Motorola XOOM Will be Available This February


Motorola’s Sanjay Jha has just announced that the Honeycomb-running Motorola XOOM tablet will be available this February. We still haven’t gotten details on pricing, but it’s nice to know that Honeycomb really is just right around the corner and that you’ll be able to own one of the best – if not the absolute best – tablets to be introduced this week. We’ll have a full video demo of Honeycomb running on the Motorola XOOM very soon.

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  1. wifi only and I’m in

  2. first… and of course Google wasn’t going to let Moto unveil honeycomb, so release in February after Google unveils it at MWC makes total sense.

  3. damn you anon.

  4. They just don’t care that we want a WiFi version.

  5. nobody cares about the people who want a wi-fi only version, other than the people who want a wi-fi only version. pay full retail, and if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.

  6. I thought this thing was gunna be tegra 2. has anyone seen them mention tegra 2? If they can’t even let people demo the OS a month before it’s out I’m calling BS on the release date.

  7. wifi only please

  8. selling ipad in hope this does come out in feb or any honeycomb tab and if doesnt come out then i still have my galaxy tab which is much better than most ppl think with launcher pro and rooted

  9. 10.1-inch 1280×800 resolution display
    Dual-core chip with 2 GHz of total processing power
    2MP front facing camera
    5MP rear camera which records in 720P
    Built in accelerometer
    Initially the XOOM will be a 3G/WiFi device, but will be upgradable to 4G LTE in Q2

  10. This lack of wifi-only in tablets is BS. These fools need to realize that we consumers JUST WANT THE PRODUCT, and most have no need for the stupid contract. It just blows my mind to think of how many more units they’d sell if they’d offer a wifi-only version at a lesser price. That part Apple definitely got right (though they DID screw up bigtime by not including GPS in their wi-fi only version, which was a big deal breaker for me).

  11. Wait – I think a WiFi only version would still be very close to the same price as a non-subsidized version (one in which you buy it outright, without contract). So I’m not seeing the downfall here. Just buy it full price without contract.


  12. I have a droid and can run it off my hotspot if I feel the need to take it in the vehicle or anywhere else, please dont saddle me with a 2 year contract to have this. WiFi PLEASE. I am willing to wait, just not long lots of other great looking tablets popping up.

  13. Just get one with a contract because the contracts are month to month subscriptions. Once your done the first month then dont rescibe(if thats a word) and there you go a wifi version for ya

  14. @Joker, do the carriers typically give a reduced price on the units sold with a month-to-month contract? I can’t remember and can’t seem to dig up the info from the various carriers for the Galaxy Tab launch.

  15. After reading about the XOOM and other tablets. I find that the XOOM is so fantastic that I don’t care about wifi-only.

    I just want to be able to buy it off contract.

  16. Anybody have any guesses as to what happens this evening when Moto’s XOOM countdown timer ends??

  17. My prediction? When the timer expires, my money magically escapes from my wallet , folds orgami style into what can only be described as an M, and mysteriously flies away somewhere towards the midwest. Either that or the page dissapears. 50 / 50 chance on either.

  18. Actually there is no more timer (I think), its now the full product page for the XOOM. Lots to see and check out there now.

  19. While I AM getting quite excited about this product, I have a feeling my hopes will be dashed when the full unsubsidized pricing comes out. That may very well squash any hope of being able to afford anything but a wifi only Galaxy Tab :(

  20. If anyone thinks they would get a WiFi only version for anywhere near what the price with contract would be, they are delusional. That would be selling the device at a loss. So just buy one off contract and be done with it.

  21. @ROM, no one said anything about getting it near the contract price. Typically (or at least with the iPad) the wifi only version is around $100 less than the other full off-contract price of the lowest 3G version. THAT is the only savings we’re all talking about (and a pretty significant savings at that, if it were to be the case with Motorola).

  22. No Wifi-only version, no sale.

  23. Yeah in these times who would think they could clean up on a 4g tab?

  24. I guess I’m not the only one who refuse to paid $30 or $40 for the data package. Give me the wifi version for around $600 or less, else I’ll settle for the new ipad or stick with my old laptop.

  25. Really I dont see the problem with there not being a wifi only version.

    Im sure the Xoom will still be priced less than the 3g 32gig iPad.

    All of verizons smart phones are typically like $200 more outside the 2 year contract and id expect this to be to the same.

    Im guessing $399 w/2 year contract or $599 without.

    I plan on buying it without the contract and tethering it off my phone when no wifi is available.

  26. My guess? $599 unsubsidized. They would be fools to sell for more.

  27. can anybody tell me. it is worthful if i buy?

  28. Hmm – a dilemma. Advent Vega (wifi only, £249) or this. I like the Xoom, but I also like the Vega. I don’t need it to make calls and I can get out and about access via my phone on tether – Vega = sold.

  29. Wifi only and around 550 & I am in

  30. Im waiting for the wifi only version. I don’t need to spend more every month for something my phone can already do.

  31. Hoping they release this outside the US also. Anybody seen anything on if other markets will be getting this?

  32. 1. They need to offer a wi-fi only model.
    2. Price the 32gb model at $499 which is the same price as the 16gb iPad.

    Memory is cheap and Apple is screwing everyone for $100 more for the 32gb model.

    The fact that the Xoom handles Flash, has two cameras, USB port, HDMI port and sd card slot are all pluses making this tablet waaaay better than the iPad. It will sell twice as many as compared to the iPad. I have the Droid X and love it. Much better than the iPhone.

  33. Guess I’ll have to go iPad 2nd gen no contract . Come on xoom change my mind

  34. WIFI or no sale. Not putting up with any more FU****NG contracts

  35. 0kay, most of the ppl out here want a wifi only model, therefore we all gonna tether thru our phones
    $399 with contract nd $599 0r 649 off contract
    otherwise many options, toshiba,asus,ipad2,
    bunch of honeycomb devices

    im in if its in my range,if not really i wud be pissed coz i want one very badly

  36. If there is no wifi only….well that only leaves the iPad I guess…….

  37. 7″ and WiFi only please! If I wanted something this big and heavy, I’d just get a more powerful and useful netbook. When will the tablet market wake up and give the consumers what they want?

    $299, no contract, WiFi only, 7″, Tegra 2 = outsell the iPad.

  38. Very Simple…If they don’t have a WiFi only tablet, I would rather choose the iPad.

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