Acer beTouch e210 Take Android To Budget BlackBerry


Maybe the Motorola Droid Pro opened the BlackBerry-style Android floodgates as the latest entry into the field is the Acer beTouch e210, pictured below. Acer announced the phone today at CES and it won’t blow anyone away, but may please the Android-fan seeking an affordable BlackBerry style device.

Features of the beTouch e210 include:

  • Android 2.1
  • 416MHz processor (kinda slow eh?)
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 3.2mp camera
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • microSD
  • microUSB
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • FM reciever
  • Weighs 109g
  • 1300mAh battery
  • full QWERTY keyboard
  • optical trackpad

All those bullets can’t convince me the beTouch is worth my money… and even if it’s free I might not be inclined to recommend it- first I would have to see how that 416MHz processor holds up. But there you have it… the Acer beTouch e210!

Rob Jackson
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  1. I would recommend it as free as in free(and I would get several for no reasen but to use them as paperweights or other random stuff), but you probalby mean with a subscription plan. However, what about prepaid/pay-as-you-go plans? This phone would be a great option for those kinds of plans imo.

  2. What is the screen size? Looks tiny.

  3. “Maybe the Motorola DROID PRO opened the BlackBerry-style Android floodgates as the latest entry into the field is the Acer beTouch e210”

    Not at all lol. The Acer beTouch e130 released way before the Droid Pro. This is pretty much a sequel to that phone.

  4. Well. Didn’t they announce the betouch e130 (surprisingly similar look). When Is aw that I knew that was the device I had to get for my wife. Still not available anywhere in the world. My wife now has a Motorola FlipOut. Enough said. I’ll believe this when I see it IN A STORE!!

  5. 2.1 fail. the way some of these companies release low end phones, you’d think they have to pay to get the latest version of android. Nothing should launch with sub-2.2 now.

  6. I’m guessing the small screen size (and small resolution?) is the reason for the low powered CPU.

  7. how can you rate this 5/5 stars? its obviously a 2 with that kind of processor. and 2.1? cmon.

  8. yea very low end. my g1 is better

  9. Very nice design. Disgusting specs. There is apparently no limit to how much android manus are capable of insulting us. Google, do something about this, set a minimum spec for f@#$% sake.

  10. will this phone be available in the US? i read that it’s coming out in the UK in march. apparently these types of phones are more popular there. its my dream to have a (resistive?) touchscreen android qwerty keyboard bar phone like this…

  11. Does anyone know if that processor slow down the phone that much?

  12. It has an Qualcomm MSM7227 600MHz cpu, that 416MHz cpu is from the older e130. It also has android 2.2 Froyo installed on it.

  13. The spec on this page says 2.1 which would really bad for an Android Blackberry wannabe. Other sources say 2.2 which means you can do Device Management.

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