T-Mobile: Verizon iPhone? Psshh; Readies the Cannon for Them, Too [VIDEO]


T-Mobile’s taking no prisoners with this iPhone business, it seems. They were ready with a video to jump all over not only AT&T, but now Verizon about the iPhone 4. “How do you tell them apart,” she asks. By the color of their ties, of course! But if you’re colorblind, it wouldn’t matter: T-Mobile’s chuckling at the fact that neither of them offer the iPhone 4 with 4G radios. I felt the need to point that out because I’ve seen some people mistake that for AT&T and Verizon not having a 4G network. So anyway, T-Mobile knows no boundaries when it comes to the 4G wars: they’re going to attack the #1 even if they’re #4, and they’re going to enjoy every flipping second of it. Video below for your amusement.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. GO TMO!

  2. They do have a point regarding the iphone not coming with 4G.

  3. i honestly think t mobile is #3 if not #2 at&t is horrible t mobile is definetly much better maybe even better than sprint

  4. Because the Verizon Iphone is operating on their CDMA network that means, no simultaneous voice and data = FAIL.
    ANDROID still rules on Verizon.

  5. Yeah, I think Verizon should have waited for a version that runs on their 4G network. I’m sure they’ll get people who hop on board but still….

  6. Haha thats awesome…. “hey no choice is still a choice” xD tmobile may have spotty coverage outside of big cities but you gotta love their open shots at Verizon and AT&T for the Iphone. Plus they don’t have a point with the Iphone not having 4g, I’m sure Verizon tried to get them to put a 4g LTE radio in it… But if Apple did that they would have to find some other “all Apple innovation” to put into the Iphone 5… don’t want to kill their sales in the Iphone 4 with a new face plate and 4g radios that will be announced as the Iphone 5. =P Plus even though that part of AT&T’s contract is up with them I bet they still have one guaranteeing them first rights to any new hardware versions pushed out, would you not agree?

  7. Vzw 3g has much better coverage than att and t-mo put togeather. 4 g iphone would have been better but it wont b long till u c 1. And when vzw starts droppin 4 g droids t-mo wont have shit to say…..don’t b mad cuz they have a better stronger network(it costs more) but u get what u pay 4!

  8. I knew TMO would end up being one of the top wireless providers even back in the day when they shocked the world with their Sidekick!!! Ive been with TMO for almost 8 years and I have to plans of leaving them anytime soon. I’ll admit, not even desicion theyve made lately has been great but I still think theyre #1. NEXUS S RULES EVEN WITH ALL THE STUFF MISSING!!!

  9. lol i hate cheap-shot commercials but this is actually funny

  10. Good commercial…

  11. Did I read and hear wrong??? $10 Data plans???
    is that unlimited… hell I will switch from my $25 unlimited (old school :) ) if that is true.
    Man I used to think T-Mobile was decent but now with all their changes recently I absolutely love them!

  12. IMO T-Mobile has small penis syndrome, and all of these commercials bashing other carriers is just a poor show of character. I have At&t, and yes, At&t sucks. However, I would take Verizon, Sprint and even US Cellular over T-Mobile any day. Why? 4g or not I want solid data coverage not a few specs of 4g brilliance. I have friends with the MyTouch 4g and the G2, and I’m not impressed by TMO’s coverage. But it just so happens my work pays for my phone. So I’m stuck with At&t. At least I sport a Nexus One.

  13. Not Big Reds fault that apple is too bitchy to let them put a LTE radio in the iphone4, its funny that t-mobile pretends their network is 4G

  14. T mobile might swell bend over and kiss its ass goodbye. You best believe that Verizon has the best line of androids and now it has the iPhone. Goodbye, att, goodbye Sprint, goodbye t-mobile, Verizon will keyword CONTINUE TO OWN ASS.

  15. I laugh cuz Tmobile has the Iphone over in Europe. LOL!

  16. I actually like Sprint and love my EVO, but the poster above me may be correct ^^^^^^

  17. @MLPZ999
    It’s funny how you aren’t aware they are officially a true 4G network as well as Sprint and Verizon.
    Yeah they lowered their standards but even before that sprint nor verizon had a true 4G network. However they did have 4G technologies that would eventually support true 4G speeds.

    Yes I do have Tmo and ever since they rolled out their HSPA+ 4G network I went from downloads of 700 kbps to about 10mbps. So big difference there. Regardless just cool too see companies improving their networks. I honestly don’t see the need for more than 10 Mbps , but if tmobile actually gets 650 Mbps. I am not going to complain.

  18. Verizons comeback comercial with map vs map comparison = overkill haha

  19. @Aztec i am aware but Verizon’s LTE network is still faster than T-Mobile’s HSPA+ i probably phrased that wrong sorry

  20. @MLPZ999
    Okay I get you. But hey it wasn’t too far behind.

    I hope Vrizon doesn’t do what Sprint does and charge extra for 4G

  21. Well prices for broadband 4G and 3G were the same with same caps so one can hope $30 for unlimited usage just maybe even with an extra $5 for unlimited wouldn’t be too bad

  22. This is good for us Android users. Even those Tmo is making fun of the Iphone it is also making androids with 4g more popular. So way to go Tmo

  23. Yeah and competition will push manufacturers to make phones with better hardware to compete with the iphone like the atrix and droid bionic

  24. Tmo doesn’t have 4G radios on there devices either. How about pointing out that atmo phone can’t even make a call when you get 40 miles out of a metro area, let alone being able to use data on their “4G” network. I still hate the iphone, and I love android, but I’d rather have an iphone on verizon than have any phone from tmo.

  25. @ksizzle9: Not even close. Sprint’s EVO is still one of the top of the line Androids. T-Mo’s G2 is a killer phone as well. Neither of them are going anywhere, and T-Mo is getting better phones all the time.

    Have to agree about AT&T though. The only thing that will save them is not having lord Jobs commanding their phone lineup anymore, maybe they can finally stop screwing up their Android lineup.

  26. i don’t understand why people say tmobile only works in cities. i drove from miami to orlando and back again and had 3g or edge the entire time.

  27. @ksizzle9. I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure by the numbers, the G2 and MT4G own the entire current Droid line-up. Anyone run some numbers? Coverage-wise, Big Red>Magenta…but price-wise Magenta>>Big Red. To each their own- all this competition just makes things better for consumers. Price wars is really what everyone should be pushing for.

  28. @ phoenix In Minnesota you can’t use a tmo phone the whole western part of the state. I’m not just talking about data usage, you can’t even make a phone call.

  29. Lol I swear some people are lying! I have G2 and I have HSDPA or HSDPA+ everywhere I go and I’m in New Orleans. anAnd T-Mobile will Own the new Droid Bionic and the current Droid line up with there New & Improved Nexus S 4G dumb asses Lmao. And I’m sure their goin to keep pushin the bar higher with there future phones

  30. George – really? Odd, I have TMO and just spent two weeks driving all over the southwestern US. I had a signal, made and received calls out on the open road and in some backcountry areas, got and sent texts and even had gmaps and internet running. Sooo, that must mean you’re one of those actors they hire for tv commercials who are too ept to use real world products but make total POS products look amazing. :P Just stating that I got it to work in places that don’t even show on TMO’s map, didn’t do anything special.

  31. lmao, I just don’t understand why people argue over which carrier is “best” or who has better coverage.
    Every area is different. What’s best where I live probably isn’t the same for someone else. Who cares about who has better world wide coverage? I care about coverage where I live and frequent. I don’t care if I have or don’t have coverage in places I don’t live or goto. People are so petty these days and argue over the dumbest things.
    Love the adbert btw. ;)

  32. First off who gives a fuck if one of you fuckers don’t like t mobile! If you don’t use them, then why bitch about their service or coverage? Funny shit, I got the vibrant and my coverage is great. I also get an average of 4-5 mb down on their 3g network. My friend have at&t and another have Verizon. And my network is hands down always faster then theirs. O yeah my brother have sprint and nowhere near mines. Even though I talk all of them into getting androids phone at one point, I should have talk them into getting T-MOBILE.. haha fuckers!

  33. To be correct, T-Mobile is technically larger than AT&T and Verizon, worldwide. They’re just smaller in the US.

  34. Great commercial! Go tmo!! Keep fighting.

  35. The Verizon iPhone 4 is CDMA, which is an inferior technology to GSM.

  36. like honestly i know what you guys are talking about with the tmobile coverage and all but why dont u take 5 minutes ut of your day and go take a look at tmobiles phones like honestly i have an unlocked iphone on tmobile and dont have any of their phones but like siriously they dont advertise half of the phones and they r just great like verizon advertises like 6 or 7 phones and only 6 or 7 of their like 30 available phones are actaully good okay so if u have time to argue about shit verizon on this why dont you go look at the phones on tmobile then compare them to verizons. stop bashing tmobile because we pay a shit load less and still have a better network and better phones and GSM! XD verizons asshole

  37. what should i get the iphone with verizon or the mytouch 4g with t mobile ?? can someone help me out

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