Did Skype Just Spend A Brilliant $100 Million On QIK?

I’m a huge fan of Skype and so is the entire Phandroid team- we use it to communicate daily. I’m also a huge fan of QIK, a video streaming service that has made a lot of headlines in the Android world, allowing you to not only stream live video to the web from your Android phone but also provides video chat capabilities. If the rumor is true, Skype may have just purchased QIK for $100 million dollars.

In my mind, that would be an amazingly valuable strategic investment and probably a bargain. Of course I’m not financial analyst and even if I were, I’m not looking at any numbers, but QIK is definitely a company on the move and to acquire that technology and feature set, Skype stands to gain an awful lot.

This could have huge implications in the mobile world and really increase momentum towards streaming video from your mobile device and video chat from your phone as well. I’m excited, hope it’s true, and we’ll keep you posted if any official word comes out.

[BusinessInsider via RWW]

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  • apollo305

    Am I first

  • teleclimber

    @apollo: Yes! Call your mom! She’ll be so proud.

  • Stephen

    Google just needs to hurry up on Google Talk with video support already on Android.

  • su2lly

    My son just used skype to video chat from his iPod touch. Works much better then Face Time. Bringing Skype and Qik together would be great for Android.

  • Brian

    Am I fifth? Awesome! I new I could do it…Apollo305’s mom would be so proud.

  • Ceger

    ooVoo has been the most promising mobile video chat I have used so far. And it works with PC/Mac as well. They also offer professional video features.

    However, Skype or Google bringing their goods to the mobile space will definately become the defacto standard.

  • narutobey

    i used tango on new year’s eve…pretty awesome…except the video and audio are choppy since the other person is inside a hospital building with thick walls (no wifi either).

  • Chris93036

    don think it has to do with thick walls. Tango is just like that..

  • dvlhmslf

    the time i used tango it was great. i was on 3g but i did have a decent signal. im sure with wifi it would be even better

  • elnene20

    i personally use yahoo messanger for video chat way better and easy use my galaxy tab or mytouch 4g to laptop all the time

  • Bela

    I;m still waiting for skype video calls on Android. iPhone’s got it, the newer HTC LTE devices have it, still waiting on the EVO. I would LOVE an EVO app. This would probably be my number one used app and I wouldn’t be forced to use my notebook camera.

  • Bob

    I personally think that, overall, Skype would be the way to go. It would work better cross platforms between Android and iOS, as well as to computers running Skype.

    Oh, I dream of a day in a few years when my daughter (then a teenager) tells me she is somewhere and I ask her to stream me video of where she is to be sure. Well, when her GPS isn’t telling me exactly.

    conversely…”Honey, why won’t you video chat with me?”

    “Not right now, um, can’t say why. shhh, it’s my wife/husband. They might see you.”