios and a super amoled+ PLEASE!!!! nexus S+? its model numbers only 3 off from the nexus so it makes sense and i took the battery plate off and thats exactly the same shape as the nexus

  32. or could this possibly be the special edition nexus from korea? the one with the replacement back plate speaking of back plates i cracked mine anyone know where i get a new one?

  33. its not the Vibrant.

  34. it is the vibrant 4g but deferent shape this time.

  35. quite sure there will not be an ‘upgrade’ version of nexus s… just like how there isn’t an ‘upgrade’ version of the original nexus.

    i think it could be samsung’s own version of the nexus s, just like what htc did with the orginal nexus.

    i know… nexus s is a variant of samsung galaxy s. but i think this could be a variant of a variant of galaxy s. :)

  36. God damn, haters. Stop hating on Google, and Samsung.
    Nexus S is win.
    The only win from Samsung.
    They made mistakes, possibly this is fixing those mistakes.
    Either way, get off of Samsung’s jock.

  37. Please god put 4G and an 8MP camera in this phone. If so I will buy it immediately. I still believe the original Nexus One is one of the best phones on the market right now. That is the only reason I haven’t upgraded yet.

  38. I will be so pissed if this is a 4G Nexus S because I JUST picked up my brand spanking new Nexus S. Duuuuudeeeee!!!! :'[

  39. they can keep this one

  40. @slick if youre still in the return period take it back im taking mine back if it gets announced

  41. @slick if youre still in the return period take it back im taking mine back if it gets announced

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